Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 Weeks of Christmas - Winner #1

And the 1st Season Savings Coupon goes to Genevieve!!! :D

Here's her tip (which is fantastic for your holiday look, btw):

"Try a little bit of very fine iridescent glitter on your eyes, a tiny bit on your cheek bones and some on your arms to give a glowing impression. Also, dab a little line of glittery lip gloss on the fullest part of your lips to achieve that Marilyn 'pout'! :)"

Got agree with this one! A little bit of glitter goes a long way and adds an extra bit of "sparkle" to the evening!

Actually, her lovely style entry was the only one I received, so I am going to give her 20% for being so dedicated. :) If anyone else wants to enter, I will be drawing another coupon this upcoming weekend. If entries continue to be slim, your chances of winning are enormous. lol.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was insanely crazy and wonderfully blessed. I have so much to be Thankful for, including...

  1. Spending the day with the best of friends, including my sweet Melissa (of the July 4th wedding) and her hubby Jordan. It was lovely to have some "kindred spirit" time and hear about the latest surprise (Ahh! I can't believe how excited I am over the prospect of being an "aunt"! ;).
  2. New opportunities and events (opening a business/starting the blog/being successful in my teaching/finishing a novel/making my first new costume in ages/planning next year's trip to England/just being inspired and motivated/too many blessings to count).
  3. The extension of our family and the wonderful new relationships that have been formed.
  4. Growing in the knowledge of God, experiencing His Love and Joy ten-fold, and learning to go "beyond myself".

...just to name a few. :)

With my Melissa...

The ball came off beautifully and was the best one to date. We danced for 5+ hours and had loads of fun. And now I am feeling it (you should see me try and make it up the staircase - anybody got a wheelchair? ;).

Unfortunately, I don't really have any great pics from our camera, but I am going to try and snag some shots from my friends. Here's a teaser - more will come soon! :)

Melanie, Anna and Lydia bring three separate time periods together (Regency, Medieval and Georgian :) ...

You may also notice that I have made a few small changes to the blog look - I lightened up the background and changed the banner to put us all in a nice "wintry" mood (the first few flakes of snow/sleet came down today! :D). Also, in the top right-hand sidebar you can click to enjoy a special playlist of holiday music which I created - such fun to listen to while browsing or just working about the house! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Australia opens tomorrow in theaters (in the US) and promises some gorgeous 1930s fashion. It's being announced as the newest big epic drama (already I have heard it compared to Titanic and Gone With The Wind), has huge sets, a star studded cast and, of course, costumes that will probably get nominated for an Academy Award. :)

I was pretty much clueless about this movie until earlier this month when "Miss Eponine" pointed me to this NY Times article (check it out!). What a delightful surprise! I don't know yet if this film will be clean (I'm guessing it won't) as the IMDB page doesn't list a rating, but you can read more about the plot here. Regardless of whether or not I will ever see the film, the costumes are well worth browsing. :)

The lovely and stylish Nicole Kidman (who plays the lead character of Lady Ashley) has done lots of costume dramas before, and it's no wonder; she just morphs beautifully into whatever she wears. These are pre-WW II fashions (my favorite period of dress) and they work so well on her tall figure (she's 5 10 1/2"). I love how simply her gorgeous blonde hair is styled! It looks like something that could be probably copied if you want to go 1930s. Everything about her ensembles is wonderfully put together, right down to the shoes, gorgeously designed by Ferragamo.

"There is a lovely synthesis of practicality, comfort and style,” says Catherine Martin, who designed the costumes for the film. And she's right. Don't you feel like you could just slip on any of these and go for a spin? The sweet day dresses make me wish it was summer again.

If you are a seamstress, there are dozens of great vintage pattern sites out there to help you re-create one of these designs. I'll just share one of my favorites - Decades of Style. They've got some adorable looks and I've heard that they are fairly simple toe make up.

As for me, now I want that evening gown! Ahh! Here's to feeling like a princess! ;)

What's in your plans for this wonderful weekend? Turkey? Family and friends? Shopping for insanely awesome deals?

We're attending a historic holiday ball on Friday. I made a new gown and am just so excited about it all! I will be sure to share photos when I can!

Until later... count your blessings! :)

Film stills from (one of my fave sites ever) The Costumer's Guide.

4 x inspiration

Gala Gonzales is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and a very cute young lady.I love her style and the way she pulls of current trends with her own note. A couple weeks ago she posted this breathtaking outfit.For me personally from head to toe a perfect outfit.

Alexa Chung is a real fashion icon.I adore her easy but stylish look and always feel very inspired by her.Today I found this pic of her at tfs and was thrilled:That oversized sweater dress is perfect for the current season and the colors match perfect together plus they make it interesting. The zipper detail adds a cool touch.

