Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rings trendy fashion

Rings fashion trends change like the wind, depending on what is fashionable inclothing. At the end of the day there are more people own unique flavors. I might like red, pink another person, and so it goes on, there are some people who follow what is now or how the actors and characters well-known wear, like, for example, Victoria Beckham, people rush to copy her hairstyle or clothing.

Some of the rings are well aware of fashion, from IrelandCladdagh rings, symbolic image with hearts and hands shaking, the eternal love from one person to another.Very popular in some parts of the world, can be worn by both males and females or even as a wedding ring.

heart-shaped rings, since Valentine's Day – another symbolic link, Swarovski Crystal to make a couple of these beautiful crystal rings.

Fashion rings are available in other crystals or precious stones, diamonds, great for both sexes, as well.

Another fashionis a statement of the Rings Murano, the island off the coast of Venice, made of hand-blown glass, gold scattered them in all shapes and sizes.

rings jewelry is a great way to express themselves, show their passionate side, be elegant pieces with delicate or big and strong with a big big piece.Jewelry accessories are just for being an accessory to your outfit to add that in determination more.

We all need to look at the money at this moment in time, so the gold is the most stable now,has become expensive, so buy a simple gold ring, but never fear you can get at wholesale prices from wholesale fashion jewelry.You have almost the same quality but much cheaper.

To find yourself that gold ring, or ring in white gold or platinum ring, whether it's for your wedding or simply:

You need to make sure it is real gold, and what karat it is good to make sure that there is a guarantee of 100% when ordering online.

Or what about a poundsilver ring, are pretty reasonable if you need to watch your money and easy to clean. Just take a clean once a week and will be all shiny and bright.

Online shop wisely, controlling the quality, the latest trends, verify the credibility of a business case you have not heard before.

If you're feeling adventurous, how to make your own fashion rings, or someone like yourself.It or this could be the beginning of a career change differently.

Take itone step at a time:

Decide on the type, crystals, beads, wire and precious stones or play with everyone.

Go to your nearest craft store or bead shop.

Prepare strips of silver, or use wire, beads, depending on what kind of rings you want to doso.

If you want to correct a design you need to go to school for this, especially any metal rings beaded jewelry is a cheaper way to get started.

You can find a wide range of beads, patterns online, orreviewed and modified to suit your needs, playing with the model, Bead & Button magazine are full.

I have a lens on Squidoo to call crystal rings on how to make a four-ring swarovski crystal flowers, which can be accessed from my site.The image is the base of the ring, to see more, go to the lens, or my blog More on fashion ring s of all kinds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Satin Twist-Out?

So a few weeks (months?) ago I blogged about the satin braid-out, and how I wanted to try it but I thought my hair was too short. Okay well last night I styled my hair, but I did a satin twist-out, not braid-out (is this something new that I made up, or wishful thinking?). I was tired of my 3-day old Curlformer set, so I spritzed my hair with some water and sealed with EVCO. Then I twisted 8 or 9 sections of my hair with satin strips and twirled the sections into chiney bumbps/bantu knots. Here's how my hair turned out (pardon how dark it is...I need to figure out how to get the best lighting out of my new office):




I'm going to retwist my hair tonight to make sure this isn't a fluke. You probably can't see in these pictues, but it's really cute! And because my hair is layered, the curls take on an interesting shape. I like it!

I'll take some clearer pics on my actual camera tomorrow. I want to make sure you all understand the vision =)

ADAM spring 2011 images

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage wholesale UPDATE! APRIL - MAY 2011

Update wholesale collection for APRIL - MAY 2011

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Tomorrow is Yesterdays


" Vintage style hat "

Limited edition! be quick!

Our new product line is an extremely cute "Vintage hat"
According to our customer request for vintage accessories.
We would like to introduce this lovely 1920s'-1950s' hats collection.

Like what you saw in vintage inspiration movies such as, King kong, Titanic and etc.

Please enjoy!
1920s' Vintage round hat 
: white rattan with fine texture, decorated with brown stripe
1920s' Vintage round hat
: Gold rattan with fine texture, decorated with rattan bow
1920s' Vintage round hat (velvet)
: Black velvet ,best vintage look ,easy to dress with vintage style clothing
1920s' Vintage round hat (velvet)
: Red velvet ,best vintage look ,easy to dress with vintage style clothing
1920s' Vintage round hat
: Gold rattan with fine texture, very attractive and cool vintage look!
1920s' Vintage round hat
: Cream rattan with fine texture, very attractive and cool vintage look!

