Monday, December 19, 2011

Top Ten of 2011

As we draw towards the close of this year, it's a time for reflection, for looking back on the things we've learned, done... and failed to do. This past year had some incredible highs and amazing blessings. It also hit some lows, presented extreme challenges, and left me with some things that I still need to work through. But I am thankful.

Looking back at the things we've accomplished in the year can be inspiring and encouraging. This week's Independent Fashion Bloggers Project suggests putting together a collection of your blog's top posts of the past year. I decided to participate, and along the way I have rediscovered things that had delighted me and been forgotten.

Here are my top ten favorite posts of 2011:






Pretties and Inspirations for the week ~ A few small things I like about December

Most of these posts are pretty simple; little thoughts, or collections of inspirations. These are the sorts of things I have most enjoyed sharing, and the direction in which I hope to keep moving the blog. 

I would love to hear your input on which posts you enjoyed the most, and if some of them are missing from here. It would be hard to keep sharing if it weren't for all the support and input I've recieved. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to each one of you who has taken the time to read, comment, and encourage. I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure!

-Amanda xo

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