Alexander Wang's Autumn 2008 collection was one of the most populars and in my opinion it's absolutely true.The looks always inspire me for my daily outfits.

It has been a couple months since I found this picture on another blog. I loved his model's entire look from the first moment. Especially the extravagant hat took my eye and I thought it's very easy to copy.Well then it's my following DIY-project and on top of my to-do-list.
The "simple" Prada bag is gorgeous.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Holiday Giveaway!!!

- This drawing has ended. Thanks to all who participated! Sign up for email updates in the left-hand side-bar if you want to be informed of other great giveaways! -

"Tis the season to be jolly" and (despite a whopper cold) I'm loving it. :)

Christmas is just around the corner and it's nearly time to get into full shopping swing! I don't know about you, but I love this time of year! Snow flurries, holiday parties, giving gifts, family and friends, sweets galore... :)

Over the next three weeks, starting after Thanksgiving, I will be holding a drawing for three Season Savings Coupons. These coupons can be used at my store - AmandaBeth Boutique - and will give the lucky winner 10% off their entire purchase (minus shipping). This is a fabulous chance if you want to pick up something unique and special for a loved one, or just want to treat yourself. ;)

All you have to do is dig up your favorite style tip. The tip can be about fashion/skin care/shopping/makeup/wardrobe organization - you name it! Then, send me a quick email sharing your tip (view my PROFILE and click Email). Try and keep your information concise and don't steal other people's special techniques - be original! Make sure you include your name and how you want to be contacted if you win!

Starting on the weekend after Thanksgiving, I will be drawing a winner for the first coupon, and so on over the next two weekends. Each winner will be sent a special code that will allow them to redeem the coupon on their next AmandaBeth Boutique order!

And... all your awesome style tips will be featured here over the next month as we count down to Christmas! Let's give our holidays a touch of STYLE! God bless and keep you all! :)

Each winner will be drawn randomly. Only one entry per person. Coupon is redeemable one time only and expires when I go out of business. ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Easy Living Looks

Yumm... I may sound like a broken record, but I am just adoring the latest Fall and Winter fashion trends! The past few years have really looked "blah" and I felt that all the colors and styles were going in the wrong direction. But this year... just delicious. :)

I found this delightful Fall photo shoot from Easy Living Magazine and thought that it was worth sharing. The model looks a wee bit wild at times, but I just love the 1930s glamour that is evoked in the hair, makeup and clothing. This vintage influence on the season's new looks is just enormous... and I hope it sticks around. :)

Many of the trendiest colors are showcased in these photos - soft, dusty-rose tints with pale greys, and muted forest shades. Also, we see the exciting side of the season with bright yellow, vibrant red and, of course, purple!

One classic item that has experienced a huge increase in popularity is gloves. For all of you chic, "put-together" ladies, this is great news! And all shapes and sizes are acceptable - whether long or short, thick or thin - options are endless! Now is the time to pull out that stash of your grandmother's gloves and try them on - you might just fall in love. :)

Gloves are just one of the many accessories that have seen a resurgence. Delicate vintage clutches are fab right now and work well with so many outfits, completing your look. Costume jewelry is better than ever (may I recommend Kohl's 1928 line? :), and I have seen so many great new pump styles out there. While finding "vintage-y" shoes used to be a long and exhausting search, you can now walk into any shoe store and pick them off of any shelf.

Which looks are your favorites and how could you incorporate them into your weekly wardrobe? Could you wear a pencil skirt and pumps to work? Kick around  the house in wide-legged trousers and a cosy sweater? Wear long gloves with your favorite pair of jeans? I'd love to know which trends work for you!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Olivia Style

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love watching films from the golden age of Hollywood and enjoying all those adorable actresses and their classy clothing. There are so many beautiful publicity stills online that I hope to showcase an actress here every once in a while, for a bit of old-time refreshment and inspiration. I had originally named this series "A Moment With ____" and added the actress' name and an inspirational quote. Well, I'm leaving off the quote business, because they are too hard to find! And even when I find one that sounds "inspirational", the worldview is usually kind of messed up. lol. :P

So, we must content ourselves with pictures and simply call it "____ Style". ;)

Here we've got one of my favorite stars of the thirties, Olivia de Havilland. Brought to fame as Errol Flynn's leading lady (he was a favorite of ours growing up and Olivia as Maid Marian stole our hearts ;) she won two Oscars over her extensive career and is well recognized as Melanie in Gone With The Wind. For me, I love her tiny stature, winning smile and infectious laugh. Feminine and chic to the core. :)

List your old favorites - and who would you like to see next?
by Daniela Turudich

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Period photos and instructions on how women achieved their "faces" in the 20s-50s. Great if you want to know how to get the look, but please use modern products (includes dangerous period recipes). My how times have changed! :)
View all my reviews.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GLAMOUR "Women of the Year" Award 2008

Kate Bosworth.Emma Hemming.Debra Messing.Taylor Swift.

