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Asunción Fashion Week

Asunción Fashion Week
Asunción Fashion Week
Asunción Fashion Week
Asunción Fashion
Asunción Fashion Week

Amsterdam International Fashion Weeks

Amsterdam Fashion Weeks
Amsterdam International Fashion
International Fashion Weeks
Amsterdam International Fashion
Amsterdam International

Vector art >> Being love is not an option


vector art,love vector artVector art >> Being love is not an option
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street sign >> skater sign logo


skater signstreet sign >> skater sign logo
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Vector art >> Original rainbow colour


rainbow,vector art rainbowVector art >> Original rainbow colour
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Top Fashion

Top Fashion Insight Regarding 2010

A new decade has dawned, bringing with it exciting new trends that inspire our imagination. In this same situation ten years ago, who could have predicted what would be in style today?

New styles come on the scene every few years. For this reason, concentrating mainly on the latest developments in top fashion is the most practical approach.
2010 has some hot new looks, so let's take a peek. I'd like to restrict our research to women's shoes. I'm crazy about shoes and just love writing about them. I just love wearing them as well!

I have a big shoe collection that never stops growing. I'd like to tell you about the ones heading my list of favorites at the moment.

Christian Louboutin's designs are all ultra chic these days. Take a look at the reptile leathers. With tons of personality and a big wow factor, you're guaranteed an unforgettable entrance in those.

I'm also excited about the Roberto Cavalli ankle lace. It's a fun boot in sleek black leather that boasts a fairly high heel and laces around the ankle. It's a go-anywhere style that can be teamed up with all kinds of outfits.

A surprising new trend lately is the thigh-high boot with high heels. Although not the easiest style to wear, they compensate for this with the stunning look they create.

On a final note, the Hunter rain boot is making a welcome return to the stores. Hunter Wellies will offer a practical and trendy alternative to your usual sneakers when the weather turns wet.

Not only do these boots keep you in fashion, they're also very easy on your feet, which puts them at the top of my list for rainy days.(

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Japanese Fashion Online

I just want to show you, that many designs of Japanese Fashion can you getting by online. There are many website that sale much dresses are include on japanese fashion. It's very cute, Look simple and convert to use at many occassion. At below I want to share many designs of Japanese Fashion Online. Check it out!

Japanese Fashion Online
Japanese Fashion OnlineJapanese Fashion Online
Japanese Fashion OnlineJapanese Fashion Online

From Mini to Modest

If you've been looking around at the dresses carried in stores these days, you have probably given up on finding one that is both cute and modest. Not only do you have to deal with the usual issue of low-cut and skimpy bodices, but it seems that everything is made super short these days, often barely the length of a mini skirt. And yet, some of these designs are cute and do have pretty details that would make a super sweet ensemble... if only. If only it weren't so low. Or short. Or strapless. Or sheer. If only. If only. If only.

But there is good news for those of us who want to find wearable items at our local shopping mall. Layering has become a real phenomenon and provides lots of options for those of us who have chosen to dress modestly. Browsing some cute and quirky dresses online gave me some modesty ideas to share. Hopefully they'll inspire you and help to stretch your wardrobe in a modest and frugal way.

Too low? Wear a tank top or camisole underneath the dress for a higher neckline. Camisoles are carried at pretty much every store out there and often have fun style details like lace edging or beading. I pick up a few in neutrals and fun colors every year. If you are looking for something with a little bit more coverage or really want to fill in a neckline, try a tank top like this one.

This first design would look fabulous with a bright colored cami underneath it, making it more than just a little grey "rain-cloud" dress. The second one might also need to be filled in, and would probably benefit from a neutral piece, in a cream or peach shade.

Too skimpy? Sometimes we find a sweet and feminine design, like the two shown above, but it just needs some more fabric up top. A great way to use the same pieces and keep everything modest is wearing vintage-y little sundresses over a close fitting, long-sleeved tee. Check out this fabulous one. I find a slight scoop neckline is much more flattering than a high-cut crew neck.

