Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 2010 Finished!!!

This is some of my new collection.
Let's check it at July 2010 collection (click this link)

80s Outfits Overview

Individuals usually associate 80's celebration costumes style like a hit in any costumes celebration, You will find so numerous superb 80's celebration costumes suggestions you are able to arrive out with. It is gonna be restricted should you scratch out of your personal imagination and tearing your head for not discovering one of the most appropriate costumes. Not Anymore! listed here are some innovative suggestions for the 80's celebration costumes style.
80s Outfits
Go merge as an 80's funky pop star with shining tank best, lace more than blouse, belt skirt and also the pants. Tell them you just back again towards the long term. Turn out to be Marilyn Monroe for some sexy enjoyable or split everyone part in the celebration using the greatest searching and official Elvis Presley costumes. They'll have difficult time recognizing you but they'll definitely keep in mind you.

Witches and Vampires is 1 from the warm topics back again about the 80's and it is certainly warm to obtain your self sizzling with blood dripping out of your flanks or mojo to summoned somebody you target within the celebration. Be as scary and weird as you are able to. The trick would be to allow everybody curious to understand who you're. This really is 1 from the terrific 80's celebration costumes style should you like to produce some spice inside the celebration. What much better is you are able to recycle the costumes on Halloween.

Should you not preparing to invested a lot in your costumes, excellent. You are able to make 1 costumes out of your house. Regardless of whether you strategy to purchase or producing 1 costumes for your self. The concept isn't to obtain recognized within the celebration and allow be out standing to maintain individuals curious on who you're. That's the accurate meaning of costume party's correct? Click the link beneath to examine out much more suggestions for the 80's celebration costumes style.

Ginger Snaps

So last night I watched Ginger Snaps, recommended to me by a friend and WOW it was ahhhmazing, definitely a movie worth while watching (over and over again), its totally creepy and out there, but very artistic... I love it, I think I shall watch the second and third one tonight.
anyone else seen it ?

Editorial Love ♥
Ten Magazine‘s summer edition stars the stunning Tati Cotliar for this gorgeous Couture editorial were she wonders around the streets of Paris nothing but couture.... styled by Jodie Barnes and shot by Andrea Spotorno. I love the casual romanticism of these shots.
Black Magic
Zink Magazine May 2010
Photographer: Julia Pogodina
Model: Asia Bugajska
Styling: Newheart Ohanian
I Wake Up Still Dreaming
Magazine: Vogue Nippon May 2009
Model: Constance Jablonski
Photographer: Tom Munro
Ave Maria
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Russia July/August 2010
Model: Tanya Dziahileva
Photographer: Danil Golovkin
Magazine: Amica Italia July 2010
Model: Emily Wake
Photographer: Jean-François Lepage
images via Fashiongonerogue and Noir Facade

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Mocking" the Two-Piece Dress (not really ;)

Mock Two-Piece Dresses. They seem to be everywhere lately; gracing runways, celebrities, magazine pages, and the racks at your local mall. It seems that in our culture of "get it faster, make it simpler," the hard work of pairing a couple of separates is now being done for us. No longer do you need to decide if those two pieces "go" together or not. Just buy a dress that's been matched up for you already, slip it over your head and you're all set.

I will admit that when I first began to see this trend coming, I thought it was a bit pointless. What was the purpose of a dress that was essentially two separates paired together? Wasn't this what I did every Sunday when dressing for church?

Only recently (when I've been hard-pressed to make my wardrobe "work" and just longed for the ease of a no "fuss dress" that was easy to put on and equally flattering and fun to wear) have I begun to appreciate, and even admire, the mock two-piece. Maybe it's due in part to Michelle O.'s apparent love for them, and how well they suit her amazing style...

Now I want one. :)

I think that there's a mock two-piece dress for pretty much anybody out there. With a whole lot of variety, from length to hemline widths, to color and fabric combinations, the options are really endless and as unlimited as your imagination. Let me show you some lovelies I discovered at New Yorker's Apparel.  I think they will be appreciated the whole world over.


