Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just because some people like to be scared out of their senses on October 31st...

There. Have you ever seen anything creepier than that???

In an effort to look at this in a positive way, I suppose that "rat slippers" could come in handy if your house became overrun with the varmints and you wanted to make a subtle exit. Yeah, really.

Thanks to Matthew for pointing this photo out to me quite some time ago. Since then, I've stumbled upon a few other equally disturbing fashion-wear, but I think this will do for today. Does anyone actually like them? *shudder*

Well... I wish you a fun, safe evening - whether you celebrate Halloween, Reformation Day or just hang out with family or friends. God bless. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Natalie Off Duty

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Today I wanna introduce you to Natalie Suarez' blog Natalie off duty which I discovered quite recently. Besides her loveliness I was fascinated by her easy but amazing style so I talked to the young lady:

1.How old are you and where are you from?
I'm 18 years old and from Los Angeles, California.

2.What's your occupation?

3.Which three words describe you best?
Friendly, smart, creative

4.When did you star blogging and why did you start?
I started blogging about 2 months ago. My sister introduced me to amazing fashion blogs and I found so much inspiration. I found images I could relate to. Street Style inspires me more than any magazine editorial could.I started "Natalie Off Duty" in hopes of inspiring others as well. Having my blog is such a fun way to connect with all the people from around the world who are as interested in fashion as I am.

5.How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my personal style is unique. I have a ton of vintage pieces that are of such great quality and so different from what stores are selling now.I mix them in with designer pieces and inexpensive pieces from Zara or H&M. I like tough looking clothing, like a pair of vintage combat boots that I'll throw into a girly outfit. I just hate looking like everyone else, so wearing vintage and staying away from trends, sets my look apart from the rest.

6.What's your favorite item of the moment?

I'm in love with Alexander Wang's ankled buckle booties.

5.How much money do you spent per month for new clothes/shoes/bags?
It really depends. Some months I'll spend a few hundred dollars on clothes, while some months, I don't buy anything. Right now, I'm only buying pieces that are different from anything I already own,which isn't very much, considering I have so many clothes!

6.Where do you like to shop?

I love shopping vintage and second-hand because I always end up finding inexpensive pieces of really good quality! I'll hit up a Goodwill or Salvation Army once in a while. But I do love luxury pieces that I can get at Barneys. Big department stores like Barneys, Neimans, and Saks always draw me in, especially when they have great sales!

7.How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Hm, I don't really know. Probably like 25 really great shoes.

8.One of the current trends you would never go with/hate...

I don't think I will ever wear Harem pants. The shape just isn't very flattering haha! But some people can rock them!

9.If you could buy one item no matter how much it costs what would it be?

I would probably buy a new Bally leather jacket. Their leather is so soft and light. I have one already that is a bit old, but is still amazing! I wouldn't mind having another one, because I'd wear it all the time.

10.Who's your personal fashion icon?

I love Jane Birkin. She had fantastic personal style when she was young, and stays stylish as she ages beautifully. She makes everything look effortless and cool. I think her daughters, Lou and Charlotte, definitely got their great sense of style from her as well!

11.Heels or flats?

Heels even though I am already so tall. I love walking in them!

12.Fashion is....

Fashion is fun to play around with especially when there are so many beautiful clothes out there!

13.Tell us one of your vices.

I bite my nails. I wear nail polish whenever I'm not working to grow them out and stop biting haha!

Maid Marian Event Finalists - VOTE NOW!

So, between myself and two other judges, we were able to dig through all the entries and come up with five finalists in each category. It was super hard to do this - there were so many fabulous entries! - and sometimes it came down to small things like descriptive details or photo quality. Hopefully, the small number of finalists will make the voting more intense. :)

So, here they are! Please view all the posts in each category before placing your vote in the left-hand sidebar.

1 - Maid Marian or Robin Hood Blog Post - FINALISTS:
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Maid Marian Poem at The Mux Stops Here
Maid Marian's of History at A Modest Heart
Marian, from Maid to Married at Melissa's Corner
Robin Hood and... Politics? at The Locket

2 - Medieval Maid Marian Fashion Photos - FINALISTS:
"And dressed in pretty forest plight--" at The Locket
Exploring Sherwood... at Evergreena's Journal
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Ready for Adventure... at His Handmaiden

3 - Modern Marian Fashion Photos - FINALISTS:
Maid Marian - A Modern Twist at Chipmunk's Corner
Maid Marian Week at The Three Spinsters
Modern Day Maid Marian at His Handmaiden
Modern Marian at The Reluctant Dragon
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4 - "Crafty" Maid Marian - FINALISTS:
BBC Marian Costume at all that is gold
Lady Gisborne Leather Necklace at Pemberley Couture
Legend of a Lady at Chipmunk's Corner
Maid Marian Paper Doll at The Three Spinsters
Marian's "wedding dress" at all that is gold

Please review all the entries and place your votes in the left-hand sidebar. Please, only one vote per person. Voting will close after one week.

