Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vintage Clothing

If you're convinced that classic style continues to be extremely well-liked, do not you believe that it's a good way for individuals to make money by selling classic clothes? Not everybody includes a grandparent whose closet they are able to raid. They require somebody who could offer and fulfill their classic style requirements.

Should you are preparing to obtain in to the selling company, you'd truly conserve a great deal and acquire much more revenue should you purchase wholesale classic clothes. Purchasing them at wholesale would arrive out truly low cost in contrast to should you had been to purchase them in retail. Should you get the objects cheaper, you then could also promote them cheaper. Via this, you can produce an edge amongst those that are also selling fashionable garments.

i wore this.

MileyCyrus-MaxAzaria blouse
Wet Seal cardigan
H&M skirt
target tights
Target thigh-high socks
Steve Madden pumps
H&M purse

Chrisette Michelle at Carol's Daughter

Chrisette Michele was spotted earlier today at the Carol’s Daughter store in Harlem where she held a special autograph signing for her new album [which dropped today!!] “Let Freedom Reign”

she looks lovely :)


How to Retain Length :: Prevent Unnecessary Roughness

I think I've told you all this before, but my hair is very fine and breaks very easily. My hair doesn't break because it's unhealthy per se. It breaks because I'm impatient. SMH...

I don't give my hair all the TLC I should. There are mornings when I'm rushing out the door and the last thing I want to do is gingerly moisturize and seal each and every strand, so I hastily rub some conditioner through my hair, and then act surprised when I find broken pieces in the palm of my hand. My breaks because I'm not gentle with it. Point blank.

This is definitely the most difficult aspect of length retention in my opinion. I get very impatient and anxious when I do my hair because I just want to get it finished, and so I rush and don't handle my hair very gently. I've gotten a lot better, but sometimes I still have trouble being gentle with my hair. Unnecessary roughness will definitely kill your hopes of retaining length. If your hair breaks every time you put your hands in it to wash or style, you're always going to be playing "catch-up," and you won't see the results of your hair growth.

I have found that keeping my hair in roller sets (see yesterday's post) actually helps me not to break my hair. It's very difficult for me to be too rough with my hair when I'm pincurling it. However braid outs and twist outs offer way to much of an opportunity to be rough and damage the ends (that's part of the reason why you haven't seen me rock a braid out in a while, and why you won't see any more flat-twist outs anytime soon!). When I manipulate my hair too much, I end up breaking it.

I've read on plenty of other blogs that the way to keep yourself from being to rough is to imagine your hair is actually silken thread. The same way you would handle silk thread in order to keep it from breaking is exactly how you should treat your hair whenever you handle it. That thought process does help me a lot. Here are some other ways that I've tried to decrease "unnecessary roughness":
  • I style my hair only when I have the time to do so. When I'm pressed for time, I rush through the process and end up being too rough with my hair. If I give myself the time to be gentle, I don't experience as much breakage.
  • Keeping up with henna treatments means my hair is stronger and less likely to break even when I do get a little rough.
  • I use products that aren't that thick to moisturize and seal my hair. Thick creams and butters are much too heavy for my fine strands every day (although they are GREAT for deep treatments).
  • I rarely comb my dry hair--a comb only touches my dry hair if it's been detangled first.
  • I take time to detangle my hair when wet and soaking with conditioner. If I don't have the time to do a good detangling job, I won't even bother. It's not worth it to rush!
Like I said, unnecessary roughness is definitely something I'm still dealing with, but I'm getting better! I hate seeing an inch of hair broken knowing that I just lost 2 months of growth. If reaching my goal of 2 inches by March means getting up a few minutes earlier so I can be gentler with my hair, and therefore retain more length, then so be it!

2010 Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish Trends Winter 2009 and 2010. The trendy hues to wear in nail polish for winter 2009 and 2010. One of the hottest nail tends around is the look of half-moon nail polish which as been seen on celebrities as well as on the runway. Designers loved the look of the half-moon style. Another trend taken the beauty world by storm is the look of a matte finish, meaning no shine or shimmer worn on the nails.

