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Fashion Hair Styles

Famous People and Hairstyles through the Years
By Rachael Taylor

Hairstyles date back hundreds of years and generally reflected what was happening socially at the time. Hairstyles have gone through many changes over the past several decades. The one consistency has been that the hairstyles that were worn by icons of popular culture symbolized what was thought to be the ideal. To find out more about the inspiration for particular hairstyles over the last century, read on.
Fashion Hair Styles
In the early 1900’s wealthy women set the standard of wearing hair jewels and hats with veils and lace. They dusted their hair with gold and silver powders for the nights. Antoine of Paris created a look of hair parted in middle and swept back in smooth bands over the ears. In 1907 the Marcel wave swept the United States and Europe. In 1910 American nurses in Europe cut their hair short to avoid a flea infestation and the women in America began to cut their hair short for fashion.
Wavy Hair Styles
The Louise Brooks’s bob became the popular hairstyle in the 1920’s as women began to express their freedom. They also began shedding their corsets to enter the workforce and in 1931 Jean Harlow starred in the movie “Platinum Blonde.” This hair color then swept the nation. Also in the 1930’s, Shirley Temple’s ringlet curls had women of all ages pinning their own hair into tight curls.
Hair Styles
During WWII when feminine was ideal, women began copying Hollywood hairstyles. In the 1940’s, Rita Hayworth began the hairstyle trend of side-parted finger waves the sexiest style of that time. Veronica Lake and her cascading blonde hair defined glamour.

The 1950’s brought a trend of highlighting and Lucille Ball’s flaming red hair was an example. Also Doris Day had a helmet like hairstyle that inspired her fans and Audrey Hepburn started the pixie cut.

During the 1960’s people were letting their hair down and the rock group The Beatles, wore their hair long. This ended the gender norm in hairstyles. The Beatle look became a very popular hairstyle for men of all ages.

In the 1970’s, the musical “Hair” came out during a time of sexual revolution. Angela Davis’s afro became a symbol for black pride. One of the most copied hairstyles of the 1970’s was the Farrah Fawcett feathered back hairdo.

The 1980’s were an economic boom and women began the mall bang trend. Big hair and poodle perms were the big thing.

The 1990’s found many women heading to the hair salons looking for the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle. Her hair at the time was an angled, layered, shag haircut. And the millennium brought Sarah Jessica Parker’s flowing curly look back into style.

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Holiday Fashion from Anthropologie

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and is enjoying the "afterglow." Remember, the real point of the holiday (Jesus, coming to the earth as a little baby) should be celebrated all year round. (More on that in the future... ;)

And, undoubtably, the parties are not over for all of you. I know that the holiday season always stretches into the New Year for me... not only because that's when the Flynn family usually holds their Christmas party, but because of the excitement and anticipation of the new year. So, if you are still stuck on what to wear for those last few holiday events, or just any event, here's some unusual fashion inspiration from Anthropologie.

The thing that struck me about these outfits was what unique and mismatched combinations they are. And yet, they work. Sometimes it's not about getting everything to match perfectly, but to bring together a bunch of incredible pieces and make them work together. It's strange how almost every one of the pieces used in this series of photos could be the sole showcased item in an entire outfit; and yet, all of them together creates an unusual harmony. I like it. :)

This shares quite a few things in common with the outfit shown at the top of this post; a bold statement dress, dark patterned tights, a strong yet simple jacket or sweater, and tall boots. While there are quite a few things going on in both looks (such as the dress and patterned tights) things are kept from being too wild with simple a jacket/sweater and plain boots. Contrary to popular belief, you can mix and match patterns, but don't go too crazy. ;)

It's also neat to see how a sleeveless, rather short dress can be taken entirely from summer to winter just by covering up and adding tights. Of course, you can carry the look into evening by losing the tights and jacket and adding some high heels...