These two dresses would look equally chic over a simple short-sleeved tee. Perfect for summer. The pink one makes me think of edwardian high teas and the cream design... it's just the thing for a fairy ball. :)

Too short? You've probably noticed that all of the pieces shown here are too short. Like I said earlier, most dresses these days are barely long enough to be a top. And that's the key here. Make the dress a top.

Depending on the style of the dress you choose (the pink one here would be great) it can look absolutely sweet with a simple, fitted skirt beneath it. (Don't choose one that's too full or long - it will look "heavy" and weighed down.) And a nice pair of dress pants or jeans always looks fabulous under a long tunic top (like this gorgeous black and white one). So why not buy that cute little dress you found and layer it over your favorite jeans? Or leggings, as shown in the first photo in this post, if that fits your style.

Remember, these layering principles can also work really well with cute strapless designs like the two above. The dress shown in the very first image of this post demonstrates it perfectly. A cute, lightweight summer blouse is the perfect base for working a dress that's sweet (except for its strapless-ness) into your wardrobe.

So... what is your opinion? Do you agree that we can make pieces that wouldn't-otherwise-be-modest totally acceptable with a bit of layering? Or do you think we should stay away from "mini" dresses entirely? I am interested in hearing your thoughts...

I hope you have a lovely weekend. May God bless you. *hugs*

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retro clothing >> Britney spears with retro clothing


britney spears retro clothing,retro clothingRetro clothing >> Britney spears with retro clothing
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Retro clothing >> fashion retro clothing


retro clothing,green jacket,yellow shirtRetro clothing >> fashion retro clothing
Retro clothing with black long jeans, yellow t-shirt , converse shoes and green jacket, look cute girl on the picture,, waaaawwwwww......amazing retro clothing treen at my country,and you can buy
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Urban Fashion

Fly 53 - Unique Urban Fashion on the Internet

Urban fashion is increasingly popular and diverse. Fly 53 is a clothing company with a fierce, proud philosophy about life and clothes. They make quality items for women and men who want to look cool and elegant. Their motto, outfitters for the resistance makes it clear they are a company with an alternative view.

Just over fifteen years ago the company started small with a range of t shirts. Now their clothes are worn by some of the edgiest bands around. Rural England is not an obvious location for an urban clothing company but that has not stopped them becoming one of the top streetwear companies in the United Kingdom.

Their success is due in no small part to their strong brand and ethos. All the clothes are made with luxurious materials and are designed carefully with attention to detail. The aim is to produce streetwear which is elegant and different. There is a wide range of items with clothes for all occasions. They have also added items usually associated with other styles to the urban style. For example, for men there are pea coats and cardigans. The range for women has clothes with a glamorous look for evening wear. The printed clothes are also high quality. They have a range of graphics reflecting the independent philosophy of the company with a touch of humor.

Fly 53 have also taken advantage of the media age by making films and working with popular artists. Recently both Hot Chip and Friendly Fires, who have all been seen wearing Fly clothes, have produced music mixes for the company.

Clothes shopping on the internet is growing in popularity constantly. Now that online retailers have overcome some early concerns such as sizing and returns consumers are realizing the advantages. It is possible for internet stores to carry more complete ranges as they do not have to worry about floor space. Also because the companies have low overheads they can pass savings on to the customer. The full range of Fly 53 clothing is available online from a number of retailers.

The best place to look for the range is with urban fashion and streetwear websites. Many have a wide range of items which can be delivered to your door quickly after you have compared prices and items without even leaving your house.