1920s' Vintage round hat
The color of this hat look like mangoteens!
: Purple rattan with fine texture, very attractive and cool vintage look!

1920s' Vintage golf hat (velvet)
: Black velvet with fine texture ,vintage girl look! 
decorated with black bow in silk.

1920s' Vintage golf hat (velvet)
: Brown velvet with fine texture ,vintage girl look! 
decorated with brown bow in silk. 

 We also have caramel color (H-005CM)

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Easter Pretties

You probably know this already, but I am pretty fond of holidays. While the ordinary days can be just as special (and sometimes better), I love the anticipation, excitement and preparation that goes into a holiday. Looking forward to something is always the best part, and I love opportunities to look forward to something.

Easter is pretty much the most joyful holiday of the year, and as well as celebrating Jesus and the wondrous things He has done, it gives us an excuse to dress up and eat nice things. ;)

Decorating Easter eggs happens infrequently in our house, depending if someone remembered to pick up the dye... or not. But this year we had the materials on hand, and I decided to be ambitious. After googling Easter egg inspiration until I thought I would pass out (have you SEEN how many great ideas there are?) and collecting boxes of glitter, trim, gemstones and you name it, I thought I  had everything under control. Apparently, I just don't have much patience for the dyeing part. Or the glue gun.

By the time 4 of the 5 were mostly done, I had run out of steam, and the poor red one was left in its imperfectly dyed state (although I always think that the plain ones are gorgeous, too). The others turned out fairly interesting, and I am rather fond of the teal-blue "vase" egg. It's blown, so I can use it as a decoration for as long as I want without it going bad.

All in all, an interesting experience, and I will try to do better next year. ;)

Then comes the desserts, which I always decide on at the last minute, and are always an adventure, since I rarely make the same thing twice. Experimenting is great when something comes out perfect and you can be proud of it, but the disappointments are twice as bad.

This Panna Cotta looked better than it tasted in my opinion. It was super easy and didn't give me any trouble (basically you throw like 4 ingredients into the fridge and... ta da!) but it essentially tasted liked plain whipped cream. Not bad when it's doused in strawberries, but not exactly what I hoped it would be. ;)

Ahh... the Boston Creme Pie. This did come out satisfactorily, although the first filling went crazy on me and ended up in a sponge-y ball, and the second one could have been a bit firmer. But I didn't really care, since it ran out so prettily and was delish when it was dripped all over the pie. Definitely a really, really yummy cake (if I do say so myself ;) and one that I will be making again. I do want to get the hang of that filling.

No pictures of my Easter outfit, unfortunately. I wore a maxi dress that I got at a boutique in Pasadena, CA, and I expect it will become a wardrobe staple. Definitely a favorite. 

So tell me, how did you and your family spend Easter? Any fun traditions or baking adventures? I'd love to hear about them! :)

He is risen. Hallelujah!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ear piercing Jewelry:

It is the most common form of jewelry and famous among people of every religion and it is popular amongst both men and women from day immemorial. Though ear rings are used for decorative as well as cultural reasons, today, they have been alienated from their symbolic root and are being treated as any other piece of decorative items.

Body Piercing Jewelry

There has been a special craze for jewelry in every age irrespective of gender, religion, age, culture and fashion. No matter how much traditional or modern a person is, choice of jewelry makes him or her create his own fashion statement.

There is no doubt that jewelry has fascinated every women and it is something that women can associate themselves completely. Today, the fashion conscious folks have developed a sharp inclination towards body jewelry. And the fact cannot be ignored that men are equally going crazy with the jewelry fashion as the women are. Body jewelry in particular is drawing significant attention of the youngsters and exotic jewelry has the ability to make heads turn around.

Body jewelry is worn as a latest trend and is quite popular among the youngsters. However, its origin and use can be traced back in the ancient time. According to the Bible, body piercing jewelry was popular some 2000 years ago. Earlier, body jewelry was considered to be a symbol of class and standard and in some places, a symbol of religious practice.

