Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fly Five Event...yes I'm super late.

First things first...Happy New Year!!!!!! *insert confetti here* I am SO READY for 2012. This year is all about me. There, I said it. Last year I was waaaaaay too concerned with other people's issues, feelings, hang-ups. This year? I can't waste the time on it. Sorry, but I'm not getting any younger, and I don't want to waste the rest of my 20s tiptoeing on eggshells because other people can't handle the fact that I love the person God's made me, I love the life God has given me, and I love where my life is headed.

*Steps down off of soapboax* Okay so...back to business.

If you aren't reading fly yet, stop what you're doing, click the link, and visit. It's an explosion of creativity that focuses primarily on Black women. fly celebrated its 5th anniversary (a while ago. like I said, I'm super late), and of course I had to be there.

The event was held at the Anthropologie in downtown Washington, DC. The decor was super cute, and so where the girls that attended! So many beautiful women came out to support the blog and its author, Andrea, eat the best cupcakes I've ever had, and talk about...everything!


That's me and Andrea of fly! And I even met some Feisty House readers! I should have taken more photos, but I was too busy "window shopping." I did buy some Christmas presents, but nothing for myself. Ah time. All in all, a very cute event, and a really good time!


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