Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shoe fetish ♥
The LD Tuttle dusty grey platform wedge boot are simply breathtaking, from the architectural leather-covered wedge sole to the striking slouch of the ankle... available at
To complete the architectural look of the boots, I would love to give it a skeletal feel by paring them with cobweb Leggings (Topshop), slashed mini skirt by maurie (I don't like Mondays), skeleton rib bag (PixieMarket), Rib-cage tank, leather studded wrap bracelet (both Urban Outfitters), Multi Stone cuff and tassel hoop earings (both Topshop).

Amanda Norgaard and Charlie Westerberg for Cheap Monday
Amanda Norgaard and Charlie Westerberg model for the Cheap Monday Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook shot by Thomas Klementsson.
The Cheap Monday AW 2010 collection gives an apocalyptic impression but with a sense of hope for the future; holes are mended and scarring is used as decoration. Razorblade slashes are repaired on both denim and jersey, patches are used together with spray paint and coatings in rough detailing. A rawness and nomadicity referring to futurism and punk suggests a DIY aesthetic. (via)

White Wedding Dresses

White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses

Friday, July 30, 2010

Topshop chiffon dress...
To get the look of Alberta Ferretti's fall 2010 modern Grecian Godess
check out this Topshop chiffon dress with beading detail.
and I would love to give the softness of this dress a hard edge by paring it with a Rick Owen's leather jacket, Fishnet tights (Topshop), Zip Mix Shoulder Bag, fringe detail boots (both Urban Outfitters) and Cabouchon drop earrings (All Saints).

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 Campaign

Alberta Ferretti, Fall 2010 Campaign
Models: Monika Jagaciak & Sigrid Agren
Photographer: Paolo Roversi

I love the dark yet soft bewitching charm this campaign brings to the clothes which I always look forward to seeing from Ferretti...

Editorial Love ♥

Oh how I adore the styling, lighting and enticing feel of this Editorial....
from W December 2007
Photography: Craig McDean
Models: Raquel Zimmermann & Suvi Koponen
♥Love Love Loves♥

What took us so long????



Jaye: Target blouse, Banana Republic skirt, Gianni Binni mary janes, thrifted satchel
Koos: Forever21 silk dress, Payless aviators, vintage clutch, Quipid platform pumps

5 Days of Updos - Day 2

I pincurled my STRAIGHT hair really tightly the night before with a new twist on an old fave...
Usually I use the regular Mango Butter Moisturizer without the olive oil, but this new version is a lot smoother and leaves my hair a lot softer (if you can imagine that) than the older one I used to use. Anyway I used the Olive Oil/Mango Butter Moisturizer to moisturize my hair before setting it in small pin curls. Then I pinned the top half up.

I was in Indianapolis that day for a conference. I only packed a carry-on, so I couldn't really carry a lot of products, so I took a tiny jar full of moisturizer and some hair pins. Sometimes you don't need a lot to make it look like you did a lot to your hair =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Talk, I've Been a Little...Busy.

Okay I need to be straight with my Feisties for a minute--

My free time has been non-existent this month, and you all can probably tell by the lack of posts. Sigh...

I usually post to the blog when I'm at work, but I just have not had the time! My boss went on vacation, so I was running the entire department--by myself. I've been going in early, and coming home late. Now that she's back...let's just say she's in no rush to take stuff off my plate -__-

I love to blog. Really, I do. I am going to do better. I've already recorded a new product review video, and I'm about to record a tutorial tonight. Tonight something clicked--I need to make time for my creative outlets, and blogging is definitely one of them. I'm getting back to all the things I love--music, art, hair, reading. I refuse to lose myself to my 9-to-5 (though lately it's been the 9-to-8).

I'm excited about the month of August, and how different things are going to be from here on out. Sorry to be so MIA.

Koos =)

The Pretty Reckless.... Miss Nothing

Karl Fritsch
Karl Fritsch from New Zealand designs Unique handmade rings using materials such as Silver, oxidised, amethyst, gold, diamonds, and glasstones.... his talent is unprecedented and beautiful......


Fashion movie for Mareunrol's collection Nightmares.

Shoe fetish ♥
I'm having a sudden realisation that my overwhelming lust for leather and studs is no wear near an end, as when I came across these Penelope and Coco Capone Boots (even the name is heart-stirring) at Shop Diavolina my heart raced with excitement (sad I know but true), yet of course it sank immediatly when I stumbled onto the price tag of $484, but ohhh yes feel a definite DIY project blooming....

I just recently came across four year old Australian brand Shakuhachi and well with its youthful feel, its acid-wash denim and obvious Alexander Wang inspirations, how could I not fall in love?
...Shakuhachi means 'bamboo flute' in Japanese....

I look forward to seeing shots of the Fa11 2010 collection, to be posted November 18th.

Stella McCartney Fall 2010 Campaign
As always Stella McCartney brings a wonderful essence of simple fun and beauty with her Fall ad Campaign, featuring the mesmerising Natalia Vodianova and Photographed by Mert & Marcus.

Look of the Day ♥

Shoe fetish ♥
Ah yessss the Maurie and Eve, Motorcycle Boot is on my mind and in the sale at .... oh so tempting...

Daily Inspiration ♥

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Purple Summer Dresses

Purple Summer Dresses
Purple Summer Dress
Purple Summer Dresses
Purple Summer Dresses
Purple Summer Dresses