Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuchsia and Hot Pink - Casual Thursday?

My new favorite blog is Fashion Bananas, and I was so inspired by her "Royal and Turquoise" post that I wore this very casual outfit. To work. Last Thursday.


In all fairness, I can dress down as long as I don't have meetings, but I usually don't because I'm afraid something will go down on Capitol Hill and I'll have to rush into a meeting (residual paranoia from my days as a lobbyist). Methinks I shall dress down more often.

Don't you just love this fresh take on color blocking? Pick a color scheme and stick to it instead of wearing three or four different colors. It's an easy way to take your bright Spring pieces into late Summer/early Fall.



Sorry for that last face...I'd realized someone was watching me -__-

Round neck tee :: Forever 21

Belt and Trousers :: Zara

Platform Wedge Heels (in black) :: Fly Jane

Hair :: 5 Flattwists Twistout in updo


Hello Hollywood!

Whew! So I keep forgetting that I never got a "Part II" post from my California trip (back in March/April) up. Time sure does fly! I hope you enjoy this sampling of photos, even though they're belated. I'm hoping to get an album or two online sometime. Maybe by Christmas... ;)

Welcome to Los Angeles! The trees are gorgeous and there's history everywhere, but otherwise it's kind of a trashy place (at least in the Hollywood section). Cari says it's actually come a long way, but it just doesn't have the same class as our major East Coast cities. (Yes, I am a snob. ;) Hold onto your purse and try to ignore the person trying to sell you something every five steps down the street. (Oh yeah, and watch out for stalkers! :P)

Just walking around downtown L.A. and seeing the stars in the sidewalk was one of the best things about the area. I recognized so many names... I just kept my camera on and snapped pictures of them all as we walked. And paused to pose with a few special people (like Ginger Rogers, above).

The super cool thing about the Kodak Theater, where they hold the Academy Awards every year, is that it's in a shopping mall, and the famous stairs are accessible to the public. All the films that won the best picture award are displayed on the columns on either side of the staircase, along with the date. It's a neat place.

Madame Tussaud's was definitely the most fun thing we did in the two days we spent in Hollywood. We had tossed around the idea of going to the one in London while we were there, but ultimately it didn't make the roster, so we decided to stop by in L.A. It was totally worth it. There were loads of wax statues of celebrities, new and old, and some of them were strikingly lifelike (others, not so much). Hugging Jimmy Stewart? The experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend this place. ;)

The Hollywood Museum was another highlight of the area, and it had loads of classic photos and memorabilia. I do recommend it, but there's some sleazy stuff (beware the infamous Marilyn Monroe section) and a creepy basement. :P

These two tiny dresses were worn by Judy Garland back when she was still little Frances Ethel Gumm. The Ruby Slippers I had seen before, in a traveling exhibition when I was only seven or eight years old, but they still hold the same magic.

Of course, any memorabilia regarding our favorite notorious relative is always a plus. :P (For the record, we have no record of any relationship, other than the same last name. But we love him, anyway. ;) 

The morning that we were getting ready to visit Hollywood, we turned on the tv to hear the news. And there it was... the announcement that Elizabeth Taylor had just died. It was kind of crazy, since everyone was talking about her the whole time, and her picture was everywhere. It seems like every time I travel, someone famous dies (including Michael Jackson). Maybe I should stay put?

Grauman's Chinese Theater is also a pretty neat place. The first day when we tried to visit, almost the entire area was blocked off for a movie premiere taking place that evening (which in itself was pretty cool). So we went back the following week to get more photos, and found some fresh Helen Mirren prints. (Supposedly Penelope Cruz also got her star on the walk of fame that week. L.A. is always busy!)

And, after all the craziness of that flashy town had given us a headache, we discovered the perfect little place to relax. I had found Cafe Audrey in an internet search, and marked it as a spot to get lunch when we were in L.A. It's around the corner from all the excitement of Hollywood, but quiet, peaceful, and slathered in the inspiration of Audrey Hepburn. Such a nice little place, and one that I will definitely come back to if I get to California again. You just can't beat tomato soup and a hot panini after a long day of adventuring. :)


So, that's the rest of my California adventure update, for now. Have you ever been there? What are your favorite haunts? I'll keep them in mind... I'm definitely planning a return. :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power Lunch

Last week I took a partner to lunch at Ceiba in Downtown D.C. I love that place because it serves fish in so many different ways! I always get the Jamaican Jerk Salmon (which isn't jerk at all, but still tastes great and comes with rice and peas and plantain!)


This was my first time doing a work lunch all by myself, and it went REALLY WELL. I wore these bright colors because it would be easy for me to describe myself to my partner, since we hadn't met in person before.





I wish I had some deep plum shoes to wear with this outfit on days I don't want to lug the Longchamps around, but still want to reflect the same color scheme. I saw this option at Topshop, but I dunno...that's a hefty price. Maybe I can get away with it by calling it an investment piece? Hmmm...

