Monday, November 30, 2009

Retro Clothing >> unique designs within this retro clothing

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The classic bowling shirt is a rare retro find that will have you looking for a strike in no time. Look for bowling shirts with team names still embroidered on them or classic designs on the back.There are some unique designs within this retro clothing parcel and along with men’s and women’s retro clothing and a small quantity of retro clothing for petites.

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pac man retro shoes
Pac-Man is the footwear that may be necessary for the retro fans, a unique shape because the shoes were painted like kancas
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Parking Lot Pimpin

Sometimes I love Fall but, the majority of the time...I'm disgusted by it. Yea, the leaves change colors and everyone loves its a beautiful sight. The crisp weather allows me to wear as many boots and cardigans to my heart's content. BUT, at the end of the day, who is going to rake up all those leaves that are all over the place?? Plus, its often rainy out and I just know there are tons of creepy and crawly critters nestled between the dank leaves that are splattered all over the place. Seeing that I'm from Florida and probably should be more appreciative of the opportunity to experience all the seasons but... I'm starting to believe its overrated. Fall, officially, kind of creeps me out.

In closing, I'd like to note two things: 1. my fauxtography game is WAYY better than Koos'. Scott Schumann taught me well :-) 2. our parking lot photo shoots are, slowly but surely, becoming legendary at church. People have been asking us when they can be featured as well :-) YAYY!

J: Forever21 cardigan, Banana Republic sweater, vintage belt, Banana Republic Skirt, Wet Seal earrings, Steve Madden peep-toe pumps

Koos: H&M Dress, Wet Seal Cardigan, Forever21 necklace, Target opaque tights and earrings, Michael Antonio gladiator pumps


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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I think "I die" describes best how much I'm into Whyred's spring collection. Everything from head to toe is just adorable. My favorite outfit is the one with the overknees.

Oh and no, I'm not dead, just buried by an avalanche of work....

We Who See Fringe Boot

I've been obsessed with the combat boot look since my eye feasted on these boots last spring....

Jeffrey Campbell Battalion Boot

..on ModCloth. Running at about $160, I didn't know if they were something I wanted to invest in. I don't think that it was was just the fact that it was a combat boot that excited me (or else I would have opted for the classic Dr. Martens) but more so that it had that cute kiltie. Something about that fringe super feminine detailing accenting a masculine shoe just made my heart smile. I love a good juxtaposition. Either, I was in a recession and couldn't spring $160 for a shoe I never actually tried on. About a month later, after it had been hurting my heart daily, I decided to get it. Lo and Behold, they were sold out.


Finally, about a month ago, I ran across the Jeffrey Campbell Acme boot when I was doing my bi-weekly search of combat boots on ShopStyle. I the insta-vintage/broken-into-edness (I think i made that word up :) of the shoe. It just looked worn in and PERFECT

Jeffrey Campbell Acme Boot

This pair was $200 and, of course, I thought the price tag was a little too steep (the recession is still real) and was hesitant to make that purchase. This is a different kind of boot for me and, although I see it paired with a frilly floral frock and  denim jacket it my head, I don't know if I'll really wear it as much as I like. Would I look right with skinny jeans and an over sized boyfriend sweatshirt? Or black leggings, a thermal, a flannel, and my faux fur vest? I dunno, mayne.






Today, I found my perfect pair!!

We Who See Fringe Boot

They are $78 and I can stomach that. Unfortunately, as that bold banner states, the black ones are on back order until 12/25/09.

woe is my life.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble. gobble.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” 
–Brian Tracy

 “One single grateful thought towards heaven, is the most perfect prayer.” 
–Minna von Barnhelm 

Today is the day that, traditionally, Americans gather round the table to celebrate their gratitude and thankful attitude with never ending plates of food, family memories, and Dallas Cowboys football. I, by no means, agree with he notion of just being "thankful" on day a year; we should celebrate our thankfulness and showcase our appreciation for God, our family, our friends, and our peers every day! But, I'm glad that we still offer up one day a year when everyone can get the day off, gather together, relax, and enjoy good companionship, laughter, and amazing food.

Although its a salty feeling to not be able to celebrate with my family this year, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to just be alive, to live every day, and to be able to enjoy this holiday. Through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and the blessing that have been bestowed my way, I'm just truly grateful to God that He continues to look out for me, work though me, and allow me to bless those around me. In the midst of all the laughter, food, and fun, always remember to spread your appreciation to your loved ones.

I hope each and every one of you enjoy this beautiful day and all the candied yams, cranberry sauce, and apple pies that the day has in store :-)


Just wanted to stop in and say...