Natalie Portman.Tinsley Mortimer.America Ferrera.Jane Krakowski

Nicole Kidman.Fergi.Sarah Michelle Gellar.Selita Ebanks.

On Monday night it was time to nominate the GLAMOUR "women of the year" 2008 at Carnegie Hall in NYC.
Apart the hype on Obama's election the politic ladies Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Clinton wear honored with an award, likewise Nicole Kidman, Tyra Banks, Kara Walker and Maureen Chiquet. Except for a few 'rebels' nearly everyone showed up in a black or white dress. My clear favorite was definately Kate Bosworth's classy Chanel dress, followed by Nicole Kidman's embroidered L'Wren Scott robe.

What do you think about the looks? Agreed with my choice of favorites?

P.S. I'm totally sorry for not writing anything but as I already told you I took part in a musical at our school. Last night it was preview. Luckily everything went well and I totally enjoyed it.
Tonight the show goes on but before I'm going to the city, because I'm totally in need of something new. Please don't mind me.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For the love of Chocolate...

I have never really considered myself a chocolate fanatic. I've heard so much over the years from women who just have an obsession with chocolate and count it as one of their favorite things. I was never into chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, brownies and et cetera and even my affection for "the real stuff" has been limited.

All that said, over the past few years I have fostered a growing adoration of all things chocolate. Only, this delight is in regards to clothing, accessories, shoes and makeup. When it comes to color... I am a "Chocoholic". ;)

So, whether you only care for the edible kind, or like to dress like a "brownie" (i.e. a tiny, fanciful, good-natured brown elf who secretly helps at night with household chores :), lick your lips over my new Polyvore set. Mmmm...delicious! :)


Yesterday I signed up on goodreads and have put a Book Shelf in the left-hand column for you to browse. I've only got a couple of titles in there so far, but I will be adding and reviewing more and more of my favorite fashion and beauty books - check back often!

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book opened up an entire new world for me. Frustrated with the condition of my skin I started to look for ways to make natural products and this was one of the first books I hit on. I read it cover to cover and referenced it frequently for months. Laura DuPriest is easy to relate to, thoroughly entertaining and so informative. Genius. The "beauty book" I recommend above all others if you want to change your life and start taking care of yourself - it's all here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter Lovelies From Anthropologie - Part II

More Anthropologie inspiration. Click on the ensemble names for more pics and info on each separate piece...

Hidden Rose" - The sweet navy blue sweater sets the stage for the simple shirt and skir. The bag and gloves add color and interest. Pair it all with a cute knit hat and cool laced boots  for the perfect effect.

Foxwhelp" - This shirt is absolutely lovely in style and color. The jacket is trendy and yet classic enough to last for years. The scarf and gloves are fun and, of course, we need some great boots and jeans...

Sweet Bough" - I'm not huge on the shirt or pants but the tan jacket is suprisingly interesting, and who could resist a navy blue coat? I'm not a huge fan of ankle boots, but these are nice...

Colvis Spice" - Ahh! I just adore the use of blue in all these outfits (sorry! I'm a bit obsessive! ;)! I love how the vest (which at first glance looks large and out of style) is pulled together perfectly with the sash belt. The grey pants are comfy and here's another pair of amazing boots!

Mountain Bloomer" - Extra loose cardigans held in with an incredible belt are super trendy right now, as well as super flattering. Even for straighter figured girls like me, they give a nice "hourglass" look. The boots are full of fun, casual details.

Limbertwig" - BLUE! Love the unique and lovely capelet. Love the flattering knit dress. Love the comfy bucket hat. Love the tights and love the shoes. What can I say? This ensemble screams "retro" - and I want it. ;)

Crazy week ahead of me but I'll have a Polyvore collage coming up for all you "brownies" who, like me, can't wear grey but just looooove that chocolate shade. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Grey Day...

The rain is misting down and the driveway is flooded. The sky is overcast and the last of fall's golden leaves are falling. It's Grey Day. And with winter coming on, we can expect this to continue.

So, to match the mood of the weather, I played on Polyvore (who needs video games? This is way more addicting! ;) and made a set. I wish I could wear grey successfully, but it's just too "cool" for me. If you're a Summer (remind me to do a post on color and the seasons sometime) you can pull these off.

Which items are your faves? And (although I know this topic is highly controversial ;) do you think it should be spelt "gray" or "grey"?

Also, just wanted to point out that I have a bunch of links up in the lefthand sidebar where you can find great places to shop for feminine and modest apparel, or just to look for inspiration. Some of them are on the pricey side, but hopefully you'll get some ideas! God bless! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter Lovelies From Anthropologie - Part I

Anthropologie, while way out of my price range, always offers me loads of ideas. Their clothing is timeless, feminine, and full of surprising touches. I just had to share some of their great looks. Even if you can't afford to shop them, the inspiration is well worth enjoying. Make sure you click on the name of each ensemble for pictures of the individual items - it's worth it!

