Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flat Iron Curls

I'm not very good at styling my straight hair. I like wraps for like 3 days and then I get tired of it being bone straight, so I put it into a ponytail. I finally put my foot down (stomp) and decided to learn how to be more creative with my straightened hair. After watching TONS of videos on YouTube, I think I finally learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron.


I don't have a tutorial to show you because I think there's a wealth of information on YouTube already. And...I'm honestly not good enough to share my technique! Something happens when I get to the right side of my hair and I lose all dexterity o_O I am going to work harder with styling my straight hair. I like the curls so much! They're bouncy and light and so easy to maintain--some nights I pin curl them down, other nights I don't, and they still look just like these pics, even a week later.

It's time for me to really wash my hair and get back to the curls! All these new visitors to the blog probably think I have a relaxer. If they're not looking at my edges.

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