Tuesday, March 31, 2009

World Championships Figure Skating Fashion Recap

The big story of the 09 Worlds was Yu-Na Kim of South Korea, who busted her own short program record by 4 points and became the first woman to break a total score of 200, which she did by over 7 points. It was historic weekend, to be sure, and I was so happy for her. Kim is probably my favorite international skater, due to the fact that she can combine breathtaking artistry with unbelievable, out-of-this world athleticism. There's few who have accomplished so much. She's a legend in the making...

Not only did Kim run away with the gold medal, she also had the distinction of being the best-dressed lady on the ice (IMHO). While there has been a trend over the years for colorful, wacky costumes that often cover less than they reveal, she kept it classy and feminine - and I love these looks!

Yu-Na Kim's short program dress is a sleek combo of silver embroidery and sequins over lovely black fabric. Long, sheer sleeves, a high neck and the delicate chiffon skirt add elegance - so chic! Her long program dress fits her music (Sheherazade) beautifully; the brilliant red setting off her skin tone. I love how the crossover on the bodice wraps around her neck, enhanced by dozens of beaded golden blossoms. The asymmetrical skirt and little golden cuffs add the perfect touches. Let's hear it for the Ice Queen!

The majority of the ladies failed to toe the fashion mark and there were some fun disasters. A few did make some nice choices, but the only other woman who was consistently stylish in the short and long was Canada's Joannie Rochette.

It's clear that Joannie knows what works best for her, and both her dresses were made in a very similar style. The short program dress is a fun pink color and features dozens of pink and yellow "feathers" cascading down it, enhanced by white, "sparkly" beading. Her long program costume starts in a deep royal blue and becomes brighter as it moves towards the hem. Green accents and lots of rhinestones create a swirling design (almost like a paisley) and make me think of "Starry, Starry Night". Truly beautiful...

The pairs and ice dance competitions seemed to be lacking in the classy fashion department (in fact, most of the top teams wore the ugliest outfits), but one did stand out. Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto of the USA did a delightful original dance in a really cute ensemble. It was actually a great original dance competition, as all the music was from the 20s-40s (my fave eras ever!) and brought out some cute looks.

I absolutely love the use of red and white here! The beret, cummerbund and embroidered accents really make Tanith's ensemble special. The ruffle at the neckline and scalloped hem add such a cute touch - and check out the ankle socks! I love the fullness of the skirt and the tulle pleating underneath. This outfit is just adorable sophistication. And Ben looks pretty snazzy, despite his goofy hair... ;)

I don't usually follow the men's competition and fashion as closely as the others, but I just want to say that I was thrilled to pieces at Evan Lysacek's stunning win! This is the first time since 1996 that a US man has carried away the title, and if any of our skaters deserved it, he's the one. And on the fashion side, the "tux" went very nicely with his "Rhapsody In Blue" program. Bravo!

P.S. Anyone else agree that he looks like Richard Armitage? ;)

Image Credits: ESPN Sports, AP Photos/David J. Phillip

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystifying And Powerful World of Japanese Fashion

harajuku lolita

harajuku lolita
Many would say that fashion is an expression of the culture and soul, hence every nation has a unique reflection of its own history as well as traditions in one way or another.
Japanese fashion is no exception to this sentiment. This article will go into a few details of how it has changed throughout the years while always remaining intact in its traditions.

The Past and the Present

One of the most traditional and common Japanese fashion outfits is the Kimono; it is still worn today in more modern designs, it was also embraced by the Western nations because of its sensuality as well as elegance.

Throughout the years Japanese fashion saw very few changes but throughout the years the Kimono was a dominant part of the classic collection and consistently a part of their lives in one form or another. Another kind of Kimono is the Furisode which is worn by young women in their twenties; in Japan the age to legally drink and smoke is twenty and in order to celebrate the parent frequently offer their daughters a Furisode.

Then the Houmongi takes the stage. This is another kind of Kimono that is worn by married women and similar to the Furisode the parents will give their daughter one when she is married.

The formal Kimono is known as Tomesode and is typically worn by married women to social functions such as marriages. Additional variations include the Mofuku which is the funeral Kimono for Japanese fashion and the Uchikake is the wedding Kimono.

Last but certainly not least the Obi is the oldest form of the Japanese fashion as they are no longer in production today and rarely will you find someone wearing this type even in Japan.

Modern Japanese fashion generally has several categories in addition to some that are not related to clothes. The Japanese fashion known as the Kogal is translated in Japan to people who enjoy displaying their higher income by wearing expensive jewelry or clothes.

The Gangoro Japanese fashion is designed for those people who began changing their hair color and then you have the Lolita as the Gothic Lolita Japanese fashion, which is being represented by the innocent and sweet dressed (Lolita) all the way to the other extreme type referred to as punk fashion, which is known as Gothic Lolitas.

The Eternal Fashion

The world of classic fashion is eternal throughout the world and Japanese fashion has their Kimonos to prove it. The use of colors also plays a large part in the world of Japanese fashion as well as their culture as it is directly correlated to the event. Fashion not only reflects and defines an era and a place in time but also the character and personality of the person who is wearing it.

