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T-shirt printing- Evolving over the years

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In 1959, a more stretchable and durable ink, called plastisol was invented, which allowed more styles and variety in T-shirt designs and T-shirt printing. During the 1960s, screen-printing and tie-dyeing on basic Tshirts caught on and became a huge success. The commonest form of decorating commercial Tshirts is screen-printing. Screen-printing involves separating a design into individual colors. Plastisol or other water-based inks are then applied to the Tshirt through special screens, which limit the area where the ink is applied and deposited. In all commercial T-shirt printing, specific colors in the design to be printed are used. Few companies continue to use the water-based inks on the printed Tshirts that they supply. Most companies manufacturing Tshirts and providing Tshirt printing facilities prefer using plastisol because it can be used on varying colors without needing to make color adjustments at the art level.

T-shirt printing companies keep up with the trends, fashion, and demands and use Specialty inks, which include puff, shimmer, discharge, and chino, based inks. Metallic foils too can be stamped and heat pressed on plastisol ink. When this is combined with the specialty shimmer ink, the metallics provide a mirror effect wherever the screen-printed plastisol ink had been applied. As these specialty inks are quiet expensive they are used more on garments available in boutiques. Some other methods of decoration, which is used in Tshirt printing include airbrush, embroidery, applique, embossing or impressing, and ironing on of flock lettering and heat transfers.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Tshirts with logos of prominent designers became popular, especially with teens and young adults. With these Tshirts, consumers could flaunt their liking for particular designer brands in a very inexpensive way. Some designer Tshirt brands include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, FUBU, and The Gap. Major consumer product companies like Coca-cola have used printed Tshirts and Tshirt printing for product advertising since the 70s. Since 1990s, companies of all sizes prefer Tshirts with their corporate logo and message as a part of their advertising campaign.

By the end of the last century, designing of custom T-shirts on a Tshirt companies website became very popular. Many Tshirt companies with websites started using digital printing such as DTG printing or Direct to Garment printing, allowing customers to design Tshirts online without the compulsion of having to place a minimum order for T-shirt printing. Customers can place an order for even one custom design. Customers can even select branded Tshirts and get their custom design printed on the Tshirt. They can not only select the brand, style, color, and size, but also the printing method with features like Foil, Metallic, Glitter, and Vinyl. Some companies even provide free graphic designing for orders of 50+ t-shirts, making it a win-win situation for even a small company.

By Clint Jhonson

Paris Spring 2009 Couture

Here's a litle roundup of Paris Fashion Week.I thought it would be best to write a little statement to every collection.Enjoy!

Stéphane Rolland:I like the straightness and purism of this collection but there's is missing something that gives this 'WOW'-effect.

Valentino:Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli,the new designers of Valentino show that they know what Haute Couture means.The collection is breathtaking and full of elegance. I love this cute red dress and the white ruffled coat. Oh how great would it be to own them?!

Martin Margiela Artisinal:Martin Margiela's style is always a bit strange to me but I like the Couture collection more than the RTW one. Nude bodies are a great statement. I wouldn't buy it but the colorful fringe dress would make a perfect eyecatcher plus it looks funky.

Marco de Vincenzo:It must has been horrible for the models to walk on these murder heels,even if they totally rock.The outfits are very clean and unspectacular but I am a fan of the cutouts.The black dress is so simple but good-looking. Reminds me to the one Ashley Olsen wore once.

Jean Paul Gaultier:Gaultier's collection is very artistic and I enjoyed watching it but I am not thrilled.

Givenchy:Ahh again such a great collection. There are tons of great stuff and I heart how they decorated the catwalk with blossoms.Wonderful!

Felipe Oliveira Baptista:What I really like on this collection are the various leggings and the booties. The black leggings with the sheer cutouts please me a lot.Smells like DYI huh?

Elie Saab:Elie Saab Couture dresses are always a dream. This year his couture collection takes me to heaven again, especially the 2nd dress. The bold shoes are a perfect change in style and so adorable.
Christian Lacroix:A great mix between grown-up and frisky looks.The dotted coat is too cute and this round gold bag super fly.

Christian Dior:Kind of lady chic style anyway Galliano did in my opinion a good job. The white dress on the right is a favorite and the shoes really caught my eyes.

Chanel:As always really classy and damn good.The two first looks from the left were faultless. Chapo karl!

Cathy Pill:By chosing a clean backround the designer made a good job otherwise these magical dresses wouldn't have shown their full advantage and prettiness.

Avalon Vega:The sheer booties are definately a hit but all in all I don't like the collection. It reminds me to candy floss.

Armani Privé:Armani seems quite adrogynous to me and I'm unsure wheter I like the collection or not. Yet I think the yellow jacket over the black dress is a great contrast. Furthermore I loved this special formed dress. I used to have a similar one for my barbie when I was younger.
Anne Valérie Hash:Is there somebody who's getting married soon? Then chose this white dress.I can visually imagine a bride wearing it at her secret garden wedding, awww...

