Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Which Designers Have Been Seen on the Red Carpets So Far This Year?

With spring fashion trends bringing minimal whites, bold colours, embroidery, and pleats to the red carpet, and with top designers ushering in an array of slits and slashes in dresses in their fall lines, 2011 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for red carpet fashion. Many established haute couture designers seem at the top of their form, with up-and-coming designers making their mark as well.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards show set the tone with designer dresses in jewel shades worn by Jessica Alba in Atelier and Emma Stone in Lanvin. Sarah Harding and Sam Taylor-Wood turned heads in red gowns by Georges Chakra and by Celine respectively.

At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards (the Oscars), red carpet fashion featured clean, linear lines as well as curve-hugging glamour. Red was worn to stunning effect here, too, with Sandra Bullock in a ripe-red Vera Wang, Jennifer Lawrence in a cherry red Calvin Klein design and Anne Hathaway wearing a red, vintage Valentino. Cate Blanchett looked particularly lovely in a Givenchy couture gown of pleated lavender chiffon with pearl embroidery.

In a red carpet appearance of a different sort, Victoria Beckham wore one of her own creations, a midnight blue dress from her 2011 Fall collection, to the Royal Wedding. Victoria Beckham Dresses are gaining appeal on the red carpet. Brooklyn Decker looked stunning at the Academy of Country Music Awards, wearing a blush-coloured fitted dress from the Beckham's Spring 2011 collection. Jennifer Hudson wore the same dress to the 2nd Annual Mary J. Blige Honors Concert in New York.

Ms. Hudson seems to be celebrating her new figure with Victoria Beckham Dresses , wearing a short, satin-crepe bell dress from Beckham's Spring 2011 collection on her recent appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.” Demi Moore appeared in the black zipped version of this dress earlier this year. Gisele B√ľndchen wore a black capped-sleeved Victoria Beckham dress to collect her Global Environment Citizen Award from Harvard University.

At New York’s MET Costume Institute gala, many celebrities followed the advice of Vogue’s Anna Wintour, paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a beaded vintage McQueen. Zac Posen dressed Christina Ricci in a tightly corseted gown, paying tribute to the McQueen signature hourglass silhouette.

At the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, shades of pale dominated the red carpet scene. Uma Thurman floated in a white silk Versace with a feathered hemline. Salma Hayek shimmered in an off-white, beaded Gucci gown. Aishwarya Rai wore a stone coloured Elie Saab creation. Red made an appearance here as well, with Rachel McAdams wearing a scarlet, embroidered Marchesa gown with organza and tulle.

Solange at Carol's Daughter Launch Lunch

I'm not sure if this is all her hair but.... I love how the big hair and simple makeup sets off her entire look. I absolutely LOVE this outfit on Solange Knowles. The androgyny of the oversized suit is offset by the wonderfully feminine yellow color, creating a perfectly fresh and light summer look. I am going to be on the hunt for pieces to re-create this look.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sexy dresses

Attractive is as attractive does! attractive is not about getting the most ideal size. attractive is not about getting a supermodel. attractive is not about displaying skin. attractive may be the mixture of the quantity of factors that appear together.Conduct may be the following element in correct sex appeal. sustain your do it yourself up. Behave within a attractive manner. Be sexy. This does not imply be considered a floozy (polite term). getting easy, and sleazy, is not sexy.

In fact, among the factors of sexiness is mystery. look at my article on M.E.T (Mystery, Excitement, and Tease). IT is about providing your do it yourself the presence of sex appeal.

Sexy underwear and clubwear are about accentuating people elements, no subject what dimension or type the wearer is. i understand the mass media even now pushes thin. That's because, it's what they THINK, we want. They don't understand that plump may be sexy.Women appear within several sizes and shapes. All ladies are not sexy. All ladies may be sexy. The original actions to any lady getting attractive is, she should KNOW she is sexy. knowing you are attractive may be the base, the foundation, using the attitude that produces sex appeal. this could be correct for males and women. do it yourself assurance is generally a extremely large element of sexiness.

Mae West was among probably the most sensual ladies that actually lived. She was not some toothpick walking along a runway. Her sexiness oozed away from every individual and every bad in her body. She used her eyes, and facial expressions. She used her voice, and method language, to convey her sexual presence. She knew how you could take advantage of her strengths, and hide her weaknesses. Mae West was a plump gal, especially in the time she do "Little Chickadee" and she experienced males drooling for her. She used her character features within a sexual manner. She acted sexy, she believed she was sexy, and as a complete result she was sexy. Even her wit was a sex appeal. attractive is as attractive does. Marilyn Monroe was an extra fabulous demonstration of attractive presence, also not only a dimension 2. I have observed ladies say, "Oh, I can't suit on that, I haven't the method for it.". If that is how you feel, then you definitely are correct. in the celebration you glimpse at it and think, "He is steering to desire to lick my large heels when he sees me in this.". then you definitely possess the essence of sexiness.