The entry in each category that receives the most votes will be posted on AmandaBeth Online in "the best of" the Maid Marian event, be linked in the blog sidebar, and each winning participant will receive a "winner" blog badge to share on their web site.

Good luck to everyone - have fun! :)

P.S. You can view the rest of the entries by clicking the proper image for each category HERE. Enjoy!

just perfect

Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour Book shot by photographer Nabil Elderkin and available in stores now. While peeping some of the pictures at Necole Bitchie, I ran across a Feisty Fave (with a head full of frizzy voluminous curls that I will be emulating once I get my length :-) posing with one of my favorite rappers.

I love candids, random silliness, stuff like this :-)

Tracee Ellis Ross is pretty great! Today is payday and this book is out at in bookstores soo...I'll definitely be adding this book to the book shelf!!

Peep the rest of the photos HERE.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michelle is a Lawyer and Fashion Photographer...

That's an ambitious girl!!!

Her beautiful 3-piece suit, luscious mustard scarf, and twisted twist-out was beckoned straight from London and spotted on Garance Dore.

Work With the Kid.

While running through some errands with Koos the other night, we ran across a fur vest that took my breathe away. As I ranted and raved about my love for the vest and how my life's wardrobe would not be complete with out it, I could see the look of confusion, shock, and slight disdain running across Koos' face. She didn't get it.

Forever21 Embellished Fur Vest

Fur vests are a functional and fun accessory for fall. A fur vest (real or faux) can add a layer of luxurious warmth. It's the best way to up the ante for a regular outfit and add some wildness into your wardrobe. Fur vests are luxurious, great for nights out and a MUST for fall. It's all about layering. Always try match this with something tight or a belted and with heels! Or else you might look like a Snuffaluffagous (we don't want that).

Forever21 Long Shag Vest

There are many shades and styles of fur vest, many inspired by the glam rocker trend. Some are long and can be belted. Others are shorter and zip or buckle up the front. Look for embellished and beaded fur vests as well (the first set showcased above). Don’t choose a vest that is very wild or puffy as they tend to be unflattering. I've been thinking of purchasing a fur vest since last fall but could never think of the right outfit to wear it with. Since this will be my first vest, I've got to stick to the basic piece. This cute, belted Long Shag Vest from Forever21 is about $37.80 and not too bad for price but Forever21 and I have a love-hate relationship so I'll probably be purchasing the variant that I found at Target. I also want this cute brown one from H&M that runs for $50.

H&M Faux Fur Vest

Try layering with a white fitted cotton v-neck tee that crops at your hip to avoid looking sloppy. Wear an obscenely skinny black pant (choosing a pant as opposed to denim ups the sophistication 10 fold). One can wear either heels or flats with a look like this and day/night is interchangeable. If you go with a heel definitely choose a black bootie or a fierce gladiator. Bonus points added for a lux suede or studded or snakeskin detailed shoe. That will add interest without overwhelming the look. If you opt for a flat shoe, pick black or neutral snakeskin. For a touch of elegance and shine add simple gold studs and a fabulous yet natural looking statement ring.

Although I no longer support Rih, she knows how to rock the mess out of (faux) fur vest pretty well...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm just sayin...

let the print do the talking and keep everything minimalistic.
be sure to note that "minimalistic" does not equate to "drab".
you can still flaunt the jazz factor with interesting accessories OR an appealing top.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey Feisties!!

Its been a good couple of days (maybe even weeks?) since I've posted anything and I send my sincerest apologies. Koos and I are still getting adjusted to the new place and I've been boggled with Med School and Grad School applications. I don't know if any of you guys have already gone through it but...applying to graduate school might be one of the most discouraging and overwhelming things I've attempted to do. Keep me in your prayers!

Anywho, I was perusing through the internet and somehow landed on the above picture. Isn't this sweatshirt the cutest little thing??  For some reason, I think I may be slightly obsessed with Amber Rose. Her confidence and demeanor is fierce. I don't think I've ever seen a woman rock a blonde TWA, Doc Martens, and a Barely There Wardrobe with such disregard to the opinions of others. Amber does her and you can just get with it or get lost. She's FAB!!!