Another amazing and yet harmonious pairing of statement pieces. Once again, a lightweight summery dress goes "winter" when it is covered up by a a beautifully ruffled, knit vest. This piece is quite bulky, but it works because of the smooth and fitted dress underneath. Simple, opaque tights keep it cozy and it's capped off by amazing t-strap platform heels and some hair bling. (So glad that pretty headpieces are "in!" :)

I just love every separate piece in this look, especially the "Ruched Pansy Tee," which adds a fabulous burst of color to this rather "neutral" ensemble. It looks especially great tucked into the awesome cuffed trousers (always try your tops both ways - you may be surprised by what looks the best). The checked blazer could be worn on its own as a button-up top, but looks equally stunning as the outer layer of the look. Of course, there are some great strappy sandals for a finishing touch. Remember, it's ok to wear open-toe "warm weather" shoes with a winter outfit, so long as it works.

The neat thing about this ensemble is how unexpected it is. The top (so gorgeous!) and the corduroy pants are pretty classic and work well together... but the rest of it is not so "by the book." First of all, the cloche hat, while it matches nicely, is not what you usually pair with a sleeveless look (well, since the 20s, anyway) but it looks super cute. The ruffled pink belt peeking out at the waist adds a nice pop of color - the only piece in this outfit that isn't a neutral. Lastly, brown leather boots are added (and that's the only brown in the whole ensemble). Even though black and brown used to be considered faux pas, it's one of my favorite combinations, and shown here in a very drastic way, I still think it works. What's your opinion?

Be sure to click on each image to shop the all the pieces in that look. I just love Anthropologie (although their price tags are a headache :P) and this model is so pretty - she reminds me of a young Winona Ryder.

Do you have any Christmas or New Year parties left to attend? What are you planning on wearing? :)

Scented EVCO - Results

A little while ago I blogged about scented EVCO from Adara (catch up here). Well I went onto and purchased peach and rose fragrance oils, and put them into my EVCO!

I melted a little bit of the EVCO first, and then put as many drops of the scented oils as I wanted. The peach is definitely my favorite, and I've been using it all weekend. didn't translate the way I thought it would. I don't think I like it at all, but I haven't used it in my hair yet. I didn't scent the entire jar of EVCO--I bought little jars from Walmart and scented a small amount at a time.

I think the next scents I want to try are peppermint (I have some peppermint EO that I use for my scalp treatments) and pina colada (I guess I would just have to add pineapple). My hair smells really good, but it's not overpowering, which is great. I don't think your hair should compete with your perfume!

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And the Winners Are...

I hope we haven't kept you in anticipation for too long!

We were supposed to have posted the winners for our first giveaway on Thursday, Christmas Eve...but we were celebrating the holidays just like many of you were! Forgive me for the delay.

But anyway, here are our 5 lucky Feisties!

1st Place: Les
2nd Place: ::rae::
3rd Place: MiPonderings
4th Place: ChyeahBella
5th Place: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Thanks so much to all of you for participating! It was so nice to read all of those wonderful posts! Winners should look for an email from, or if you see your name here, send us an email with your name and address (3rd-5th place, please send us your T-shirt size. FYI, the shirts do run small!)

My Goals for 2010

Happy Almost New Year!

I've been thinking about what my new hair goals will be for 2010.


Last year, my goal was to reach APL by December. I didn't fully meet that goal, but that's fine. Most of my nape passed the APL mark, and my regimen is pretty solid, so I think I'll get there in no time. Now I have 2 different growth goals for 2010.

I want all of my hair to be at least APL with the nape at or past BSL by June 2010.

I want all of my hair to be at least BSL by December 2010.


I've gotten a lot better at sticking to a regimen, but there are some things I don't do very well, like sealing my ends every night. Here's what I want to maintain/focus on in my regimen over the next year:

Henna every 3-4 weeks

Clarify every 6-8 weeks

Moisturize and seal ends every night

Deep condition every week

Everything else in my regimen is pretty solid, and it's definitely been working for me, so I don't want to make too many changes. At most, the only major thing I'll do is buy a humidifier because the air in my apartment is super dry now that it's winter and the heat is always on.


This is going to be the most difficult challenge for 2010. I want to keep my hair in a protective style at least 3 days out of the week. It will give me the opportunity to be super creative and take more styling risks. It should be new and interesting for the blog too...'cause I'm coming to you all for styling ideas =)

I will probably also switch up my heat usage. Instead of having to straighten my hair every 3 months like clockwork, I'll straighten in June and December for my length checks, and maybe one other time in the spring before it gets rainy and again in the winter. It doesn't make any sense for me to straighten my hair in the summer, but that's fine with me--I prefer kinky hair in the summer anyway!

