Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mad shrinkage


I very rarely wear a twist-out on my freshly-washed hair because of the shrinkage. Usually I wear a braidout the day after I wash my hair in order to stretch it out, and then I twist for the rest of the week. Lately I've been blowdrying my hair and then flat twisting it. The result is such big, fluffy hair! But I know I can't keep doing that. I've resigned myself to just accept the shrinkage and call it a day. I'd rather have shrunken curls than heat-damaged strands!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Men in advertisements

The Marlboro Man

Everything started with "The Marlboro Man",  a figure used in tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes. In the United States, where the campaign originated, it was used from 1954 to 1999. 

Today the perfum, watches, clothes industries use actors, top sporters, and top models on their advertsement campaigns. Although all of the advertisements do not physically represent the product, they all provide an important iconic representation of both the product and what the product, should stand for. 

Here are a few pictures of men in the advertising world:

... and the last one ... my favorite!!!
Jared Leto

Monday, January 9, 2012

You mustn't take yourself too seriously.

I saw this furry scarf/hat/mitten apparatus in Target one day, and I bought it. On the spot. Then I took it to NY with me one weekend and wore it to go apartment hunting with my boyfriend.

Yes, it's leopard print. Yes, it makes me look like a child (or similarly immature adult), and yes, it makes people stare. But it's super cute!

Sometimes a little whimsy is just fine.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

New blog up and running...I think.

Hello Feisty Ladies!

So as you know, I've started a new blog, 30 "Somethings", to document my attempt to complete 30 different tasks before I turn 30 in about three years (I turn 27 in March!) I'm pretty sure it's live on the web now, so take a look, and let me know what you think!

Oh, and don't worry...I'm still going to blog here at The Feisty House. My goal is to post 3X per week here and twice a week at the other blog. LOL I'm still not sure where I'm going to find the extra time to do all that, but as of right now, I'm totally committed =)


Start the New Year with a New Skincare Regime from Simone France

I may never review another skincare product again. And that's because, after years of searching, I believe that I have found something that really works.

Sound too good to be true? I have to agree, and I keep pinching myself. This opportunity of working with Simone France has been a sort of dream come true, and I am so thrilled to be able to share with you what I've learned and how it has changed my skincare routine.

I have been having problems with my skin, especially breakouts, for the past decade. Puberty and those early teenage years brought on some of it, but it wasn't especially bad, and I expected that my skin would clear up by the time I was eighteen. (That's the way it's supposed to happen, once you're an adult, right?) But as the years passed, it only seemed to worsen.

I used various skincare and acne treatment products my mom picked out for me over the years, but nothing seemed to help. After doing lots of extensive reading on fashion and beauty (this was back in 2007/2008), I began to learn more about natural skincare and how to make your own products, using ingredients from your fridge. I came up with some decent things over the years, and continued to hold onto the hope that these "natural" remedies would be the miracle cure and give me clear, glowing skin. There was a little improvement, but it didn't last.

I tried many products over the years, buying only from Whole Foods, and opening each new product with nervous excitement, wondering if, finally, this would be the one that would change my life, and that I might never have to wear another drop of concealer in my life. That didn't happen.

About four years ago, I got into makeup. I never wore much (my mum never wore any) and the last thing I wanted was to end up with a mask of it plastered over my skin, but over the years I gradually used more and more. It became a kind of security, hiding breakouts, large pores, uneven skin tone, and "protecting" me from the reality that I hated my skin.

Dissatisfaction with the condition of my face became a big source of stress in my life. Fortunately, a few months back I was contacted by Simone France, with an opportunity to partner with them, try out their products, and review them on my blog. I was busy, and there wasn't a lot of free time for blogging. The email sat in my inbox for over a month and I almost didn't answer it. But I did.

I was provided with a link to a skin care analysis page where I answered a series of questions about my skin, my routine, and the problems I would like to correct. A few days later, I was contacted by Penny Kjellberg, one of the owners of the company, who sent me an extensive reply... sharing some of the things I was doing wrong and how I could remedy them. For instance, one little thing she shared with me is that powder (especially pressed, which was what I was using) was the worst foundation to use and clogged the pores, resulting in buildup and additional breakouts. I stopped using it right away and saw a small, but definite improvement over the next week.

And then Penny offered me the complete Simone France skincare system to try. I replied, "I would love to give the products a shot, and honestly, if they work for me and improve my skin, you will have a customer for life!" I was hopeful, but definitely skeptical. This all sounded too good to be true.

The products arrived and, super careful to follow the detailed instructions so that I wouldn't blow it, I used them. Yes, my skin did feel cleaner than it ever had in the past, and it looked a little better. The moisturizer didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight, but kept it soft and hydrated all day. Maybe this was something special.

I continued to use the products - it's been nearly a month now - and all I have seen is improvement. The cleansing system thoroughly removes dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells and leaves my face in the best shape it's ever been in. The large pores, always an area that I hated in the past, have become smaller and more even and I don't feel like I have to smooth them out with powder. Dry, flaky skin has all but disappeared, and the slight scarring and unevenness in my skin tone has started to smooth out. Breakouts are much less frequent and less severe. (Most of my breakouts are in areas that are are usually hormone and stress relate, so there's only so much my skincare regime can do to change that... but having my skin finally clean and free from makeup has made a huge difference.)

I got rid of powder for all but the most special occasions, am careful to remove it as soon as I can, and plan to look out for a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer to do the job, now that I don't need as much coverage. My daily routine now only includes a little bit of foundation for touching up breakouts, and that only if I am stepping out of the house. For the first time in ages, I am not afraid to walk around with a completely makeup-less face. Seriously, this is kind of a big deal. ;)

So you may be wondering, if you've stayed with me thus far, how you can go about getting these amazing products for yourself. First of all, you need to skip over to the website and read about the company. (This post is already much too long, even without touching on all the important details of their products, how they work, and how they came into being. ;)

Secondly, Simone France has been kind enough to let me post the link to the skincare analysis page for anyone who wants to get information on what products are best for their skin type. This is a great opportunity to get advice on how you can improve and restore your skin, and find out which products are the best fit for you.

There is a 10% discount available on the web site for first time customers. Also, sign up for the email newsletter, which includes info on their many specials, a few which have run as much as 24% off!  (Be sure to check out their Twitter and Facebook for more discounts and skincare tips!)

And if you'd like to know which products I've been using (I have normal to dry skin):
The Sandwich: Refining Scrub, Soap, Disposable Cleansing Cloths, and Lovely Glow Moisturizer (for morning cleansing and exfoliation)
Rich MilkRefreshing Toner, and Lovely Glow (for evening cleansing)
Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Mask - I've only just received this and used it once, but so far all is good!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I really wanted to share the whole process with you, in hopes that someone out there who has had similar struggles and skincare difficulties will be encouraged. I do believe that these products can make a big difference, and I really hope you will give them a try. Please comment if you have any other questions about my experience, or share if you've had similar results!

God bless your week.


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