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Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season Two - Finale

Costumes are listed in order of appearance, although some images may be from later episodes of the show. May contain slight spoilers. Click HERE for Parts I, II, III, IV, & V, as well as for Season One.

"Night Watchman" Costume
With Robin out of town, Marian tries to do things on her own - with disastrous results...

This outfit is the same one that Marian sported in Season One, so I am including my previous notes...

"This ensemble consists of a dark leather top, which crosses over and buttons up the left front. The pants are made from a heavy "camo" fabric and have leather pieces on the inside legs for riding (don't know the right term for that style - I wasn't into horses! ;). The cape is floor length and is a green/tan color. It has a very full hood, piped in more brown leather which continues around the neckline and down the front edges. The cloak ties at the neck and is worn with dark green fabric over the lower half of the face and a brown leather mask over the top half, which is accented by a subtle raised design. The ensemble is completed with brown hide boots with silver buckles, fingerless leather gloves and whatever weapon the "Watchman" happens to be carrying - be it bow, staff or sword."

And a few new observations: The mask looks like it is held on with elastic, which has a brown ribbon or strip of fabric sewn to it. This gives it that "scrunchy" look. There also appears to be some interesting "embroidery" around each of the buttonholes on the jacket (which is constructed with the usual princess seams). Each buttonhole is piped in leather and there are three buttons at each wrist. We can also see the sleeves of her "Ribbon Chemise" from Season One peeking out in the first couple pictures, and can confirm that it is indeed "shirt length"; ending near the waistline.

Holy Lands Ensemble
It is up to Marian to save the King...

Marian's Season Two Finale ensemble is perfect for the concluding episode - she looks like a beautiful, white angel as she comes riding over the windswept desert. The outfit is made from a lightweight cream fabric, with a woven/raised design running vertically down the fabric in varying "stripe" widths. The "dress" has a deep scoop neckline that is trimmed with a silver ribbon and has small beads/crystals placed at 1/2" (or so) increments. There is a scalloped, white eyelet lace attached around the neckline.

The sleeves of the bodice are straight and fitted, cinched in slightly at each wrist with four fabric-covered buttons. The dress is seamed just under the bust line (the bodice piece gathers under the bust). The lower half of the dress hangs from the bust line to just under the knee and is fairly straight. It slits up the front, back and side to the hip, providing mobility. There does not appear to be any closure/opening to the dress. Underneath, Marian wears simple white "pajama" pants, which don't have the "stripe" weave and are a slightly lighter shade. She also wears a cream "sari" with a beautiful beaded, gold border. Altogether, this is the perfect ensemble to stay cool and lovely while chasing the "bad guys" around the Holy Lands...


Well...that concludes Maid Marian's Wardrobe! Thanks so much to everyone who has followed along! I know that all things have to come to an end eventually, but I do wish that somebody would make a line of clothes for Lucy Griffiths and keep producing new "Marian" designs for the next ten years. ;)

Oh, yes, and I will be compiling links of further Robin Hood resources and will post them in the future. If you know of any good ones... pass them along!

Screencaps from Robin Hood 2006

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Art Shop (and a giveaway! :)

If you know me well, you've probably figured out that I LOVE taking on new projects - it's the entrepreneur in me, I guess. Usually, I try and squish out the so-so ideas, leaving the best ones to surface (goodness! If I carried out everything that I thought of, I'd probably be more insane than I am already! ;).

But anyway, here's a new one that I really hope is here to stay...

I have been an "artist" for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I read gazillions of books on famous artists, poured over the Pre-Raphaelites and went into raptures at art galleries. There is a certain something about art that captures my imagination and lifts my spirit - it's hard to believe that so much beauty can be poured out of somebody's fingers.

This lifetime love (as well as the fact that I am leaving my teaching job very soon and need a source of income, however tiny) has inspired me to go through some of my favorite creations over the past years and prepare them for printing. It has also fired-up the artist within (that had been sleeping all too much lately) and inspired me to create some of my favorite works yet!