Girls Dresses

Make life simple when shopping for Girls Dresses

Special occasions like Weddings or Christenings are the times when little girls like to look their best and it's the ideal opportunity for them to wear a dreamy dress that can make them feel like a Princess for the day. The problem for parents is finding gorgeous Girls Dresses that are befitting of the occasion. Whilst there are a number of boutiques that might sell the most charming ranges of Girls Dresses, finding a decent local supplier can often be hard. Therefore, make life simple for yourself when you search for pretty Girls Dresses and centre your search online.

Sequins or bows, what accessories could you consider on Girls Dresses?

On their own satin Girls Dresses can look divine but they are often enhanced when delicate accessories are attached to them. Some of the garments might have tiny rosebud detailing on them, whereas others will benefit from luxurious lace. Plain designs are available as well, but Girls Dresses with tiny details attached tend to have more of an appeal. Little girls might like to try a number of dresses on before they make their final decision.

I've left it to the last minute to buy Girls Dresses; will I be struggling to find something suitable?

We've all been there. You think that you have tons of time before the big day but before you know it, the clocks ticking, and you haven't pinpointed where you'll be buying your Girls Dresses from. This is the time to steady the ship and the one thing you mustn't do is panic. There are plenty of Girls Dresses for sale and specialist stores will almost certainly have a number of items in stock. Give them a ring, try not to sound too flustered but explain to them your predicament.

The chances are they can help you in your search for the Girls Dresses and make the selection process as simple as they can.

Will I cry when I see my daughters in the Girls Dresses for the first time?

Of course you will. You're human after all. Enjoy the moment though and thank yourself that you managed to find such a stunning collection of Girls Dresses that cater perfectly for your daughters' needs.

Prom Dresses

A prom is a formal dance held for a high school or college class (or graduation party), typically held at or near the end of the academic year and Prom Dressesare at the head of the list for girls prom plans.

Whether you are looking for designer Prom Dresses, trend-setting styles or need to pick affordable evening wear for that special occasion; don’t worry! There will always be the perfect dress to fit both your imagination and budget.

When you order Prom Dresses online, you join the ranks of many girls who are satisfied with the convenience, affordability and quality of their shopping experience.

The choices are practically endless; so, you can surely find the right dress!

Although many will gravitate toward Prom Dresses that reflect the latest trend do not overlook the impact of the classic gown that could very well make you the belle of the ball on prom night.

A few basic considerations when choosing Prom Dresses should be your body type, gown style and color. The trick to making an impression is to enhance your best features and this can be easily achieved with well-placed embellishments such as rhinestones, embroidery or even ruffles.

Trends in colors for Prom Dresses may change every year but not everyone can pull off the bright neon’s or fuchsia that be the fashion at the moment. If you really want to make an entrance, choose a gown that accentuates your skin, eyes and hair color or, at the very least, add accessories to make you shine.

Another important consideration when deciding on the many Prom Dresses available is to choose a gown that conveys your personality and confidence.

When you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident, you will radiate these qualities and stand out on your important night.

Prom Dresses should be carefully selected for quality and fit, making sure you have your exact, recent measurements on hand when ordering. Be sure to allow plenty of time when ordering, in case you need minor alterations before that important night.

Lace Exports on an Increase Around the World

Due to the affordability and versatility of Lace it has become both a necessity and fashion statement. Starting from ancient times when the peasant class knitted lace with cheap thread to later acquisition of the lace by royal class who made lace a part of their royal attire. Today, lace has established in the high fashion industry as a necessity to make trendy clothes. Fashion experts use lace to their design line every year to suit the season.

Lace manufacturing is an ancient craft and lace manufacturers existed as early as 2000 BC. However, true lace became a reality only in the 15th and early 16th centuries. True lace is made by lace manufacturers is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently or from other backing fabric.

Lace manufacturing was limited to hand-made and exquisite to religious clothing and royal garments, from the early fourteenth to early nineteenth century. During the Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries complicated lace fabric was catered to people who could afford its expensive rates. Lace manufacturers had a field day manufacturing and exporting laces made form Flemish linen.

Lace manufacturing took a faster turn with the advent of lace manufacturing machines. Laces made of different fiber - silk, polyester, rayon etc started replacing cotton lace. Combination of these fibers also became possible with these machines through laces made from cotton or polyester or a combination of both fibers. Lace exports in the lace manufacturing countries increased manifold due to the lace making machines.