Alexis Mabille: Feminine, cute, elegant - I think these adjectives describe Mabille's collection best. It wasn't my favorite but I definately liked it and would wear the clothes.

Alexander Vauthier:Sharp shoulders and statement collars in black - that's how Vauthier sees us in spring. Except the shoulder pads not bad thinking at all. Between the footwear (1st/last) is to die for.

Well then I told you what I think. It's your turn: Which collections did you like and which not? Was Paris Couture 2009 a miss or rather a miss?

See you soon


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Introducing the MFB Network!

So, I've started a new project that I am very excited about:

Modest Fashion Bloggers Network

It has been my desire for quite some time to make a detailed resource for people who are interested in contemporary fashion but don't want to dig through all the smut in order to keep up-to-date. I am hoping to bring together a great collection of folks who are putting modesty first in the fashion world, but are keeping trendy and stylish.

Please scoot over and check it out. It's very much a "baby" at this stage and I have been having a REALLY hard time finding blogs (or sites) that focus mainly on fashion and are appropriate for most ages of readers. Such gems are sadly rare...

I have also compiled an extensive list of places to shop for a modest wardrobe, or just feminine and classic clothing in general. I can't wait to keep expanding it, so be sure to send in loads of suggestions!

AmandaBeth Online remains my primary blog and main focus but I will occasionally post over at the MFB to keep you updated on what's going on in the modest fashion world and how you can be involved. If you hear of anything super awesome - send it in! :)

And while we're on the subject of modesty - Christa Taylor is hosting a "Modesty Carnival" over at her Empowered Traditionalist blog. Click the image to read more - it will be launched on Monday!

God bless your weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

US Figure Skating Championships Fashion Recap

I absolutely love to watch figure skating. I am glued to the internet during the competitive season; getting the statistics on each event, analyzing the favorites and making predictions on who is going to win. It's a bit addicting and loads of fun. One of my favorite parts is (duh! ;) the costumes! There's certain skaters that you just know will always be impeccably dressed (Sasha Cohen was an expert - I always got excited whenever she debuted a new outfit); and then there are others that you can count on looking like a disaster.

I know that the subject of whether or not skating costumes are immodest can be highly debated, but I'm just going to share my love of the sport (and it's fashion) by showcasing some of the applause-worthy offerings at last weekend's U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Nothing like a bit of "icy" inspiration!

Alissa Czisny was crowned the new ladies champ and was truly a delight to behold. She is a beautiful, elegant skater with a lovely personality (hey! Her favorite celeb is Audrey Hepburn - I guess she got something right!). Her short program costume (left) fit her "Swan" program beautifully. I'm not a huge fan of the strapless skating dresses with "nude" fabric up top, but I think she pulls this off very nicely and I just love the ice-blue feathers creeping up the bodice.

Alissa's free skate gown (right) was a work of art on an evening where everyone else seemed to have left their fashion-sense at the hotel. I love the multiple layers (and colors) of the skirt and the rich detail and draping over the bodice. I'd give her a 6.0 if the old judging system was still around. :P

Although the free skate was lacking in "pretties", the short program had some delicious gowns. Caroline Zhang (left) was my pick for the best dress. I have a love affair with blue and the gold accents suit it so well and complement this graceful skater beautifully - she's one of my favorites.

Defending champion Mirai Nagasu (center) had a unique dress, which I also thought was very cute and age appropriate. Her performances were truly inspiring. After going through a growth spurt and injury this year, she managed to overcome tears at the beginning of her free skate and end a brilliant effort with a huge smile.

The pictures I saw of Ashley Wagner's (right) costumes failed to impress me, but they were quite a different thing "live". The fabrics and details were stunning. I think the only thing she should have changed was the proportion - especially in the free skate. Here, I think the skirt could have been dyed to match the dress better and the effect would have been nicer without the flowy-ness of the sleeves. I'm looking forward to seeing how she comes together over the next year - her skating has matured beautifully since last season.

I didn't watch the men's competition this year, so I hope you'll forgive the lack of their costumes and allow me to skip directly to pairs and ice dancing, which are favorites of mine. Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker became pairs champions for the second time in a row, skating a lovely program to excerpts from "West Side Story" (which is always fab, btw). Gentlemen's costumes can be hard, but I think that Rockne's coordinates well without matching too closely. Keauna's dress is just gorgeous (I love orange and peachy shades) with the gold rhinestones and unique sleeves. And she skated very well for someone who was sick with the flu!

Lastly, two of my favorites practically soared to ice dancing gold with an incredible "Samson and Delilah" free skate. Meryl Davis and Charlie White have great fashion taste, IMHO, and are just so cute. :) This ethereal gold creation that Meryl is wearing is one of my favorites - the embroidery is absolutely amazing and the skirt is masterfully draped. I can't make up my mind as to whether I like the costume Charlie wore earlier in the season best, or this new one...perhaps I'll never know. ;)

I'll try and squeeze in a post later this week. There's a big weekend ahead of us (Bekah and Michael's mega shower) and lots to do...