"Fireside" - There's nothing so elegant and classy as an extra long top paired with sleek pants. I love these deep red ones and the shoes are totally fab. Add a statement scarf and some fun earrings and this outfit will work anywhere.

"Jubilee" - I am a huge fan of navy blue, so this sweet dress and coat are just lovely in my book. I think it would be perfect if it were a tad longer, but the tights are nice and the boots, although a bit "western" for my taste, complete the ensemble. And if you want some extra color - add a scarf!

"Northern Lights" - Love this jacket - pink and green are one of my favorite new color schemes and the length and style of this is perfection! A sweet top and skirt create a nice backdrop and the scarf and hat add some pizazz. And you just gotta love brown boots!

"Wolf River" - Very sweet outfit over all (like the shirt and sweater better as separates) but click and check out the shoes!!! Oh my goodness - these lovelies would definitely make your outfit memorable.

"Ambrosia" - I absolutely love the items in this look - so much "mix & match" potential! The "Elfin Hoodie" is sweet and looks so comfy! The top is trendy and the jeans are classic. And don't forget the shoes - these are "darling"!

"Celestia" - This double-breasted peach jacket is just amazing and perfectly with the flattering wide leg jeans. Lovely ankle boots and a "Central Park" hat top it off. A great ensemble for nearly any occasion.

More super looks coming later this week! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Street Style Compensation

Hey guys,
I'm totally sorry for not posting anything the last couple days but school really took my last nerve and there wasn't time for anything else. After I finished my last class exercise for this week today I went to the cinema to watch High School Musical 3. All in all the film wasn't bad but didn't thrill me. Actually my plan was it to take some pics of what I wore but I had no time so I thought maybe I should post a little street style inspiration which's always good.

I wish I could keep on writing but unfortunately I've to change a dress for drama class. Guess I won't be posting much the coming days because everyday there are rehersals from 8.30 till night. Well monday it's preview time...

Please excuse me and rock the fashion world without me for a while


source: the sartorialist - face hunter - copenhagen street style

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season One - Finale

Costumes are listed in order of appearance, although some images may be from later episodes of the show. May contain slight spoilers. Click HERE for Parts I, II, III, IV & V.

White Chemise With Ribbon Accents
Nothing goes as planned...

This chemise is given all of a few minutes of screen time, and is mostly covered by a blanket, but we can pick out a few details. The fabric appears to be a lightweight off-white (amost yellow) colored material, probably a cotton, as it appears to have some stiffness to it. The neckline of the chemise is slightly gathered to a narrow "yoke" piece, which is trimmed in burgundy ribbon, tying at the center front. The sleeves gather into wide cuffs, also trimmed in two rows of burgundy. It appears that the ribbons tie to hold the cuffs together, in place of a traditional button. It appears in the first picture, as John is putting her down, that the chemise laces up the side with ribbon. There are two visible "x"s. This may be functional or purely for decoration.

Gold Wedding Gown and Embroidered Veil
Is appears to be too late for a happy ending...

This is one of the most complicated and exquisite gowns in the whole series. It is made from a lovely gold brocade fabric with large flowers and leaves embroidered all over it. The fabric appears to have some real body to it, reminding me of tafetta. It features princess seams at both the front and back of the bodice and a low sweetheart neckline. The front of the bodice laces up with gold cording. The sleeves are fitted into the shoulder and come down to a snug point over the hand. The skirt of the dress is a bit of a mystery. It appears to be gathered or pleated into the waistline, is very full and may train down slightly in the back.

The veil that is worn with the dress is constructed from two pieces. The back piece is made of lace (with an appliqu├ęd lace edge) which hangs far down the back of the dress (it may even trail on the ground). The front piece of the veil is plain net (although exquisitely embroidered with flowers and leaves) and has lace appliqued all along the edge. It hangs down to the neckline edge. The two pieces join together at the crown of the head and are accented by seven large white/gold flowers and leaves. The ensemble is finished off with a long golden belt, studded with gems and hanging down at least to the knee. Marian also has a ring with four large stones. Underneath the gown she wears white pants/leggings. From the one picture where they are clearly visible, it is hard to tell features she wears white boots or some sort of slippers. Regardless, this is one masterfully designed and executed gown... and a series favorite.

I hope you all have enjoyed this (rather extensive) peek in Marian's wardrobe from Season One of the BBC television series Robin Hood. If you have interest in seeing Season Two's costumes covered as well, let me know. I plan on taking a break first, but we'll see. I'm hugely enjoying the second season and there are just so many lovely designs! Inspiration abounds! :)

Screencaps from Robin Hood 2006