What are you going to do differently with your hair this New Year?

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Today is the DAY...

Sorry for the poor quality - I did this with my cheapo digital cam in the middle of a snowstorm ;) - but I wanted to take a moment to wish you all Merry Christmas "in person." Praying that it's a blessed one...


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Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair Cosmetics ups logistics capabilities

fashion fair cosmeticGlobal colour cosmetics provider Fashion Fair Cosmetics has increased its logistics capabilities with the adoption of SPS' Trading Partner Intelligence.
The software is designed to help prevent in-store, out-of-stock and over-stock inventory conditions and provide critical facts to develop greater flexibility for stock demand.

The US-based company's products are sold in over 1,000 stores worldwide, in countries that include the UK, France, Canada and US - distribution that means maintaining efficient stock levels is paramount.' software programme is delivered via an SaaS model, providing suppliers with retail industry and data integration and customer support worldwide.

Using only an internet browser, users can access ad-hoc or predefined role-based reports, charts, graphs and alerts for improved decision making using POS and fulfillment data, the company says.

Mens Fashion Shirts

Men's Dress Shirts - Men's Fashion Style
By Hadyn Tanner
men fashion shirts

With the status of the economy, it's so hard to indulge in buying clothes especially branded ones. Don't be a fashion victim by buying everything you see in the market today. You don't need to splurge on buying so many things which you don't need.

When buying clothes you need to buy the basic, those that can be teamed up with different tops. It's an inexpensive way of investing clothes which is very applicable these days. Every guy has his own different sense of fashion and style. These are things you need to have inside your closet, it's a must for every guy to have them paired with a white shirt:

· You should have at least one cardigan inside your closet. You should have at any of the following colors.
- Black
- Grey
- Navy
- Green
- Blue
- Pastel
· You need it especially during cold months. It can be a good pair with any blazer of your choice. There are also organically made cardigans which you can try if you are very much inclined with nature.
mens fashion shirts· A striped blazer can possess a conservative look especially during events.
· Shorts tailored or not can be for a casual wear. It's trendy and comfortable. You can wear it during summer time when the weather is hot.
· A rack jacket is best for hip and high low get up. It is very simple and can be worn in malls.
· It's best with denim. White shirts are perfect for any kind of shirt; it can also be paired with any pants or shorts. It's one of the safest things to have inside your closet.

Fashion and style is a long conversation especially when you are discussing about men's fashion trend. No two people have the same choice of clothes and styles. When you want to be trendy, you should always look at the mirror and check

If the things you are wearing still look good on you, you might just want to go with the flow without checking if it's suitable for you. You should check out some magazines and the web for some time to ensure that you are on the right track. Your indulgence to fashion can be addicting so you need to take a break form thinking what to wear for the next 24 hours. Though there are lots of fashion site today, some of the people can not find the things they are looking for.

mens fashion shirt

You should check out the web for new things you should know for reference and guide. You wills surely find everything you need to know without having to spend much. Your looks merely depend on how you believe in yourself and not with the trend.

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Fab Children's Fashion... (and helping others)

Christmas is just around the corner, so I hope your house is full of lots of Christmas cheer, yummy smells and wrapping paper. ;)

I wanted to take a moment to post about a fabulous children's company that was just brought to my attention. Not only does the TEA COLLECTION provide dozens of adorable, affordable, organic and kid friendly designs, but they have a line of cute pieces that support a wonderful charity for children.

Here's the details on why, after browsing online,  I fell in love with the TEA COLLECTION in a matter of minutes... ;)

  • Adorable, age-appropriate designs. We know that today it is often very hard to find cute and modest pieces for our little fashionistas. The TEA COLLECTION is exactly what we've been looking for. I love how hip and up-to-date the designs are, and yet so kid-friendly. As well as carrying girl's clothing, there's plenty of super pieces for boys and infants.
  • Well-priced items. Granted, nice clothing like this isn't going to be cheap, but I was impressed with the price range, as well as the fact that lots of these great items are now on SALE!
  • 100% Cotton designs. For anyone who wants their kiddos wearing high quality, breathable fabrics, this looks like the place to go! I am not super strict about fabric content, but I always think it's fabulous when you find pieces that are organic as well as cute and comfy. Make sure you check out their Organic Layers line for leggings, camisoles and long-sleeved tees - perfect additions to your child's wardrobe.

