Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretties and Inspirations for the week...

Scarves are probably the most beautiful and brilliant accessory ever invented. I love when you find that one that is just the perfect color, length and texture. And soft, moss green sweaters are just... mmmm.

Words like these give me perspective, encourage me to be more productive and not take one day for granted, and offer a special sort of comfort.

I am not a huge of pumpkin or cinnamon rolls, but this Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancake recipe sounds intriguing. :)

Add some interest and personality to your wardrobe with homemade boot socks. They're super simple, keep you cozy, and look completely fab.

This is kind of what it looked like here in Massachusetts after the freak snow storm a couple of weeks ago... except that every tree lost branches, nearly buried our house, and took out the electricity.

Surprising and unique furniture is one of my favorite things... and this corner sofa fits the bill. So unexpected and totally chic.

The organization freak in me also loves to find the prettiest and most practical ways to store and display things. This necklace rack (featuring adorable mis-matched doorknobs) fits the bill perfectly.

Yes, things can be functional and still look good. I'm not sure what the price tag is on this laptop case, but I'm loving it.

Recycle, reuse, and turn the ordinary into something beautiful! This first gorgeous gift box is made from a used plastic wrap or tin foil box. And what quicker and better way to gift cookies than in a couple of water bottles? Brilliant.

Vintage hair and makeup is THE BEST.

I love trailers and campers that are made over into homes, and this one is close to perfection. So comfortable, realistic, and peaceful.

I've had a lot on my mind over the past month, and these words gave me even more to ponder. I am rather obsessive about holding onto things, but now I wonder if there comes a time to let one dream go and reach for another. Still trying to figure out how it all works, but it's a beautiful thought.

What pretty things inspire you this week? :)

-Amanda xo

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