Leave it to Mickey and Judy to capture my feelings completely. Just perfect... :)

I do wish you all the most wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving day and weekend. I am currently partying with some dear friends in Texas and looking forward to a very special wedding this Saturday, so I'll be seeing you all again sometime next week.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remember When Everyone Said Jay-Z was a Mason because of the lyrics to "Run This Town"??

if not, here are the lyrics:

Run This Town:
"Peace God… Uh! Uh! And ain’t nobody fresher, I’m in Maison Uh! Martin Margiela" Jay Z

M A R T I N M A R G I E L A is all about stealth. His philosophy and clothing represent a special kind of ‘meta-fashion’: fashion that is essentially about fashion without the glitzy marketing hype. Casting aside the ‘cult of personality’ that is attached to many celeb designers, Margiela has brilliantly fostered a cult of impersonality, eschewing vanity altogether and further deconstructing the conventions of the industry. He’s a curious anomaly in an industry that thrives on visibility, image and self-aggrandizement. Margiela seldom attends his own runway shows or presentations and refuses to do interviews (except by fax machine). His evasiveness demonstrates an unbridled commitment to creativity, and highlights two important things: first, the clothes/accessories speak for themselves; and, second, Margiela’s work, as perplexing as it may be, embodies the collective efforts of a talented design team - not simply a singular designer. His absence at his own events makes this powerful point, and all correspondence from his atelier in Paris is always written in the plural form with the signature 
Maison Martin Margiela.


Those are actually the only two photos of Martin Margiela that are circulating in the media. That is how SERIOUS he is about letting his brand speak for itself. Here's Jay and 'Ye both rocking the designers shoes:

...and now you know the rest of the story.

Taste the Rainbow

Dressed Up + No Place to Go = Impromptu Photo Shoot in a Random Bathroom

*kanye shrug*

We went to a church league basketball game that lasted a whole entire 40 minutes. We were definitely the brightest dressed people in the building.... but that's fine. The world is our runway!! ;-) The game ended at about 10:45pm and by 11pm (after socializing and mingling), we were sitting in the car with blank stares and nothing to do on a crisp Fall night. Somebody come rescue us from these boring weekend faux excursions!! Is there really no fun outlets anymore once one decides to fall back from the club scene??? SHEESH! We'll do better in 2010 ;-] Anyway, I've come to realize that I am entirely on my phone way too often... looking at these pics, I'm realizing how awkward it is. Don't be like me, feisties. Avoid owning a BlackBerry at all costs!

J: New York & Co gray shirt, Wet Seal cardigan, Miley Cyrus & MaxAzria skinny jeans, Wet Seal boots, H&M jewelry

Koos: Forever21 pinstripe shirt, Gap cardigan, Target pumps, Forever 21 jeans, Forever21 jewelry

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Visit me on Tumblr! :)

Hello girls!

Well, I am currently away from home sweet home and visiting loads of wonderful people in Texas (down SOUTH - gasp! ;) which prevents me from doing any heavy blogging. I wanted to drop in and let you know that you can still get some fashion-y ideas and inspirations over at my new Tumblr blog, appropriately titled "Ooo... I Like It!"

Click the image if you want to see more. I hope you like it, too. ;)


How to Sleep on a Braidout

I don't always feel like re-braiding my hair for my braidouts (case in point, I only put two braids in tonight because I'm tired, and I'm wearing a bun tomorrow). I try very hard to get 4th-day-hair out of any hairstyle. When I wear a braidout, I wear the first set from Saturday-Tuesday, redo the braids, and then keep the style again from Wednesday-Friday. In order to get the style to stretch, I have a little trick.

I pincurl my hair at night. Tying it down under a scarf would just flatten and straighten out my hair, which would get rid of my texture, and wearing a bonnet creates a frizzy mess. I just make about 8 pincurls (maybe less). I moisturize each section with LTR and EVCO before pinning it down. Then I just sleep on a satin pillowcase without a scarf.

It's definitely not cute, but my hair stays defined and fresh for days!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Obedience = Praise and Thanksgiving

"So Samuel said, '...Behold, it is better to obey than sacrifice.' "

- I Samuel 15:22

A Marvelous Monday to all of you!

First let me just take the time to say THANK YOU for all the congrats and well-wishes that you have been so gracious in giving in response to my new job! I really appreciate all the wonderful comments, and I'm so blessed that so many others have been blessed as well.

When God does something amazingly good like this, I find it so hard to say "Thank you." I don't feel like I can say it enough, or prove to Him how grateful I am. No matter what I do, I feel like I need to do more in order to show Him that I am thankful for His blessings. Sometimes I take a day and fast just to praise Him. Other times I make it a point to testify of His goodness to everyone I come into contact with. But I've learned that one of the best ways to be grateful to God and give him thanks and praise is just to be obedient.