Beauty - 5x7 Art Print

I want you all to be the first audience I share these with. To celebrate the opening of my shop I am giving away four 5x7 prints (your choice) to four very special people. To enter the drawing, please leave a comment on this post, including your name, a way to contact you, and which print you would like to receive if you win (you may choose from any of the 5x7s!). If you post about the giveaway on your blog, facebook, twitter, et cetera, leave a comment with a link so I can check it out and you will receive a second entry in the contest. I will be randomly drawing the lucky winners on May 30th!

Down The Rabbit Hole - 5x7 Art Print

Please take a look at my shop and keep me in your prayers. I feel a little bit nervous about leaving my job (although I feel it is time to transition), but I know that God is faithful and He will provide for me. Although it is my ultimate desire to earn my bread by making music for His glory, for now I am hoping to "rough it" through my writing (any blog/magazine/book opportunities you know of and can pass along will be appreciated) and selling my creations through various online venues.

If you are still reading at this point (lol ;) - thank you! I'll be back later this week with the season 2 finale of Maid Marian's Wardrobe and more! God bless!

Friday, April 24, 2009

In the Garden...

Although every time of the year is special, Spring is my favorite season. You just can't beat that beautiful feeling of everything coming back to life. The rain pours down leaving the earth fresh and clean; the grass gets greener and flowers burst into color. It's as if time has held it's breath all winter long and is finally exhaling, blowing gently over the land and making you glad to be alive!

This look and feeling is also reflected in Spring fashion, year after year. There is a re-birth of trends, colors and ideas - and though we've seen it all before, we still get excited. Everything is new and this Easy Living shoot celebrates that spring-y inspiration beautifully.

A floppy, straw gardening hat and rubber boots give a distinctly casual feel to a simple and sophisticated outfit. The hat keeps the sun off your face and the boots protect your toes from the morning dew. (The latter brings me back to when I was seven years old - we called them "wellies" and they were all the rage. :) And it's amazing what a simple sleeveless dress (in robin's egg blue with lace inserts) and a soft sweater can do to keep you comfy and oh, so stylish. Don't forget to make sure your jewelry reflects the weather - pale colors and natural materials add to the "springable" look.

Despite all the fancy decorations now available, flowers are still one of the best accessories. A spray of pansies, pinned upon the breast, brings a sweetness and old-fashioned romance unlike anything else. A lovely unstructured trench keeps the soft, yet elegant look and the Capri pants bring class and subtle color. And who says you can't wear stilettos in the garden? Go for it! :)

A simple white skirt and soft sweater can take you anywhere, dressed up or down as the occasion requires. This weekend is supposed to be lovely, it looks like some gardening is in order... I think I know what I'm going to wear - how about you? ;)

Images: Easy Living

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Myrna Style

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Maybe she's not quite perfection, but it can't be denied that Myrna was beautiful, brilliantly comedic and always impeccably dressed. Above - She wears an ensemble that is typical of her Nora Charles character. Her dark coat features a mink collar and cuffs and is complimented by a velvet beret. To finish the outfit, a cascading lace "cravat" fills the neckline of the coat. Below - Myrna sports a more modern style in a heavily shoulder-padded, structured dress. Long, vertical darts add shaping and a zipper runs down the front for added practicality and style. The velvet pockets, collar and hat bring the perfect touch of elegance.

Isn't she just adorable? ;)

Images: Simply Classics

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fashion Gratification...

