Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Day Finery (with friends)

Happy New Year to everyone! (I can't believe how fast all of the holidays flew by!) I found it  thoroughly enjoyable to kick back, spend time with family and friends and eat way more food than I usually do. Honestly, there were these amazing stuffed mushrooms that were so addicting. Today was my first day back at the gym after the holidays, and I am still feeling the effects of those hors d'oeuvres.

For New Year's Eve (and Day) we had some very special people up from Pennsylvania to celebrate with us, and my adorable and stylish friend Tayla agreed to pose with me for a few fashion-y pictures before my family's New Years Day party. Taking fashion shots with a friend was twice as fun, and made for lots of giggles. I definitely want to do this again in the future.


Tayla and I are both firstborns, rather OCD... and take an unhealthy delight in being organized. We both like cute movies, old fashioned clothing, talking about how lucky we are to be single, tasting samples (and then buying stuff) at Whole Foods, and drinking Kombucha. She's even more into healthy eating than I am, loves to cook, and makes vegan, raw and vegetarian dishes. Oh yes, and she also really liked the stuffed mushrooms.

I wish I had the brand names of everything Tayla was wearing on Sunday, but I will point out the gorgeous Indian designed flats that she's wearing (which accounts for the more-drastic-than-usual height difference... I was wearing heeled boots). The flats were handmade buy a woman at a flea market and have amazing embroidery. So, so pretty!

What I'm Wearing:
  • Pleated Neckline Top by Banana Republic - thrifted
  • Mini Skirt (with pockets) by French Atmosphere - thrifted
  • Belt - from Kohls
  • Leggings by Vera Wang - from Kohls
  • Boots by MERONA - from Target
  • Flower Headband - from the dollar store!
  • Earrings - from Kohls
  • Bracelet - made by my bestest Melissa Lee, Beautifully
  • Ring - from Touchstone Crystal

And here I am with another dear friend, Tayla's sister, Alina, who was our photographer for the day and shot all these pictures (except this one, of course). It was so much fun to have an actual person shooting the photos, since I usually just rig up the tripod and do it solo. I'm going to have to have Alina do this every time she's up here... she does lovely work!

How was your Christmas and New Years? Has anyone posted pictures of their holiday outfits? I'd love to see!


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