In the scripture for this week's word, the prophet Samuel is speaking to King Saul after his battle with the Amalekites. Before going into battle, God told Saul not to spare the lives of ANY living thing that the Amalekites had--he was to "utterly destroy" every man, woman, child, and animal. But Saul spared the life of the Amalekite king, and he saved the best animals in order to sacrifice to God as a "thank you" for helping him to win the battle. When Samuel heard what Saul had done, he was furious! Saul was confused, because he thought he was doing something good by sacrificing to God. Samuel gives Saul this response: "to obey is better than sacrifice."

Real sacrifice comes from neglecting to do what you want and instead being obedient to God's will. Everytime I make the conscious decision to follow God's Word, I'm saying "thank you" for everything He's done for me. I want to show God that I am SO GRATEFUL for the way He's been moving in my life, and I intend to do so through my obedience to Him, even if it may conflict with my new position because I believe that when we are obedient, we are giving thanks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fashion Trends

Look Stylish With the Latest Fashion Trends
By Connor R Sullivan

Everyone wants to stay up to date in terms of what they wear. The society these days is very conscious about fashion trends and wants to stay ahead of the competition. Fashion keeps on changing but what matters is keeping up with the current trend. Currently, there are many styles which people are after and these include military outfits such as military t-shirt. Military t-shirts are really popular with those going out hiking, camping and fishing and is a must have for fashionable males and females of 2009. These days, fashion goes with the different occasions. There are different trends for every occasion such as shopping, parties, weddings, outing and so on. Here, let us look fashion trends for men and women for 2009.

Fashion Trends

Every man these days wants to be a style icon, but with the economic crisis, the trends have returned to basic and classic styles. The denim trend is continuing and since it is cheap and durable, men are going for jeans with washes being expanded and tints being more highlighted. Also fashionable are leather jackets which go with their skinny jeans. Sport shirts which are brightly striped and are stiff collared go well with worked jeans as well. For the colder season, men usually go easy and they can even do with a finely tailored coat that can be matched with any type of jeans or casual pants.

The most fashionable color for 2009 is yellow as yellow represents optimism, hope and a new beginning. During summer and spring, the most worn are clothing with exotic prints and large polka dots. Women look sexy and sleek during hot seasons with their lean silhouettes. Dresses never go out of fashion and for this year, the style is one shouldered dresses. Floral dresses suit women of all ages and sizes and this is the reason they are still continuing with the fashion. Satin and silk fabrics are a craze for spring as women are reloading their womanhood with full length skirts. Ruffled tops gives skinny girls fuller looks, adding volume to the body and is a must have for the thinners of 2009.

When winter approaches, it is again time for women to update their wardrobes. This is the season when women tend to wear clothes in layers and go with excessive accessories such as scarves, shawls, hats, socks, ponchos and so on. The most popular styles of jackets for 2009 are blazers and cropped jackets which go with leather pants or skinny jeans. Fur coats in colors of browns, blacks and grays are in style and look great with ankle high boots.

There are numerous designers who keep on releasing their styles throughout the year. It can be quite difficult at times to keep up with the different styles that are being introduced. However, if you have to keep up with the latest fashion, you need to consider buying clothes and accessories depending on your height and size. Styles keep on changing all year round and sometimes keep on repeating.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mink Coats

Why Blackglam Mink Coats Are Considered The Best Fur Coats Available
By Gregg Hall
mink coat
mink coats
mink fur coat
mink fur coats

Blackglama, this is a name which embodies a sense of comfort, elegance, and undeniable style. Blackglama fur coats live up to these associations and more, as they are considered, and have been for a long while, to be one of the world's finest natural fur coats. Blackglamas are considered an American Legend, and have a history of glamour which would make anyone proud to be associated with, and part of.

Minks are considered the most commercially valued animal with fur, because the quality of the fur is so explicit. Combined with the fact that they offer a variety of different colors, which vary from dark brown to white and include patches of diverse colors on the stomach, throat, and back, it is needless to say that mink furs are preferred by many. The company of Blackglama agrees.

Prior to manufacture, each fur coat is inspected by experts. They do this to ensure that the coats which Blackglama produces are of the finest quality. Blackglama has a reputation for being one of the best in the world of fashion, and they must continue to live up to that reputation as they have for some time now.

The mink furs are so meticulously examined, that every quality of it is examined. Every quality from the texture, density, length, resilience, to the leather which is found beneath the fur (called pelts). Blackglama manufacturers consider the leather to be one of the most important facts when choosing mink furs. Thus, when purchasing a Blackglama, you are purchasing the best of both fur and leather.