By Korbin Newlyn

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snakeskin Looks

The last week was final one in school before easter vacation. Tomorrow I'll start my week-long internship at our local newspaper. I'm totally excited but also a little afraid but until now I heard only good things from the students who were there before. Well, let's just wait and see ☺
Lately I didn't post because I had to concentrate on school since there were thousands of projects, tests etc.

Inspired by the current animal print trend and my vintage bag which (pic above) today's topic is the snakeskin look which was also shown on the runway besides the famous leo print. It can look very classy and noble but also trashy and cheap.

Rodarte Fall 2009 RTW

Prada Spring 2009 RTW

Miu Miu Spring 2009 RTW

Louis Vuitton and Hèrmes Spring 2009 RTW

For me the 'natural' snakeskin look is the best. I think if you combine it with simple colors like black or cream you can't go wrong. Yet I didn't wear my bag but maybe I'll stick to it in the future and take Natasha Poly, Miranda Kerr and Snejana Onopka as an example.

What do you think about snakeskin? Would you wear it?

Have a nice rest sunday



Friday, March 27, 2009

Amy Adams and 1940s Glamour

Amy Adams has been a favorite of mine ever since her wonderful performance Enchanted. She's got such a natural beauty that shines through in her wide smile and bright eyes (not to mention that redheads are always lovely :). So when I stumbled across this photo shoot from a few years ago (I think it was featured in Vogue or something) I just had to share some favorites.  There's nothing more glamorous that a sweet girl and some 1940s inspired fashion! 

What better way to be a wartime spy than in vintage trench coat and black leather gloves? Amy's on the case and ready for action - but she's never too busy to style her hair and add a splash of red lipstick - feminine to the core.

Oh those wartime letters; read over and over again and treasured throughout the years! But while Amy's waiting for her sweetheart to return, she does what she can to help others. The sight of her crisp white cap, uniform and signature red fingernails is guaranteed to soften the heart of the modest hardened old war-hero.

Amy works hard at her most unglamorous jobs in true "Rosie the Riveter" style. A navy jumpsuit is practical and easy to clean and her hair is kept up and out of the way in a kerchief. (but it must be admitted that the platform wedges are a wonderful pick-me-up when things are at their hardest). And always, even when serving long hours as a WASP, decked out in brown leather, a cap and goggles, she never loses her signature laugh.

Remember, in any time or situation (war, peace, work, home) laughter is one of the best sorts of medicine. Maybe we should pass around an extra dose...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season Two - Part III

Costumes are listed in order of appearance, although some images may be from later episodes of the show. May contain slight spoilers. Click HERE for Parts I & II.

Green "Castle" Gown
Marian and Robin search for the most import document in Nottingham...

The under dress of this ensemble is made from the same fabric used in Marian's Red "Casino" Skirt, although here it is a muted shade of brown. The raised areas of the material have a velvety look while the main body of the fabric appears very light and sheer. The under dress has long, fitted sleeves that end just below the wrist. The skirt of the gown appears very full and sweeps the floor. We never see the bodice of the gown. (Another theory is that the sleeves may be actually sewn in to the "vest" piece and the skirt is separate.)

The vest fabric is striped in various shades of green and has a subtle bit of "shine" to it. Both the neckline and the front of the vest end in a V. The back of the neckline is high and circular and the vest laces down the back. The vest appears to be constructed using princess seams (like most of Marian's garments) and the front lacing is purely decorative. It's difficult to see clearly, but a narrow cording seems to run through small brass rings (or hooks), lacing up over a green inset piece (which looks like the same fabric as the Marian's "scarf").

The olive green scarf looks appears to be made from a long, wide strip of fabric, which is run through two thread/cording loops on the shoulder of the vest. This creates the "draped" look at the front and the excess scarf fabric hangs down the back of the gown (I can't quite see how far it goes, but I'm guessing it's around fingertip length).

Peasant Disguise
There's a "plague" in Nottingham, but Marian has her own suspicions...

This sweet "peasant" dress is nearly identical to the cream and blue costume in Part I. The real difference is in the fabric - here it's a small circular pattern in charcoal grey, probably made in a light cotton blend. The bodice has a scoop neckline with elastic/gathering around it, creating a tiny ruffle. There is also a bit of ruching/gathering over the bust. The strange thing here is a small piece of fabric on the left side of the bodice in a different shade. It looks like a "patch".

The sleeves have a slight fullness, ending below the elbow with elastic and a ruffle. The dress is high-waisted, and appears to be about ankle length. A very interesting detail is the side lacing that runs down the sides of the "skirt" part of the dress. Thin cording runs through tiny little loops, revealing a placket of the same fabric as the dress. From one picture it looks like this placket ends at the knee, leaving an open slit to the hem (any thoughts on this?) 

The cape is made from a grey material with little fabric "nubs" all over it - raised bumps that add texture. It has a hood and ties at the neck. I can tell from future episodes that it is mid-calf length (trying not to spoil future costumes by showing the images now!). Marian wears adorable, black leather flats, which lace up over her ankle with a wide ribbon or strap.

Well, this brings us about half way through season two! Some really great ensembles still to come!

Screencaps from Robin Hood 2006

Monday, March 23, 2009

Would you mind giving me those bags?

Aren't these bags to die for?I love especially the one Ashley is carrying.

P.S. I'm still alive and will entirely be back soon.
Please don't mind me.