Fly 53 is an exciting urban outfitter with a passion for individuality. They have high quality design and manufacture which gives their streetwear a uniquely elegant style. Check online at your favorite urban fashion website.(

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*I sit in the chair for her and start unpinning my hair so i can get it washed*

she: oh my!! what is this oil stuff in your hair? what moisturizer do you use?
me: extra virgin coconut oil
she: oh. ummm.... ok. that is good
me: -_-

*later as she begins to blow dry my hair*

she: you should get a relaxer...
me: pardon?
she: you should get a relaxer. you're hair isn't manageable. a relaxer will make your hair more manageable
me: who said my hair isn't manageable? i manage it pretty well
she: its so hard. so much work. get the relaxer
me: ma'am, i had a relaxer... for about 10 years. i decided i didn't want it anymore and decided to go natural. i've never really had to deal with my hair as it is; i wasn't tired of getting burned ever 6 weeks. honestly, my hair care has been much easier and simpler since then.

* ...15 minutes of awkward SILENCE*

she: well how about a texturizer. it's not as bad as a relaxer. it will give you curls. a jherri curl would be cute on you.
me: -_- what? no.
she: it will make your hair more manageble
me: *sigh* i don't want chemicals in my hair. i just don't want any chemicals in my hair.
she: but your edges are so thin. do you braid your hair often? its causing your hair to fall out. you should get a relaxer.
(NOTE: i went to the hair dresser with my hair styled like this)
me: i usually wear my hair out. sometimes, i will wear two flat twists or two cornrows but they're never tight because i don't want to further thin my already thin edges. I pin curl my hair down at night. moisturize daily and oil my scalp weekly. my edges have always been thin and the hair there grows extremely slow.
she: oh
she: well you should were you're hair straight more often.
me: how often?
she: how often do you straighten your hair?
me: well, this is my first time really getting it straightened well since Nov. 2008.I was considering coming to the shop every 6-8 weeks to get it straightened and have my ends trimmed...
she: 6-8 weeks?? thats too long! you should get it done every 2 or 3 weeks.
me: huh? why am i still natural? i might as well get a perm than...

*minutes later when she's almost done blow drying my hair*

she: *running her fingers through my hair* you're going to need the hot comb...
me: what? is this a joke?
she: *calls to my hairdresser* she's going to need the hot comb. come feel her hair.
me: ma'am, i don't need a hot comb -___-
she: but...
me: my hair is already almost bone straight! its literally hanging down on my back because you just blow dry-ed it so well. the hot comb is excessive heat. i refuse to get heat damage...
she: no... you need the hot comb. it can be straighter
me: than what is the purpose of the flat iron? i'm confused.
Hair Dresser: her hair is fine. she doesn't need a hot comb at all.
she: are you sure? her hair...
Hair Dresser: its fine. don't worry. its fine
me: -______-


This was the first time I'd actually been to a hair salon since...maybe April 2008. About a month or so ago, I got my hair trimmed for the first time since November 2008 [R.I.P. to those 3 inches of hair lost due to fairy knots :(] but that was just a one of those hair cutting spots at the mall.

Let me say that I was literally shocked and slightly appalled at how the wash girl was discussing my hair. Is my hair texture a stain of disdain on humanity? Why is it deemed "unmanageable" just because it isn't relaxed? When did anyone ever look good in a jherri curl??!!!

I hear all the comments of natural hair being compared to a Brillo pad or armpit hair and I usually just brush them off. If some individuals don't learn what it means to have healthy hair and their hair is extremely dry and stiff, I don't see how that is a reflection of me and/or my race. Natural black hair is different. It doesn't have the same needs and requirements as other hair types. I don't think that makes either type easier or better or more "manageable". Having to deal with oily skin isn't fun; i couldn't imagine oily hair. In all honesty, I'd believe relaxers take more work for the simple fact that they break protein bonds in the hair and actually make hair weaker and more prone brittle. I don't know; maybe manageability is all relative.

I often wake up in the morning and wonder if staying natural is something I really have the heart to do. Yea, there is a sense of freedom and pride that comes with the territory but the radical stereotypes are overwhelming.  I'm not a natural hair nazi, I don't believe you're a disgrace to your race because you have a relaxer, I don't have a closet full of dashikis, and I don't sit in my kitchen creating hair products.