Dark colors are also very hot for this winter season, Whether the color is black, or hues of dark purples, reds, blues, or black mixed with other dark colors. The dark nail is a look that is both edgy and chic.

Other trends in nail polish this season include metallic finishes, suede, and nude color nails.

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2010 Show of Nail Polish Trends

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Online

Fashion Online
Online fashion Colleges educate college students concerning the thrilling globe of fashion Merchandising and fashion, with out traveling to a classroom. Via a distance studying program, people can examine in your own home to be licensed in all locations of present fashion such as clothes, hair, make-up, jewelery, equipment, and inside fashion.

On-line courses put together experts to get a profession in fashion with out giving up present employment. They educate college students how you can include the most recent tendencies into their very own customized fashions, and also to compete inside a cutting-edge business that's continuously evolving.

The on-line fashion curriculum consists of materials and textiles, drawing, CAD, costumes, draping and chopping, clothes building, stitching and stitching devices, fashion historical past, preparing and purchasing, merchandising, retailing, and retailer administration.

I'm doing a curly video...hang tight!

First things first...I pray each and every one of you had a safe, fulfilling and blessed Thanksgiving holiday! I went to NY to visit family, and I was happy to find out that they all read the blog. So to all my NY fam...I love you! *HUGS*

In other news, I'm currently editing a video on my roller set/pincurl tutorial. This is 1st-day hair. It'll get bigger and fluffier as the week progresses.

Stay tuned for the tut!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ankle Boots New Stuff

Looking for some cute ankle boots or booties to walk into the New Year in style — or to flaunt come Valentine’s Day (perhaps in which to seduce the target of your affections)? We’ve rounded up our favorites, from downtown cool to western-inspired, there’s something cute for everyone. Pair with your best skinny jeans, dresses and skirts for a look that’s playful, fashion-forward and undeniably sexy.

Ankle boots is the season’s hottest look. Ankle boots is a shoe which covers the foot and the ankle. It has a different heel. Ankle boots are very popular and a huge variety of men and women foot wears are available. It is normally made by means of leather or a rubber. For the military and horse riding, these shoes extend till the knees. Nowadays it is used for fashion. A wide variety of spared heel and platform shoes are available. It has a flat or a pointed toe and also it contains a Zipped closure. It can also be used for industrial purpose too. Special ankle boots are available for skating, snowboarding. Among the bike riders, black ankle shoes are more popular. Other types are dress boots, hunt boots and gum boots. Ankle boots are better for the hot season and everyday wear is also available. Many women and men are fond of it. It gives modern energy and styles. It is available in different sizes and different colors. It has the quality of “waterproofing”. To look taller and graceful, we can make use of “heel ankle boots”. We should wears ankle boots with shocks. It has more innovative styles and features. We can wear long skirt and any kind of pants with the ankle boots. We should not use the cropped pants, pencil skirts, shorts or tights with the ankle boots. It is so simple and decent in style. It is mostly used in European countries. It should not be used for skinny jeans. Its main advantage is reliability.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Fashions and Failures

Did you have a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving? Ours was a peaceful, small gathering this year, and I really like it that way. I think I even fell asleep on the couch after dinner. Something about turkey makes people lethargic....

For my outfit, I was thrilled to pull out this new ruffled cami that I picked up at Kohl's a few weeks ago. A lot of you probably know I have a serious weakness for blue and teal, so the mix of shades in this sheer, ruffle-y top was just too good to pass up. I paired it with some good old standards; a shrug and high heels from Bekah's wedding, stripe-y tights, and a black eyelet skirt that Lydia picked up at Saver's and recently bequeathed to me. The jewelry (necklace, earrings and ring) were lent to me by my aunt. (More on those later. :)

So the fashion part went fine for me that day. No crisis or indecision about what to put together. Unfortunately, the food didn't treat me so well...