Here's some favorite new items I picked up on a recent shopping expedition. There's nothing like coming home with a couple of fantastic and functional pieces. I just had to share! :)

The shirt was from Walmart (where I hardly ever shop). I happened to walk in and saw a bunch of scoop-neck, long-sleeved tees for $3 each. There was only one small left, and this is one of my favorite styles ever, so I grabbed it and am loving it to bits! :)

The shoes, which I already mentioned in my Easter post, are definitely the best thing that has happened this year... well, after learning the guitar. ;) Through a long search and series of events, I got what was originally marked $21.99 for $11.99! Can't beat that! And they are stretching out nicely, in case any of you worried about my 1/2-size-too-small squish. ;)

I also got some fab bug-eye (does anyone else have a more sophisticated endearment? ;) sunglasses at Walmart for $5. Ever since seeing some on Anne Hathaway (who has a very similar face shape to mine) in her InStyle shoot last year, I've been looking around for a pair of my own. This price works perfectly for the "broke fashionista in an economic recession" that we've all become, and I am happy to say that the purchase was a good one.

The other items in my ensemble are:
Black skirt which I "stole" from Anna - apt 9 by KOHL'S
Red and black handbag which I "stole" from Susannah - Etienne Aigner
Jewelry from Bekah's wedding - custom by Kathy Snyder

Well... that's all for right now! I have a few more post ideas for this week and a gazillion more waiting their turn! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season Two - Part V

Costumes are listed in order of appearance, although some images may be from later episodes of the show. May contain slight spoilers. Click HERE for Parts I, II, III & IV.

Flowered Vest, "Skirt" and Teal Blouse
Marian is determined to conceal her "Night Watchman" identity...

This is another one of the best outfits in the season (my sister Lydia's favorite) and is not quite what it may at first appear. The blouse seems to be made of a lightweight material (may have stretch to it), in which you can see the grain of the fabric slightly raised. The sleeves are fitted and come down over the knuckles, flaring out slightly from the wrist. It is hard to see the neckline of the blouse, but it seems high in the back and the usual "sweetheart" shape in front.

The vest is made from a fabric that first looks like a sort of "camo", but in closer shots we can see that there are tiny flowers and designs in varying shades of green/brown. The vest has a high back-neckline and is straight across the back of the hips. In front, it comes down to a "V" in the neckline and at the hem, where it crosses over the left side front. It fastens with 3 leather straps through round buckles. The vest is princess seamed and is lined with teal fabric, unless it is a tiny piping that I can see around the neckline.

The "skirt" part of the outfit is not a skirt at all, but a grey/brown pair of pants (made from a heavy, drape-y fabric) with a long "flap" attached at the center front and back. The flap is made from the same fabric as the vest and fastened with identical straps (three on each side of the front and three on each side of the back). It is full length.

We also get a glimpse of Marian's shoes, although it's hard to make them out clearly. They appear to lace up (is it a shoe or a boot?). I love how this outfit is sporty and ready-for-action, while retaining a distinctive femininity.


"Outlaw In Sherwood" Outfit
Marian tries to figure out just how she fits in Robin Hood's gang...

The teal blouse in this ensemble is so similar to the one worn with her vest and "skirt" that I originally thought they were the same. But on closer inspection, the fabric of the "Outlaw" blouse does not have the visible grain; instead it reveals hundreds of tiny raised "dots" or "nubs" all over the fabric. The sleeves are also more flared from the elbow down and end at the wrist. The neckline is edged with bias from the same fabric and is cut in a "sweetheart" shape, further enhanced by two narrow casings (presumably inserted with elastic), that scrunch together for a "ruched" look across the bust.

The "corset" is made up of grey leather and both the edges are bound. There are two rows of boning at the center front, five small seamed pieces and a wide side piece. There is only one poor shot of the back, but it is probably similarly structured, with black lacing running through a row of eyelets.

The pants are made from the same fabric used in Marian's vest and "skirt" and are cut fairly wide. We can see in the first image that they are mid-calf length, but this is achieved with another one of those leather straps and a buckle. To clarify, the pants are rolled up and fastened (which means they were probably ankle length to start with), giving the appearance of a "cuff". The pants also have rows of eyelets at the side front, crotch and side back, which are laced with decorative black cording. Marian wears tall boots with this ensemble.


Next up is the Season Finale - Ahh! We're almost finished! ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

Screencaps from Robin Hood 2006