Monday, January 26, 2009

SAG Awards 2009

Teri Hatcher - Rosario Dawson - Taraji P. Henson - Anne Hathaway
Angelina Jolie - Mindy Kaling - Kate Winslet - Freida Pinto
Claire Danes - Eva Longoria - Marisa Tomei

America Ferrera - Katie Holmes - Marcia Cross - Tina Fey

Christina Applegate - Jenna Fischer - Evan Rachel Wood - Emily Blunt

What? 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
When? Saturday, 25th January 2009
Where? Shrine Auditorium L.A.
Who? Stars and starlets from the showbiz'

After clearing the main facts of the SAG Awards above now to the most interesting questions: Who was best dressed and who worst? If there was an award for 'Best Look' I'd split it in two: Anne Hathaway would get one half for making a discreet but chic statement in her white Azzaro gown and Freida Pinto the other one. No wonder that I loved her angelic dress which looked breathtaking to her dark teint -it's Marchesa! Katie Holmes would get definately the one for worst dressed of the entire evening. Besides the aweful color of her Jil Sander dress it looked fairly deformed and boring on her. Her look was absolutely unfitting for the occasion in my opinion. Did she wear even a bra? Doesn't seem so.
What do you think of Katie's dress and the looks in general? Any favorites?

Awaiting your comments.

So long


Friday, January 23, 2009

"First Family" Fashion

OK, so we've all heard it a million times now - "Michelle Obama is the new Jackie O." Regardless of whether or not you agree with this statement (personally, I would find it rather frustrating to always be compared to someone else :P), you've got to admit that she's got a great sense of style - or a great stylist. They pretty much mean the same thing these days...

Throughout most of the campaign, Michelle was impeccably dressed - excluding the Oscar de la Renta disaster (although Sarah Palin wins my award for the most fashionable politician ever ;). And on the 20th of January, she was very nicely put together.

The classy yellow dress and coat she wore for the inauguration were designed by Isabel Toledo and suited her just lovely, in my opinion. Be prepared to see more of this "transparent" lace - it was extremely prevalent in Prada's fall collection. I think that green shoes are a nice touch to her outfit, but there's something about these pumps that I don't like. Maybe the shade or texture should have been tweaked.

The new "First Daughters" were dressed to the nines and looked "pretty as a picture". Malia sported a double-breasted, purple coat with a ribbon belt - just lovely. Her black accessories finish it off nicely. Sasha was decked out in a pink coat (similarly be-ribboned) and an orange scarf and gloves that matched her dress (check out the ruffles underneath!). A fun surprise is her red ballet flats with ribbon ties and matching tights. Absolutely adorable.

The First Lady's Inaugural ballgown was equally flattering, a chiffon affair by Jason Wu. Very pretty, although I would have liked it better without the little accent pieces, which look a bit too similar to cotton balls for my taste. Michelle's peep-toe heels are great - and just check out the stacked bangles on her wrist! There's at least 13. :)

I'm sure the whole country is waiting with bated breath to see what this new year will have in store for our nation. There's a lot looming on the horizon - let's pray that God will use our new President to carry out His-story and give us all the grace to do our part, each and every day...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

June Style

"If you see someone without a smile, give him yours..."
-June Allyson

That lovable "girl next door"; with the brown, crinkly eyes and a big grin of a smile, bringing sunshine to her whole face. There's something about her tousled blonde hair and low voice (with just a hint of a question in it) that make you feel as though you've known her your whole life. She's the friend you'd have at all your parties, and the one who'd bail you out of your biggest scrapes.

Standing a little over five feet tall, June's style was ever casual. She dressed for action, even when wearing her finest. Here she is attired in a smart white ensemble, featuring a wide circle skirt (ideal for mobility), a smart button up blouse, and a jacket to finish everything off. Her peep-toe slingbacks are easy to kick off and her airy scarf is perfect for tying back her hair.

Full of mischief and always looking as though she's just bursting for an adventure, she's as the month of June itself - mirthful, unpretentious, and full of life. Let's just try and bit a little bit like that - like June... :)

The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece by Andrea Linett
rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is one handy book, stuffed full of USEFUL fashion information. The authors walk you through each of the essential items in your wardrobe, showing the dozens of different style variations and which are the most flattering and appropriate for different situations. There's a great page at the end of each chapter where they show you how to best wear a look, or how NOT to wear it, covering everything from T-shirt fit to hemline length. This book also has sections on a few real-life women and how they wear their style every day. A great, informative read that had my mom interested! ;)
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Introducing some favorites

Today I want to introduce you to these 5 stylish ladies. They belong to my huge list of favorite blogs and daily reads. You should absolutely pay a visit on them. I'm sure you'll get inspired and thrilled by their nice posts. And the best thing about it: In case that I am lost again I know that you're well provided. Enjoy! ☺

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P.S. Have a nice week-end and....