I have come into a lovely state of affection with baking over the past six months. I've made a nice handful of recipes from Joy of Baking with great success and sung my own praises from the rooftop. Unfortunately, Martha Stewart gave me no such luck.

The Cranberry Lemon Squares went together like a dream. But the stupid berries refused to absorb all the water, and I didn't think to strain some of it out before adding it to the first layer in the pan. So... the 2nd layer was a big lemon-cranberry goop.

I screamed and threw up my hands in horror at the result, but we served it in tiny cups with ice cream on top and everyone said it was delicious. I had to agree that it could have been worse.

Like the Stuffed Mushrooms...

So what if I substituted crushed red pepper for red pepper flakes? I only used half of the called-for amount! The mushrooms came out looking like a magazine. I tried one. My mouth was set on fire.

That was a hard pill mushroom to swallow. But my family made the best of this disaster as well. Lydia declared them the best stuffed mushrooms she'd ever tasted (although she claims to usually hate stuffed mushrooms :P) and my brother-in-law said they were addicting and had a cleansing effect. He and Rebekah ate a lot of them.

None the less, my pride was crushed. Especially since I'd talked myself into believing that I was good at cooking and baking and wouldn't Julia Childs be jealous someday? Ouch. So much for that....

What I'm Wearing:

Knit Shrug by bravado! - $35 from Amazon
Ruffled Camisole by Energie - $12 from Kohl's
Eyelet Skirt by apostrophe - thrifted
Striped Tights by SimplyVera - from Kohl's
Heels by Madden Girl - $30 from Famous Footwear
Headband - $1.60 from Kohl's
Jewelry - (see below)

So, I want to share with you a tiny bit about this yummy jewelry that I got to borrow for the day. My aunt has been selling pieces like these and many others from a lovely new jewelry company and has got me excited about it, too. You see that amazing turquoise ring? It fits like a dream, sparkles like nobody's business... and it's going to be mine. :)

It could be yours, too, if you want it. 'Cause I'm going to host a jewelry party. I wish I could fit all of you in my house and do it in person, but I know that travel costs would be monstrous, and we don't want any stalkers showing up, do we? So, my aunt and I have schemed a bit, and come up with a way that I can have a party online. How cool is that???

The party will run from December 4th-ish to the 11th-ish and I'll be getting final details to you next week. I hope you'll join me, take a look at all the pretty stuff, and consider doing some of your Christmas shopping through the party. I hope it will be a lot of fun and that you'll find some lovely treasures to add to your own collection.

Stay tuned!

So... how did you celebrate Thanksgiving? What did you wear? Any personal holiday food disasters that you'd like to confess? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I just wanted to say "thank you" again to everyone who left a comment on the last, monumental post. I was encouraged and inspired by your response... and this Thanksgiving, I am feeling very grateful for all of your love and support. :) xoxo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Women Jackets and Coats Collection

During winter women need warm clothes but they donut compromise on the trend and style statements, long warm coats, leather jackets, full leggings, fully covered trendy jackets, sexy coats, Wollen clothes, Trendy Jeans are now available for women.

Luckily we always be this chic Paris and awkward that so well becomes a thin and slightly androgynous girls ... The online store specializing La Garçonne spent years in a sophisticated yet natural look, comprised of basic garments with a special detail and brand gourmets. His "ensembles" or lookbook of each season is a real inspiration to the mix of dark colors, the review of new classics and definitely a tomboy attitude-classy.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where in the world has AmandaBeth been?

Some of you may be wondering where I've been for the past few weeks. So sorry for the disappearance! I think that's the first time I've gone MIA from the blog world without a warning. It was kind of exciting. ;)

While family and various work projects have been occupying much of my days, I have also been spending a lot of time thinking about the future of the blog.

Reevaluating something that you've done for a long time is never easy, and for most of this year my mind has been distracted by many questions. What is the purpose of the blog? Am I staying true to that purpose? What does my audience want to read? Do I love what I am writing about? Is the blog worth the time I invest in it? What inspires me? Am I sharing the things that I feel are important?

