Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This post really has nothing to do with its title. I'm listening to Beyonce's "Countdown" (my favorite song on 4) as I write this post. Anyway, dunno if I told you all this, but I am officially OBSESSED with lookbook.nu. No one really cares that I post looks there (and that's okay -__-). The BEST part of that website is all the inspiration! Oh gosh, there are so many new ideas I have for outfits. Like this one:
I love the look of tie-neck blouses, and I was browsing through looks on lookbook.nu and *BAM* it hit me (just like that, actually): I have a ton of random sashes I don't wear that came in dresses and skirts. Why don't I just use one of those? So I did. Voila!

Longsleeve blouse :: H&M
Skinny trousers (plum) :: H&M
Suede slingback heels :: Urban Outfitters

Hair :: Curled with flat iron, pincurled


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