"Two in One" dresses provide a nice alternative to the traditional sheath dress. While a simple sheath is and always will be a lovely, classic option, a mock two-piece provides more interest and fun to your look, while remaining as professional and classy as ever.

The silk and satin bodices on the first two dresses shown here instantly make these "ensembles" appropriate for a nice evening out. The blue and white cotton dress is perfect for more relaxed, summery occasions. The ruffles on the bodice and bold printed skirt add personality and spunk to the style.


For a slightly more casual look, a knit "top" is comfortable and flattering. These two style are so very simple, but are kept from looking dowdy by classic black and a good fit. The exciting skirt prints liven things up - and a belt, whether it's skinny or wide, gives additional definition to the waistline.


Ahh...every one of these last few dresses just screams "Michelle O." to me (yes, I admit that I am thoroughly addicted to her fashion choices :). Sleeveless pieces are just perfect for summer, especially with a nice knit top. Of course, the colors, prints and belts are really make these three pieces special.

The blue and white one is just out-of-this world stunning (I want it!), the brown dress is simple and groovy (thanks to the unique belt), and the third is bold and cheerful (with a fun ribbon waistband!). Just superb.

If you're on a budget (who isn't nowadays?) and can't find a reasonable mock two-piece dress, you can always make your own. How about tacking together a couple of separates (a cute skirt with a plain tank, and a belt on top) with a few stitches? Sounds pretty simple to me! Of course, you could also start from scratch, and use a sewing pattern as your guide.

What are your thoughts on this "mockery" of a trend? I'm rather inclined to like it. ;)

Images: YESSTYLEMichelle O. StyleNew Yorker's Apparel / Simplicity Patterns

Monday, June 28, 2010

1970 Fashion

1970's men's style has endured much more than numerous had ever imagined. It's definitely accurate that all style becomes outdated at 1 point. Such was the situation using the numerous distinctive clothing from the 1970's since the appear and style from the "Me Decade" became passé within the early 1980's. Nevertheless, like other designs of style, the appear from the 1970's ended up producing a comeback roughly a decade ago since the really feel for 70's nostalgia created a comeback.

These days, there are lots of vintage clothes sellers that supply a excellent deal of clothes from past generations and some of these clothing appear just as excellent these days because they did once they had been very first released. Yes, you will find a couple of products which are reproductions which have only lately been manufactured. Nevertheless, lots of individuals products ARE original products which are 30+ many years old and nevertheless appear amazingly nicely. That's why they market so strongly in spite of the excellent numerous many years which have passed.

Well-liked Components

The numerous products that generally market could be regarded "perennials." That's, you will find a couple of products that truly don't go out of design or could be incorporated into contemporary style clothing. For instance, some from the hats through the period are nevertheless snazzy searching to this day. Exactly the same might be mentioned from the sunglasses through the time period because they can really add towards the distinctive appear of an outfit. Really, a mixture of hat and sunglasses can make for any really breathtaking appear.

Men's Neckwear

Men's neckties through the period had been most likely the very first clothing item to create a comeback even though they did so inside a much more organic method. That's to say, they began to create a comeback lengthy prior to 1970's style began to take over a vintage appeal. Men's ties through the period crept back to the globe of style within the 1980's and did so for any great cause: they looked great. Really, they nevertheless appear great and could be successfully integrated into any contemporary formal clothes idea. Once again, this really is simply because men's neckwear through the period looks great and can nevertheless make a suit appear breathtaking.

Vector art >> esr design

Vector art >> esr design
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Fashion

Dressed For Success - Work at Home Fashion & Professionalism

Last week, I spent most of my days running errands, out and about town doing business, attending meetings, and accomplishing a lot of 'stuff' which absolutely had to be done. None of it was glamorous, but all of it was necessary. As I ran into people around town I passed out my card, gave away links to the community website, and offered ideas for business startups online. These are things I do regularly around my community. Most people here know I work from home, and understand the dynamics of the lifestyle.