With the aire of the 80s among us, I've been contemplating purchasing a few crewneck sweatshirts this season. Running at $40 from Prep Jerks Shop, I think the price of this crewneck may be a little steep (NOTE: I actually don't even know their average retail price) BUT this shop specializes in "exclusive items that are produced in limited numbers" so you can guarantee not too many folk will be wearing this sweatshirt. Plus, (I'm going to claim it now) Amber Rose is an rising icon. Twenty years down the line we'll still be dishing on how bomb she was and you'll be excited to own one of the 5 articles of clothing that her figure has appeared on (I told you I loved her. lol).

What you guys think?
Cute Sweatshirt?
Will you be investing in any crew neck sweatshirts anytime soon??

And the "Maid Marian" Bracelet winner is...

Ashley of Bramblewood Fashion!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and shared their enthusiasm. You're the best! :)

Here comes Leigh Lezark

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I wanted to post some pics of Leigh so long now because besides a few exceptions I'm totally into her style and her music.

P.S. Did you hear about the Olsen's new line? Can't wait to see it.

photo credits: tfs

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - A Medieval Fashion Event is Now Closed!

This was supposed to automatically publish at midnight. My apologies. :P

Thanks so much to everyone who took pictures, wrote posts and participated! The event has been a wonderful success and I think that everyone had a lovely time! I sure had lots of fun looking over all of the fashion and blog entries! :)

The giveaway is now closed and a winner be randomly drawn and announced within the next 24 hours. Also, entries in the different blogging and photo categories are no longer accepted. A small panel of judges will be choosing the top entries in each category over the next few days. If all goes well, we should have the finalists up for you to vote for by Saturday.

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm and participation - it's been a wonderful "weekend!" God bless you all... :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season 3 - Finale

This post contains major season finale spoilers. Click HERE for Seasons One and Two.

"Angel" Gown
With the end in sight for Robin Hood, Marian comes to lead him on his next adventure...

This gown, as well as being extremely intricate, is also a bit hard to decipher since it only appears onscreen for about a minute. It consists of a high-waisted dress and an "overdress" or cape. 

The gown has a raised empire waistline with a bodice made from a beautifully embroidered fabric. There is a slight "sweetheart" shape to the neckline and the bodice has four bust pleats, which are angled from the center front. At this point there is a beaded flower, from which hangs approximately six long strands of pearl beading. These hang down to just below the knee.

The skirt of the gown is made from a silky, shimmery fabric (almost appears like crushed velvet from a distance) and appears to be straight, a-line in shaped and floor length. The gown has both an over and under sleeve (both sewn into the armhole together). 

I believe the over sleeve is made from the same fabric as the skirt. The sleeves are bell shaped, and hang down to the ground in length (perhaps even dragging a bit). Each sleeve is gathered/ruched at the elbow, probably using hidden drawstring casings. The hem of the over sleeve is edged with a wide, silver scalloped trim (this looks like a design commonly found in craft stores.

The under sleeve is made from the same beaded fabric as the bodice. In the close-up images, you cans see the small, beaded designs and a little "zig zag" beading at the hem of each sleeve, which comes down slightly over the back of the hand. A small, distressed piece of sheer fabric is the finishing touch on each sleeve. 

The sleeves also lace up on the under side of the arm, with cording and silver eyelets. It's hard to tell how high this lacing goes, but I think I can see at least five pairs eyelets, and my guess is that they continue to the elbow.

The over dress is made from a lightweight, silky fabric, that almost appears sheer. (Sorry that I can't be more specific with my fabric identification. I go by sight better than the actual name or type.) It is sleeveless, extremely full, and very long in the back. I think the side seams may also be open from the waist down - giving a "split" when she is walking.

There is a wide panel of beading from shoulder to hem along the front opening edges of the cape, in similar patterns and design to the beading on the sleeves and bodice. The hood of the cape, which is long and full, has the same "zig zag" beading as on the sleeve hem.  This beading also appears to run around the sleeveless armholes of the cape.

Altogether, an exquisitely beautiful gown, and one that is very fitting for Robin and Marian's last scene together...

Three cheers for Lucy Griffiths, Maid Marian, and one amazing wardrobe! :)

P.S. Be sure to enter the "Maid Marian" bracelet giveaway if you haven't done so already! And add your blog post and photo links by clicking HERE.