Zipper-back blouse :: Urban Outfitters

Pencil skirt :: H&M

Platform sandals :: Aldo

Shopping Le Pliage tote :: Longchamps


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pakistani Marriage

As Pakistan is a Muslim state so religion is dominant in every part of lives of Pakistanis whether it is a matter of trade, relationships, marriages or food. As far as marriage is concerned it is considered not a relationship between two persons but a social bond between two families. And when groom's family approves the girl as a bride then a series of ceremonies starts as engagement ceremony, ubtan, mehndi, wedding day, wallima and lastly muklava day (after valima). All these ceremonies are considered a part and parcel of the whole wedding process. First we take up engagement ceremony to be discussed. Groom's family along with its close relatives arrive at bride's house where they are welcomed warmly. Girl gets ready on parlour now a days as parlours are mostly visited by youth of Pakistanis. Then boy offers gold or diamond ring in front of all the guests. Then gifts are exchanged between each others on this occasion. Girl's dress and other accessories are from boy's side. Then both the parties fix a suitable date for marriage. Before marriage, the ubtan day comes, on this day the young girls wear yellow colour dresses, and the bride's dress is also in yellow colour. According to the occasion boys also wear yellow colour mufflers around their neck to be a part of ceremony. Both the parties join on the occasion wearing beautiful dresses. Young girls sing wedding songs and present ludi, on the other hand the boys present bhangra which is performed on the music of dhol. The bride is being sat on the chair and the married ladies of both sides come one by one to apply ubtan on her and offer her sweet. They also give veil of bride. It is a specific amount of money which they give to poor after presenting to couple on their heads. In this way both the bride and groom are saved from ill, evils and bad eyes which can harm them or their blissful life. After this ceremony both the bride and groom are confined to their specific rooms for one or two week. They use ubtan on their whole body to make themselves more beautiful.


Do you cause God to sing?

"The LORD your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save;

He will rejoice over you with gladness,

He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

Every morning I listen to Israel and New Breed's Alive in South Africa album. I love it. It puts me in a frame of mind to worship God throughout the day. I listen to it so much, I wake up with the songs on my heart, and it moves me to pick up my Bible and spend time with Jesus. If I don't listen to the album, or some form of worship music in the morning, my mind easily becomes consumed by other things, and before I know it, I've spent the whole day without so much as saying a proper grace.

Anyway...I digress.

On an interlude on the first album (it's a two-disc set), Israel Houghton refers to the verse above, Zephaniah 3:17. The Lord is both mighty to save AND gentle enough to quiet us with His love. What an interesting contrast! This boisterous, booming, all-powerful God can be soft and soothing, and quiet our restless and wicked hearts with His love. Amazing.

But not the most amazing part.

The first time I heard this song, I was struck by the image of a singing God. We always talk about the angels singing, but I had NEVER even thought that God did the same. It has completely changed the way I look at God. Amidst all the praise and worship that goes on in heaven, there is a time when God Himself takes the stage and sings His heart out in rejoicing.

And He's rejoicing over us.

The image is humbling. The God who spoke stars into existence (Genesis 1) and outlined the foundation of the universe (Job 39), the One who knows all, does all, and is everywhere at all times, rejoices over me with singing. Me. I don't deserve it--I'll never deserve it. But Lord knows, I desperately want to live up to His praise. How could I just live my life any old way knowing there's a God in heaven rejoicing over me? I have to walk differently, talk differently, act differently. I need to spread His love to others so that they may know of the God that sings for them...

I want to live like a woman who causes God to sing!

Friday, August 26, 2011

pakistani hair styles

"When a woman changes her hair, she can instantly alter the way she's perceived by the world, says anthropologist Grant McCracken, PhD. "It's like an actress trying out a new role." Play your character right and your hairstyle can land you the job, the guy, the starring part, or It Girl status. that,s why pakistani girls are too much curious about their hair growth and styles.they know that 40 % impression of a personality is carried by hair.


Yesterday I showed you how some bantu knots saved my hair. I was so happy with how it came out that I did the most when I put together my church outfit.




Crochet blouse :: Forever21

Wide-leg pants :: Forever 21

Suede slingbacks :: Urban Outfitters

I really love these pants. I wore them out in New York with a yellow crop top from American Apparel and the same shoes to see The Lion King on Broadway. I didn't post any pictures because my hair was all over the place (to this day, I dunno what happened!) The pants are high-waisted (and I had them tailored) so there was only a hint of skin showing when I wore them with the crop top.

My only issue with the pants is that they aren't that breathable, and my legs were sweating in them. Thankfully there were no sweat marks left behind!


Pakistani Fashion

Pakistan has a very beautiful and own unique dressing style. The main dress of Pakistan is the 'Salwar Kameez'. The salwar kameez is seen both in India and in Pakistan. But the style and fabric used for the dress is different in both countries. A salwar kameez is basically formed of two garments, the salwar is a loose pajama sought of garment which tied around the waist using a string and the Kameez is a long top worn which is over the head. It has slits on either side so that people are able to move freely. Apart of the salwar and the kameez, women wear a chunni or duppatta over their shoulders. The chunni or duppatta is merely a piece of long cloth like a shawl. It is usually made out of some soft and flowy material like chiffon or georgette. Men sometimes wear a waist coat or an 'achkan' over their kameez. An achkan is a form of a long coat and worn during ceremonies and functions.

The salwar kameez can be stitched in various styles and using different fabric. Usually cotton or silk is preferred. The material would depend upon the occasion for which it shall be used. A salwar kameez is used as casual wear as well as formal wear. People of all age groups wear this dress, from old women to young school going girls. Apart of the salwar kameez, women also wear sarees, lehengas, ghagras etc. Earlier, Pakistan was quite conservative about their dressing. Pakistani dresses are usually bright and colorful. They also use a lot of accessories and jewellery. This is especially seen during functions and weddings. The bride is decked up in finery and jewels. It is considered to be more like a status issue and the parents try and deck up their daughters when they are getting married.

Pakistan is not lagging behind when it comes to fashion. There are various international designers who originate from Pakistan and several others who are influenced by Pakistani traditional fashion. Like they say, old is gold. Similarly, even though the modern women of Pakistan do have their shares of jeans and skirts in their closet, they also make sure they flaunt their traditional culture by dressing up in ethnic wear occasionally.

If you want to know more about Pakistani dresses or get to see images of some typical Pakistani dresses, you just need to go online and search on the internet. You may even find some website which sell and deliver Pakistani Dresses.