A few months ago a well known Christian blogger announced that she was done blogging. She said she felt she'd written everything that she was meant to write on the blog. That didn't mean her life was ending, just that she needed to move on into the next chapter. I know exactly what she was talking about.

I've been writing AmandaBeth for over two and a half years and the focus has stayed pretty firmly on fashion. When I started the blog, I had just come off a year of reading loads of fashion, design, style, color, hair, makeup, health and beauty books and my head was crammed full of the things I had learned. I wanted an outlet in which to share those things, encourage other girls and women in the journey of  modesty and style, and carve my own little space on the world wide web.

Now I don't read about fashion all that much. I don't believe I've read a book on the subject in at least a year and a half. To be honest, most of my brain is filled with topics other than fashion these days. Writing, music, home decor, baking, organizing, and finding steady work.

And really, I feel as though I have said pretty much everything I ever wanted to say about fashion on this blog. (Ok, so I never fully got into "color," but that will definitely find a good time and place in the future. :) And over the past year I've been a bit fashion-burned-out (I'm sure some of you have sensed it ;). I feel as though God has blessed the blog and allowed me to make the small impact that I wanted, and now changing the world of fashion is not so much of a pressing focus in my life.

All of this said (and thank you for reading this far), it is not my intention to quit the blog. I've been immensely blessed through the process of writing AmandaBeth and don't want to abandon it after the amount of time and thoughts that have been invested. Besides, I still have more inspiration to share, more ideas to voice, and more to create. The thing is, I don't feel that focusing exclusively on fashion is my purpose anymore.

So, where is the blog going? I'm not 100% decided, and I plan on taking it one simple step at a time. Posting may become more sporadic, but hopefully it will be more inspired. I feel a need to write about everything; the things that make me laugh, the things that matter, the things that make life beautiful to me. This may be a number of topics; writing, baking, sewing, decorating, reading, music, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And fashion will obviously be included, because that's also a part of who I am.

I'm still not sure whether I should bring all of these changes to AmandaBeth or leave it as a purely fashion venture and start up this new approach at a different site address. (What do you think?)
I do hope that whatever changes are made will make my writing a more personal endeavor, bring us all together and make things even more fun. :)

Remember, there are 2 1/2 years worth of archives for perusing if you want some fashion-y reading or inspiration, and it will all remain here for you to access. Thank you for your patience in reading the entirety of this post and listening to where my heart is at right now. I didn't want to leave you all in the dark and I hope you understand the way I've been feeling. (Oh yes, and please leave a comment and let me know what you think about all of this.)

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all you dear, lovely readers who have stuck with me over the years, months, weeks, and days. I am so excited that adventure is continuing, and that I've got all of you with me on the journey. (Stay subscribed so you can get updates! :)

All my love, and have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving...

Images: Apartment34 / Ooo... I Like It! / Seen and SaidThe Paper Dialogues

P.S. I was a good girl last week and updated the Modest Fashion Bloggers Network for the first time in ages. Check it out! :)

Oh yes, and I've got a fashiony sort of "party"coming up, so check back over the next week for some fun details!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look of the Day ♥



Ruffled collar blouse - Target

Polka-dot Cardigan - Target

Polka-dot tights - Target

Pencil skirt - H&M

Clutch - Forever21

Booties - FlyJane.net

armani suit images

armani suit pic
armani suit wallpaper
armani suit image
armani suit
armani suit photo

Italian suits in the beginning of the last century were mainly of the bespoke variety, where a client could have a suit made exactly to his measurements and requirements. Each suit was custom-tailored for him by a single tailor from the beginning to the end and required a number of fittings. This practice continues to this day, and some of the most expensive suits in the world are painstakingly hand made by an increasingly scarce breed of extremely skilled tailors. These tailors know how to make suits that hide physical flaws and highlight attributes, without sacrificing comfort.