But... there was that moment when I ran into an old classmate, and I felt like a dweeb from nana land. But, wait, I was wearing the latest fashion, at least according to my daughter... Jeans, flip-flops, and a spiffy tee shirt with cap sleeves and an oversized button-up loose in front like a jacket. My hair was even combed, and in Colorado winds, that is a feat near impossible.

So, I came home to explore the fashion world of work at home mom's.

I found pajamas, slinky, sexy, and rather risqué, but they did look rather enticing after a day of running errands. Foot massage anyone?

Jamma pants and tees, looked rather cozy and stylish for working from my den, although I didn't think they looked appealing for the trip to the auto shop to pick up my no-longer ailing car. Perhaps, something more austere?

Then without even a keypunch delay, I located sensible fashions, stretchy pants, over blouses, and comfy shoes... and quickly passed them by.

I went to search my closet for appropriate day wear, since I still had more errands to run. I found dress up slacks in tones of 'dark' and blouses, shells, and sweaters galore, but not a single fashionable thing hung in my closet. I looked again, and there hidden behind last winter's sweatshirt and jeans, I spied a pink sundress, just waiting to be worn. I pulled it out and pulled it on. It still fit, after the winter... Amazing!

There I stood in my pink sundress, yellow, orange, and red painted daisies splashed all over it, and the need for a jacket? I stared at the closet, until I spied a yellow button up with cap sleeves and a rounded shirt tail. It worked great as a jacket. The flip flops that caught my eye were pink with a yellow flower snuggled between the toes, and itty bitty heals that gave me just enough lift to be dangerous. I popped my hair into a ponytail, it's finally grown out enough, tied it with a pink sash and went back to running my errands with a wicker shoulder tote, my business cards confined in a small gray case inside.

After a day of running the same kinds home fashion of errands I'd run the day before in my frumpy jeans, I realized, I get the same amount of work done, and I'm just more comfortable looking frumpy. But sometimes dressing up and going out makes you feel really good.

If you're staying home all day, working behind a computer, in the garden, and in various other daily tasks, you often need comfy clothes that are stylish, and easy to wear. Consider a seasonal change now and then to pep you up, but remember you still have to get the job done. Be comfy.(

Find out the other guide on Fashion Designs.

Retro vector >> puppy limited edition

retro vector,vector artRetro vector >> puppy limited edition
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Friday, June 25, 2010

80's Outfits, How To Find

If you are preparing for some thing strange inside your neighbourhood then we know who to call. We all know the words towards the Ray Parker Jr. theme song for that film Ghostbusters and such may be the recognition from the music that it continues to be a hit record close to the globe and now finds itself becoming parodied into marketing. Ghostbusters are iconic from the 80's and their recognition is not restricted only to that decade, these films are nevertheless shown on Television and they stay readily obtainable to rent or purchase on video and DVD. So there could be no-one who does not know who the Ghostbusters are.
80's Outfits
Not content with saving New York in the evil ghosts and ghoulies that lurked there, strangely unnoticed by anybody, they went on to conserve it a 2nd time and in so performing they secured their location in film background and in public recognition. And be truthful, who sat within the audience watching the film and did not believe how excellent it will be to become running close to a city zapping ghosts with rays coming from a backpack? As well as becoming covered in primeval ooze did not appear that poor!

Nicely, now you as well could be 1 from the group inside your personal Ghostbusters fancy dress costume. These costumes are depending on the film costumes and you'll appear each and every bit like 1 from the Ghostbusters group total with Proton pack and gun. So should you are looking for an eighties costume party concept then this really is it. And if you are able to enlist several close friends who are up for that concept, you are able to go as the entire crew. Now you'll need to sort out amongst yourselves who gets to become every from the characters Peter, Ray and Egon. Winston only joined the group within the 2nd film, however it does not issue how numerous Ghostbusters you will find, nor does it issue if they're male, female as Ghostbuster fancy dress costumes are obtainable for males and ladies and smaller costumes are obtainable in children's sizes.

retro vector >> commandante

retro vectorretro vector >> commandante
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

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