I encourage you to take a peek at this delightful company and explore their offerings. They've taken Children's Clothing to a whole new level. :)

Our First Giveaway!

With 3 days until Christmas, let's get into the holiday spirit with a Feisty House First...


Comment below and tell us why you thank God you're a natural Feisty

We'll pick our 5 favorites:

1st place: Thank God I'm Natural by Chris-tia Donaldson

2nd place: "Thank God I'm Natural" tote bag

3rd, 4th and 5th places: "Thank God I'm Natural" T-shirts

We'll pick the winners Thursday morning, and contact you for your address.

Prizes will be shipped out on Christmas Eve (thanks to the gracious author =)
Happy Holidays, and Good Luck!!!!

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Fashion Bug Coupons

Are the Fashion Police After You?

By Eric Shannon
Fashion Bug Coupons

There are lots of different things that you should keep in mind when it comes to fashion. Sometimes, it is important to think about the way that you look and the way that others see you. It is important to look and feel your best so that you can continue to be successful at your life. In order to avoid being called in by the fashion police, there are a few tips that you can follow, and a few coupons that you can use to allow you to get great fashion at a fraction of the cost.

First of all, a good way to think about staying in fashion is just to pay attention to what people are wearing around you. Looking at the ads and finding coupons for great deals isn't going to help you unless you know what you want to look like. Look at the people who are around you each day and see what they are wearing, and the people you think look the best should have a great example of the fashion that you want to aspire to.

It doesn't take much to be in fashion. Something that you want to remember is a lot about fashion is simply being comfortable with who you are and being in clothing that is comfortable as well. You can do this easily, and you can allow yourself to have the pleasure of looking great while you do. It shouldn't be something that is hard, and with the right coupons, it doesn't need to be something that is expensive, either.

Fashion Bug Coupons

If you know the type of style you are looking for, then look through your wardrobe and see which things match that type of style, and which things are on the outs. If you find something that you know you never wear and is outdated, then replace that item with something that is newer and more in style. A good way to be sure that the fashion police aren't going to be knocking down your door is to get a general idea of the things that you look the best in, and then make sure that those things are found in your closet.

Buying great fashion shouldn't have to be that expensive either. The fashion police aren't going to be about making sure that you have the most expensive styles - they'll just want to know that you look like you are in style. Finding great coupons allows you to buy great looking clothes from stores that you'd shop at normally, which means that you can get a great deal on something that you already know you love. With the right coupons in hand, you can avoid those fashion police and make absolutely sure that you look your best at all times. It isn't hard to make sure that you are in fashion, and if you need to, you can keep adding to your wardrobe as time goes on. Using coupons is a great way to allow yourself to be in style.

Fashion Design Drawing

Fashion Design Drawing Lesson 1 - The Dress Form
By James Vincent
Fashion Design Drawing

A good form is the foundation for all succeeding lessons. No matter how pretty a dress or design is, if it is placed on a " dumpy " figure, it will have no style whatever.

In this lesson we first learn how to draw a layout for the form. In the next lesson we dress the same form in a very simple dress.

A form must have good proportion and style. A form leaning forward, or making a bow, as one might express it, is not stylish, neither is one with too large a bust and a tiny waist; nor one with high, square shoulders.

This form is used for dressmaker's sketches, and for any dress to be placed on a lay figure.

When the dress is on the human figure, action comes in play and a complete understanding of these lessons will enable the student to draw the human figure in a variety of positions.


fashion drawing design

When drawing the dress form place the figure in the center of the paper. This may be done by getting the proportions and measuring to see just where to begin the drawing. Leave a little more margin at the bottom, than at the top.