Machine use is minimal, and each and every nuance of a client's spoken and unspoken needs are met and often exceeded. Brioni, Attolini, Kiton, Luigi Borelli and Caraceni are some of the best known names in Italian bespoke suits. Some of the world's most expensive suits are the Kiton K50s exclusively tailored by Senor D'Orsi, one of the finest tailors in the world. He makes not more than 50 suits in a year, each costing up to 50,000 USD.

The fabrics used on a bespoke suit are usually the best, mostly worsted wool for business suits. These fabrics are used in the counts of 80's and 90's, or super 100's, super 150's and higher. The counts in the range of 80's and 90's also feel great and usually last longer than higher counts made at even the best clothing manufacturers.

The highest count worsted wools are usually very, very expensive, also because only the finest Merino yarns go into their making. These numbers define the number of yarns used per square inch of cloth, and the higher the count, the finer the fabric. The feel and the even the color and possible designs improve with the count, so a super 100's or higher is one of the best suiting fabrics.

Ermenegildo Zegna, Carlo Barbera, Loro Piana, Marzotto and Cerruti are some of the most renowned fabric manufacturers in Italy. For those who can afford it, a bespoke suit made in the super 150's fabric can be an absolute asset. It feels fabulously comfortable to wear and looks even better.

The Italian Made-to-measure Men's Suits

Not every one is privileged enough to get a bespoke suit made, but there is a range of suits which is nearly as good. With made-to-measure suits, it is possible to achieve a degree of customization because the tailor takes up to 25 measurements of an individual body, and these are then sent to the factory. Here, alterations are made to already available basic patterns in order to achieve the best fit possible.

Special requests like extra pockets, specific fabrics and linings, and a certain design and style
can be accommodated. Some of the

best fabrics, threads and interlinings are used, which helps guarantee a quality suit. But the production is assembly line, and many tailors work on the suit at different stages of production, unlike the single tailor for the bespoke suit.

Though not the same as a bespoke, one can get a very good suit from the made-to-measure process, and prestigious Italian names like Zegna, Canali and Brioni and many others provide excellent options for those who want a good suit without paying an arm and a leg for it. But one certainly has to be careful in choosing the company from which to order the suit. A lot depends on the knowledge and competence of the tailor who takes the measurements and the diligence with which these measurements are interpreted in the factory.

Ermenegildo Zegna su Misura does some of the best fittings in the made-to-measure industry. A good deal of technology goes into the making of these suits and their fabrics. Some Zegna suits use fabrics like Micronsphere which has all the great qualities of a worsted but is also stain-resistant, or Cashco, which is a blend of cashmere and cotton, making it an all-weather fabric.

The Italian Off-the-peg Designer Men's Suits

Though these cost about half that of a good made-to-measure Italian suit, they are still worth the money. The first and foremost advantage is speed, no agonizing fittings and long waits for the suit to get ready, and if chosen carefully, an off-the-peg suit from Prada, Armani, Giafranco Ferre, Versace or Gucci fits quite well. The trick is to shop around for the right size, cut and look. What is more, off-the-peg suits are good for those who are looking for variations, for different types of fabrics and styles. An Armani summer
suit is unbeatable for casual elegance and comfort: an Armani man is

understated yet dapper. His suit is a kind of professional armor, tailored yet draped, an effect which many of the Italian sartorial powerhouses may not achieve.

The beauty of an off-the-peg designer suit lies in its ability to change from season to season, and to bring in a hint of casual flair to the conservative world of men's business clothing. For those in the media, advertising, or culture, an added dash of outspoken sensibilities has now become more a matter of requirement than taste, and off-the peg suits fit the bill. Being the most economic, these suits also allow an average buyer to look suitably elegant in business attire.

For an Italian, the worst insult is brutta figura, or cutting a bad figure. It is always the intention and effort of most Italians to dress up so as to cut a good figure or bella figura. It is this obsession that has given Italian menswear, especially the suits, a look of classical, timeless elegance. If you are wearing an Italian men's business suit, chances are you are well on the way to the top of the ladder, in case you are not there already.

armani suit wallpapers

armani suit
armani suit pic
armani suit image
armani suit wallpaper
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