Sunday, December 11, 2011

hush - lovely layers

Here in Massachusetts we've had an unusually mild fall (except for the freak snowstorm before Halloween, of course), but now the chill is finally starting to set in. I find myself thinking far too much about turning up the heat, and dream of cozy things to wear... sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, leg warmers, and more. There's nothing like soft and comfy layers to keep out the chill, and when I stumbled across this collection by hush, I pretty much fell headfirst. 

These looks are some of the prettiest things I've seen in a long time, and I'd love nothing more than to have the entire line at my disposal. I used to think that fashion and discomfort walked hand in hand, and this is sometimes true (hello, skyscraper high heels!), but it is also possible to be relaxed and comfortable without sacrificing style.

For years I've worn leggings under skirts and dresses during the winter (along with tights, which I love), and I still think there's nothing more comfy, casual and stylish than some leggings with a long top (or a short dress) and a pair of boots.

Sweaters are one of my favorite things, and hard for me to resist. (This year I forced myself to discard a few of the dozen or so that I've collected. For the record, 95% of them were given to me. ;) I think that sweaters are the perfect way to make an outfit cozy, whether it's a casual shirt and pants or a little black dress with high heels. Soft, draping sweaters are feminine, romantic, and so practical. 

I remember disliking wearing scarves as a kid, but now I think they're one of the best things to take away the chill, indoors as well as out. Nobody wants to wear turtleneck sweaters 24/7, and a scarf can fill in a lower neckline and keep you from freezing. And I've heard that the "you that know you lose like 80% of your body heat through your head" statement is a myth, but there's no denying that a hat goes a long, long way to keeping you warm. Just try it.

Lastly, some nice pajamas can definitely contribute to making the season merry and bright... whether you're just lounging around, reading books and sipping cocoa, or opening presents on Christmas morning. And when you're down with an awful cold and in bed for the greater part of five days (yes, that's me - I got it bad this time), comfort is really, really important.

For more hush eye candy, go visit their site. Or click the images in this post to view the items in more detail. Honestly, I could spend a couple of hours just browsing. Definitely putting thus collection on my wish list. ;)


Images: hush

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