Draw line 1, which is a very slight horizontal curve up, then lines 2, 3,4, 5, 6 and 7 as marked on the lesson plate. Line 2 is thrown out for the bust, and line 3 is thrown in at the waist, which throws the shoulders back. Lines 4 and 5 cross lines 2 and 3 at the waist, at first curving out for the hips, then curving in to the bottom of the skirt oval. Line 6 (center line of waist) follows line 2, not literally, but taking the general direction, getting straighter as it reaches the waist line. Line 7 (center line of skirt) runs straight down from line 6.

See part A of the dress form figure : Dress Form

drawing for fashion design

The collar goes into the shoulders three (3) times and is about the same height. The lines of the collar curve down, as does the waist line, but the bottom of the sleeve curves up. In the back view this order is reversed, as is explained in Lesson II. The collar and waist fines curve up, and the bottom of the sleeve curves down.

There are three planes at the waist: the front, and two sides. You observe but little of the far side in a three-quarter view. This is true of the collar also. These three planes on the waist run into each other, forming a graceful curve. The planes on the collar do the same.

To test the accuracy of your form, drop the dotted lines from the center of the near shoulder to the end of the waist line. This line must be vertical or parallel with the edges of your paper. Drop the dotted line from the end of the far shoulder to the other end of the waist line. This line also must be vertical.

Practice this figure, doing it many times. When you feel confident that you understand all that has preceded and can draw Fig. A with snap, take up Fig. B which is the dress form placed on Fig. A.

If you have followed all directions carefully, you will have a good form on which any costume may be placed.

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Retro furniture >> Retro Sofas & living-room Furnishings

Retro furniture livingroom
Retro furniture livingroom
Sofas & living-room Furnishings
Sofas and chairs will be low, sleek designs with mahogany tree or woods veneer finishes and textured fabrics or leather upholstery. A floor lamp with a chrome end and iced field glass globe for the shade will complement your retro furniture living room interior decoration.

Whenever you actually would like to make a living-room focal point that will be a great conversation piece, try using a vintage or breeding 1950s entertainment centre, featuring a radio with dials and knobs and a vinyl album record player RETRO FURNITURE!

You can also find reproduction 1950s phones in bright plastics, complete with a dial instead of the keypad. You may still want to hold on the cordless handy for daily use!
Please comment on the picture above to my spirit in to this blog updates...:)

Retro furniture >> Retro woods Kitchen & Dining Room

Retro furniture kitchen
Retro furniture kitchen
Kitchen & Dining Room

Formica and chrome dining boards are the way to go! You can still get originals at garage sales and 2nd deal stores or have a breeding set in brightly 1950s colorises alike cherry, sunshine yellow or blueberry bush blue.

Since enamelware was all the rage in the fifties, try getting original details alike a bread box, chocolate pot or afternoon tea kettle to show in your kitchen. Add colorise with a good collection of fiesta ware bowls and dishware. If you can not get originals, you will find plenty of breeding enamelware and Fiestaware items internet or in speciality stores.

You can even find retro furniture kitchen appliances like refrigerators, stoves and toasters.

To make a little bit wall artwork for your retro furniture room, try framing some 1950s magazine advertisements or posters.
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Retro furniture >> Bedroom Retro Furniture Ideas

Bedroom Retro Furniture
Bedroom Retro Furniture
Bedroom Retro Furniture Ideas

You will not find a fancy canopy or sleigh bed in a retro furniture style retro bedroom. Simple-minded lines and geometric shapes were the style of the daylight in retro bedroom furnishings. Woods veneer fabrics with Rosewood were favorite for beds, dressers and nightstands.

You could use a vintage chenille bedspread to cover your retro furniture bed. For your window treatment you may try Priscilla curtains with frivolous wide ruffles and pulled back to the roots. Apply a shagged white country carpeting to add texture.

A groovy accessory item you can arrest is an breeding version of the vintage 1950s Big Ben Moon Beam alarm clock for your nightstand.