I'm always taken aback by the amounts of people who tell me just how "surprisingly soft" my hair is and justify it by saying i must have that "good hair". "Honey", I say,"there is nothing 'good' about my regular black girl hair. It gets just as dry and wrong looking as anyone else's. Softness is merely a measure of moisture. Any, and every, natural girl should and can have 'soft' hair."

I remember way more bad hair days than good ones since I've been natural. Most days, I get annoyed with being frustrated and always just sucking it up and bravely heading out the door. YouTube tutorials never come out looking remotely like the videos because, 98% of the time, their hair texture is totally different from mine and/or my hair just isn't quite long enough. For example, Koos' texture is totally different from mine. Doing her technique, a roller set on my hair has proven to be nothing more than frizzy roots with slightly straightened ends. Its just not cute on me. Pin Curl Braid Outs are fine. Now that my hair is longer, it is my go to hairstyle but... fairy knots are killing me softly. I went natural because I thought I would have more options on how I'd be able to wear my hair but its looking more and more like I have to choose between wearing my hair in its natural state OR just have it straight all the time.

I don't know. Its ... Its.... Its just that, sometimes, it can just feel like its a constant battle. Its just hair. Its supposed to be easy, right?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion Design Programs

Fashion Design Programs

The fashion industry is a fierce business. The cliche "One day you're in, and the next day you're out" really holds true to this trade. Numerous fashion designers have already come and gone but if you will notice, those who are still out there have reliable, solid collections. For example, designers such as Tom Ford have gone from one fashion house to another, making Gucci an in-demand brand in the 90s. Betsy Johnson has created hip, funky, and crazy designs that are still making waves in the fashion industry, regardless of the fact that they are not really wearable.

Fashion design schools play a major role in shaping and honing the next Betsy Johnson and Tom Ford of the fashion industry. Programs set by the school board every school year usually determine if the students can cope with the real world. Internships to famous fashion houses are also included in these programs so student can apply what they have learned in fashion to school to the real fashion scenario.

The International Academy of Fashion design programs was described by critics as a comprehensive, technical and very demanding. The fashion curriculum provides a solid learning program with a specific goal of developing in their students creative individual thinking and a sense of uniqueness as well as preparing them for a professional career. An associate in science degree in fashion design and marketing or a bachelor of fine arts degree in fashion design and marketing are usually the choices offered to students.

The American Intercontinental University, on the other hand, has an Association of Arts degree in fashion design that fashion experts say is designed to inspire the individuals to construct innovative and edgy designs. Computer skills in designing are also taught so students can combine traditional techniques with computer-assisted designs. An association of arts degree in fashion marketing is another program offered to talented and fashionable students. The programs in this curriculum offer teach the inner operations of retail and wholesale fashion, market analysis, and evaluation of the production needs of the fashion industry.(

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*sigh* I look like an EFFING LION!

I hope you're having a better hair day than I am...

Last night I had the "brilliant" idea to henna my hair because I'm going to FL this weekend, and I want my hair to glow in the wonderful FL sun. I left the henna in my hair for 7 hours, and then rinsed it out at 3:00 AM this morning! Once all the henna was rinsed out, I deep conditioned with AOHR while I slept until 7:30 AM. This morning I washed out the deep conditioner and realized that my hair was wet, and I had an hour to get ready for work!

My hair usually adapts to a style fairly quickly, so using Suave Naturals Pomegranate conditioner to moisturize, I threw my hair into 8 big braids and pincurled them. I tied on a silk scarf, put on a beanie (luckily it was cold so I didn't look dumb) and when I got to work, I took out the braids.

My hair actually looked pretty cute, but it was still wet, so as it dried, it dried as my natural texture, NOT like the pin curl braidout I was trying to get. So that's why I look like a CRAZED FOOL!

I'm not pleased...