There are various reasons associated with wearing body jewelry depending on religion, culture and castes. In medieval age the jewelry was used to boast the status of the person who wore it. Interestingly, before some decades, they represented a rebellious hip culture and the hip youth. Today, in the modern era, body jewelry is a way of enhancing beauty and hence, is a popular fashion. There are many types of jewelry having origin from the ancient rituals and are still popular.

Nose piercing jewelry:

Wearing nose ring can be recorded as the first type of body piercing jewelry. It is a prevailing trend of fashion and tradition in countries like India and Middle East. Till date, it is popular among the young folks. Whereas, many popular pop-stars have been found piercing their nostrils to wear nose rings.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I haven't felt comfortable wearing my hair in a braidout because of my haircut. My hair just looked really short, and wouldn't get very big. But finally it's gotten long enough for me to rock a braidout the way I like =)




I've missed these more textured styles. I've been straightening my hair regularly, but I'm enjoying the kinks for now. I could easily do without straightening for a while!

Models off Duty ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A quick California recap

Yay, Amanda is finally getting around to the promised California photos! I've landed smack into the middle of a major writing project and expect the next two months to be pretty busy as I try to keep up with all the different adventures and distractions. Am I the only one who wishes every day was twice as long and that we were able to explore and pursue 6+ different careers? There's way too much to learn and enjoy in one lifetime! It's so exciting! :)

Anyway, I literally have tons of pictures from my trip, so I've just selected some of the main events and favorites. We stayed for part of the trip in Pasadena, which is a really nice area. The building in the picture above is called The Castle Green. I have no idea exactly what it is, but we spied it one of our walks and thought it was stunning and magical. 

One thing for sure, I absolutely fell in love with the diverse trees and foliage everywhere in Cali. Some places it absolutely looked like fantasy land. Lovely...

One of the perks of having an Uncle who's a bigwig at Disney... a studio tour! :) It was super neat seeing soundstages that so many classic movies have been filmed on, and loads of original props and memorabilia. Yes, that is the wardrobe. Pretty cool.

Most of the items on display were props or hats, but there were a few costumes on display that I was really excited to see. While I thought that Prince of Persia was a rather lame movie, I did like the costumes (seeing the details in real life is always amazing).

Also, this dress from Alice in Wonderland was fantastic. One of the best movies I saw last year and I loved the costume design. (Colleen Atwood won an Academy Award for her work on the movie.)

Another perk - Disneyland! I went to DisneyWorld in Florida when I was three and remember very little, so this was almost like the first time. It sure is a magical place and I am a big fan of everything but the line for Space Mountain (although it's worth it ;). I also loved all the pretty and unique shops (check out the art nouveau display window on the right). And when everything was lit up at night... just so pretty.

Santa Monica Pier is such a fun place to go... and such a tourist trap. :) The park was closed for a private party, but it was a gorgeous day and the beaches were exquisite. I love to watching people enjoy themselves and there were lots of happy faces here. Cari and I walked for miles, ate fish tacos and avoided a few weirdos. I also put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time and there was a huge quantity of good-looking guys around. Not really my type, but still... ;)

And since I was craving frozen yogurt for some strange reason (considering I couldn't even remember if I'd ever had it before) we found a little self-serve place called "The Yogurt Shop." I tried every one of the dozen flavors, took about six and loaded it with fruit and peppermint patties. Seriously one of the best things about CA is the frozen yogurt shops. We hit another one later and it confirmed that I am kind of seriously in love.

A walk with my two young cousins in their hometown took us on a pretty and mysterious path along a wall that had doors from dozens of backyards... so I took a lot of pictures of doors. I especially like this one, with all the ivy. Very Secret Garden.

Oh yes and IN-N-OUT BURGER. I usually wouldn't recommend something like this, but really, you gotta go. The menu is super simple and it's drive-through at its most delicious. Make sure you ask for animal fries, with onions. Trust me. :)

Ok, so my favorite place in the whole state is Redondo Beach and I would actually consider living there for a while. (Gasp! This from a staunch New Englander?) It's quiet, peaceful and feels so "local," rather than all tourist-y like the other places along the coast. The waves were huge and we saw such a stunning sunset.  I would be in a serious state of bliss if I could get an apartment right near the water, watch the waves, and write books. :)

Anyway, that's all for tonight! I've put all the Hollywood stuff together in another post and will try and get it up before too long. Thanks for your patience and, as always, taking the time to stop by. :)