The pelts are tested for flexibility, lightness, and a variety of different things. Blackglama's reputation includes not only finding and using the best fur, but also use pelts with flawless leather. With such a built-up, strong reputation, it is a little surprising that Blackglama has continued to live up to its name for many years, and are still going strong. They understand that it takes high quality materials to make a high quality product.

Blackglama not only provides its consumers with great quality, but pairs this great quality with attractiveness. They are considered to be a very attractive type of coat, because as they are well-known for their selection of superior colors. The coats chosen have a color which portrays both richness and complexity. As is probably obvious, Blacklama fur coats are quite difficult to imitate.

Blackglama makers know, and have known what qualities they need to have to be considered a high-quality coat. They have achieved and surpassed the art of producing a fur coat, only to deliver what is considered to be the most attractive, the softest, and the most resilient fur coat your money can buy.

Wholesale Women's Clothing

Making Profit With Wholesale Women's Clothing For Your Online Wholesale Dropship Business
By Peter J. Johnsons

women clothingA wholesale drop shipper is heavily relied upon by its retail partner. This is because they are the supplier of products that retailers and vendors sell. They too are the ones responsible to get those products to their customers on time and in good condition. So finding the right wholesale drop shipper is a must in the e-commerce industry. Because without them, a retailers online wholesale drop ship business will not prosper.

So the best advice that anyone can give you is do your research about a wholesale drop shipper before you deal with any of them. Find that reliable, dependable and legitimate supplier so that you will not regret your decision to have your own online business. But before you can do this, you must decide what products to sell in the first place. After all, you can only know which wholesale supplier you will need if you know the products you will be selling.

There are many plausible products out there that you can choose to sell. The range is very wide considering the number of wholesale drop shippers out there ready to accommodate every retailers and vendors. But what niche is really doing well in this industry? Well, online and offline, the women's clothing forte is always doing good business. Although we see a lot of reports that we are experiencing a global crisis, it really has not stopped the women's clothing market to boom. Still, many people particularly women are still into buying a lot of clothes. They dress with the trends and when a fashion style ends and a new one begins so will women's buying sense. So doing an online business to accommodate such needs will be highly profitable for that entrepreneur.

Women's Clothing

Once your product is decided, make your research about that prospective wholesale drop ship supplier. Do not be conned into thinking that all suppliers are good suppliers. There are a lot of them that are not and some are scam artist so be forewarned about them. If you see an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is. Just be familiar with the usual benefits that drop shippers offer. Their products are cheap, they store your merchandise, they deliver your products directly to your customers and they take care of the packaging as well. Other benefits can be thrown in as a come on by them but make sure to read the fine prints at the bottom of the contract so that you know what you are getting yourself into when you sign.

women clothes

Friday, November 20, 2009

Deborah Style

Last Sunday, two of my sisters and I sat down to watch An Affair To Remember with my grandmother. I'd heard much about this movie over the years, as Nana had mentioned it now and again as her favorite film (the end makes her cry every time). My curiosity had always been piqued by her description, and well knowing that she has great taste in old movies (not to mention the fact that she looked like a movie star herself back in the fifties :) I decided that we had to set up a night to see what this film was all about.

I was not disappointed. An Affair To Remember was thoroughly sweet, temporarily heart-wrenching and ultimately satisfying. And the lovely Deborah Kerr was just the icing on the cake. I'd seen her before, in The King And I, which is a favorite musical classic. (Seriously, every time I watch the dance scene between Deborah and Yule Brynner, I get goose bumps. :) She was a beautiful woman, a passionate and yet delicate actress; completely bewitching both in period dramas or contemporary films - made more brilliant in Technicolor by her soft, red hair. On top of all this, she was nominated for six Academy Awards. Not a bad achievement.

So today is Deborah's day on the blog. For the first photo, I selected a publicity still in which she is wearing a very striking ensemble. The basic wool suit is made magnificent by the addition of fur running down over the shoulders and wrapped about the cuffs. The delicately stitched buttons add a further touch. Her intricate hat is accented with velvet and the outfit is finished off with a pearl necklace and earrings. Of course, beautifully manicured hands and a huge ring make everything just perfect. ;)

The second photo shows Deborah and Cary Grant in a scene from An Affair To Remember. This film is one of the many in which insurmountable problems arise all because of miscommunication. It's always a good reminder to keep things honest and open in everyday real life. These things do not only happen in movies.

I have included this third photo simply because it proves that I am not the only one who has an addiction to solitaire... ;)

Have a lovely weekend! God bless.