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Retro furniture >> Vintage Retro Furniture Designers

Vintage Retro Furniture
Vintage Retro Furniture Designers

Retro Furniture styles in the home during this era can range in quality from junky mass-produced items, to extremely high end collectable new furniture pieces fashioned by the like famed designers like Pieff, George Nelson, Robert Heritage and Merrow Associates in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Europe, as well as American designers like Hans & Firenze Knoll, Milo Baughman, Charles & Ray Eames and many other people.

These designers eschewed illusion ornament and extremely ornamental designs in favour of geometrical shapes, clean lines, functioning apply and New forms. You are able to learn more active a lot of these known mid-century retro furniture designers over at

Thanks to the post war American manufacturing boom out, affordable factory-made retro furniture style furniture is still widely available in speciality retro furniture stores, garage sales and internet at eBay and other online sources.

The more sought after designer retro furniture however, makes become quite collectable and then innovative pieces will often fetch extremely high prices at auction.

A number of designers and manufacturing business also offer breeding details and so you are able to get fresh, New retro furniture with that 1950s or 1950s retro furniture look without giving comfort and features.
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Retro Furniture is usually formed by American 1950s and 1960s trends

Retro Furniture
Retro furniture Whether you're conceiving redecorating your bedroom, kitchen, living-room or some early room in your interior, retro furniture is definitely "in" these days. Perhaps it's a trust to return to the era our parents or grandparents lived on stylish and which we associate to more simple-minded times, the birth of Jazz and Rock and Roll music, jukeboxes and classical diners, that draws us back to the “retro furniture” style of retro furniture and decor.

Retro furniture is usually formed by American 1950s and 1960s trends and nostalgia, which are typified by the apply of chromium-plate, cracked vinyl radical, Naugahyde or other simulated leather, woods veneers and genus Formica, bright plastics and similar materials and finishes.

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A Holiday Giveaway and a Christmas Tune...

{Holiday Giveaway}

I know I'm usually giving away something as frivolous as jewelry (lol) but today I've got a giveaway that is practical as well as fun - Customized Postcards! ;)

I have been enjoying UPrinting's fabulous Blog Sponsorship Program for some time now and decided it was time to finally host one of their sponsored giveaways. So be sure to enter for a FREE set of 100 Custom Postcards! I will be receiving my own set from UPrinting for hosting the giveaway - sounds good to me! ;)

Giveaway Prize: 100 Postcards for one (1) lucky winner
Size: 4x6; Paper: 14pt Cardstock Gloss; Printing: Full color both sides

To Enter... all you have to do is leave a comment with your name and a way to contact you! Also, feel free to share how you would use the postcards. They can be used as invitations, notecards, business announcements and more - the options are endless! (Check out this link to see endless design options!)

I will be drawing a random winner on January 3, 2010 and will need to be in contact with the winner by January 5th. The prizes will be awarded by coupon code on the 8th. Winner will have to pay for postcard set shipping.

Free custom postcards sound like a great way to start off the New year - be sure to leave a comment and enter! :)

{A Christmas Tune}

So, probably most of you have been hearing something about the one man band Owl City, which has pretty much turned into a nationwide smash hit with the single "Fireflies." I love the sound of his music and the feelings and moments he is able to capture in his lyrics. So when I found out he has a Christmas song...

Isn't that lovely? It gives me the most incredible "warm fuzzies." :)

P.S. You can also enjoy the Relient K Christmas awesomeness I posted last year by clicking HERE. ;)

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Free retro vectors pack download

Free retro vectorscars clasic retro vectors
Free retro vectorsbook retro vectors
Free retro vectorsblack and white retro vectors
Free retro vectors
Free retro vectors
Deviantart homes some extremely talented people. They're not only if gifted and quirky but vastly generous too. However else would you've access to these spectacular free retro vector packs that would enable you to bring free retro vectors alive on your screens? Continued on with our focusing about all things "free retro vectors" this month, we present you with 25 funky and free retro vector packs that have quirky free retro vectors images ranging from cassettes and polaroids to boomboxes, records, rockets and Rubik’s cube. They've been gracefully made available for download from their respective designers, so make sure to leave them a fresh commentary or 2 and please check their terms of use before you apply them. These should be pretty fun to designing with.
About The Author
Sneh Roy is a web designer/content developer
Please comment on the picture above to my spirit in to this blog updates...:)