Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Film Noir Looks from Gucci

Fall fashion is just the best. In my mind, there's nothing as wonderful as boots, scarves, hats, gloves, and a fabulous coat. The extra layers provide so much room for creativity, a chance to work with different textures, patterns and colors, and you can always wear a light, breezy gown underneath, if you are so inclined. (That's the sad thing about summer. You can't put a winter coat on over your sundress. :P)

When I saw these images from Gucci's FallWinter 2011 collection, I was struck by the vintage "film noir" feel. You can just imagine the a girl wearing these ensembles... walking in the lamplight of a deserted street. Maybe she's got a long-kept family secret. Maybe she's a detective on the edge of unraveling a mystery. Or maybe she just has impeccable taste in clothing. Regardless, the coat, hat, and boots make her look confident and ready to handle whatever comes her way. (And if Agatha Christie is writing this story, it's probably going to be dangerous. ;)

I absolutely love this coat. Double-breasted styles are classic and flattering on most figures, and the deep blue shade is perfect. Bright jewel tones can be added throughout the fall and are very popular for winter. I love the pairing of the different shades in the coat, hat and scarf... all in the same family, but different.

The magenta/maroon ensemble also blends similar colors in harmony. The wide-brimmed hats and something poufy around the neckline really make most of these looks. Whether the poufy thing is fur, the collar of the coat, or a scarf, it adds strength and shape to the look. And a wide-brimmed hat looks extra sharp with a feather. ;)

When you think of strength, black is the color that comes to mind. It's a great basic shade for a classic look, and goes with (almost) everything. A good pair of black boots is also an big fall essential. I'd suggest that they're no so skyscraper-ish as the ones shown here. :P Also, a skinny belt adds definition and interest to a look that could be too plain on its own.

The olive color of this dress evokes the uniforms of World War II, which was happening during the height of the film noir era. The dress is accessorized with simple neutrals, but the bright scarf adds a punch of color, perking up the entire outfit.

There's nothing like a beautiful red dress for an evening out. This one, with it's subtle - yet intricate - draped fabric, is dressed up and with a matching neck scarf and a decorative rose. An oversized clutch, bracelet and shoes add an unusual touch, and the simple ponytail is an excellent finish.

Once again, it's hard to beat black when it comes to classics. The LBD on the left finds its strength in simplicity, with minimal accessories and decoration. The flowing, more daytime-appropriate look on the right has a simple polka-dot pattern, which is its own accessory. Some things just don't need embellishment.


I think I'm going to be keeping a look out for a wide-brimmed hat this winter... and maybe a longer coat. Who doesn't want to be Ingrid Bergman or Lauren Bacall every now and again? ;)


Images: Gucci

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