Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SIGH...I may need to reel it in.

My big hair, that is.

Today I dusted my ends because they felt terrible. There were little splits and fairy knots here and there. I was so unhappy. And it just looked so short to me. SIGH. Sometimes I just get really fed up with my hair. I feel like I should definitely be BSL by now, and last time I straightened, the very back was just scraping my bra strap.

I know I've been slacking. I haven't had a henna treatment in...forever. I ran out of aloe vera juice so I haven't been using my leave-in (I just bought some tonight). I haven't cowashed my hair in 2 weeks because I've been lazy. I think I need to just reinvest in my hair. I need to henna, deep condition (with heat), and use my leave-in to keep my porous hair from leaking out moisture.

I'm also thinking I may have to stop wearing twist outs so often. With the twist outs, my hands are in my hair every night. I need to go back to a hairstyle that prevents me from doing that. Last September and October, when my hair was at its longest, I was only wearing roller sets. I'm bringing the Curlformers and other roller sets back. I'll mix my H-Two leave-in with the aloe vera juice so that I don't have to put conditioner in my hair (my curls won't last if I have conditioner in my hair when I set it).

I'm going to mix some henna right now. Tomorrow may be the last twist out for the new year =( We'll see. SIGH.


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