Sunday, August 31, 2008

Relaxed Sunday - Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans,H&M (old).Shirt,H&M kids.Skull Scarf,Karstadt.Flats,H&M

If you haven't noticed yet today it's sunday.Unfortunately my last one on vacation because tomorow starts school.Previous I spent the day with cleaning my room and above all mucking out my desk.Well "business before pleasure" right?!Now that I'm done I'm gonna keep busy with the latest In Style but before I leave here a few words on boyfriend jeans which I wore today in a very casual and simple way:
Since Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a pair of pegged XL-jeans that look has been more and more discussed.In a way I liked it on her in another not that much.Anyway I thought today is the perfect day for trying that look and here you can see what came out of that.I can tell you these pants are much more comfy than skinnies and foremost you've more mobility - exactly what you need for a relaxed sunday.....
What do you think about them?Would you wear it?Should I do it again and not only at home?
I'm very excited to your answers because I'm so undecided about it.

P.S. I wanna save you from my sleepy face so enjoy this amusing monkey instead.Maybe you'll
find some affinity between the both of us ☺

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maid Marian's Wardrobe - Season One - Part II

=Costumes are listed in order of appearance, although some images may be from later episodes of the show. Click HERE for Part I.

Long Camel Cloak with Brooch
Frustrated as she is by Robin's behavior, Marian executes a desperate plan for his escape.

The cloak (or cape) is long and full, gathering at the wide neckline and sweeping down along the ground. The fabric looks like a camel-colored suede and the cape is lined with quilted (in a small diamond pattern) brocade in ivory. The hood is very full and is trimmed with a thin strip of white fur. The oversized wooden brooch is brillantly handpainted in red, white and blue. Early on in the film she wears another brooch that appears to be square and fringed, but there are no good images available.

Orange Appliqued Gown
Undaunted by the disapproval of those around her, Marian continues to spy out the castle... and keep Sir Guy at bay.

This brilliant orange gown features a unique combination of embroidery and appliqué at the neckline, sleeves and hem. From the front, the neck embroidery comes down right above the 
chest in an intricate design including leaves, flowers and cording (which hangs in a few loops). The 
appliquéd base is a muted brown and the colors are layered in red, white, green and many other shades - it ends just under the arm. The embroidery becomes narrower over the shoulder and continues around the back, where it is hidden by Marian's hair. Each wrist-length sleeve features more appliqué, as does the hem. The dress is mid-calf length and slits up the front to the hip, revealing a floor-length underskirt in dark red. This gown appears to be made from a lightweight stretch fabric, considering the way it molds tightly and drapes - it also features a detachable belt made from the same fabric and closed with another intricate brooch/buckle. The dress laces up the back. 

Beads and Buttons Overdress
Getting nowhere in the Sheriff's counsel, Marian is determined to find out who is responsible for the mysterious shootings.

This overdress is worn over the gray wool gown worn earlier in the series (on further examining of the dress, I don't think it is 100% wool - the corase weave and tightly molded fit make me suspect that it may be a heavy knit of some sort). The overdress appears to be a sort of jumper made from a sheer fabric and ending at the knee. The color is a deep purple/gray and it features buttons, beads and embroidery at the neckline and hem in similar shades. It is hard to see exactly what the design that comes down over the chest is, but it reminds me of something from a coat of arms. The buttons line the shoulder straps and neckline.

I'll try and post Part III next week - one of my favorite ensembles will be featured!

Screencaps from Robin Hood 2006

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fashion Blogger Elite

Ann-Marie from Le Style
Isabelle from Bohemian Musings
Lulu from Chictopia
Taghrid from Tahgrid a Lookbook
Wendy from Hand it Over
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Rumi from Fashion Toast
Karla from Karla's Closet
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Lisa from Lisaplace

These 10 ladies are a few of my favorite fashion bloggers at the moment and belong to my daily reads.Check out their blogs!


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Little Jacket

The big new trend for Fall: Jackets.

Long sleeves, short caps, hip-length, cropped, belted, buttoned, single and double breasted; the options are truly endless and no matter what your shape or personal style, you can find one that is right for you. A jacket's virtues are many, the least of all being that it can quickly go from casual to as formal as you want.

Check out Nordstrom's Point of View on The Essential Jacket and then let me show you some of my favorite shapes and trends.

Both of these jackets feature a more traditional sillhouette with a turned back collar and buttons starting at the underbust. On the left is the "Exquisite Jacket" from XCVI in a lovely plum color (very trendy for Fall and Winter!) - ultra flattering for an hourglass figure. On the right is the "Frisse Jacket" by Anne Klein New York in a popular gray tweed and featuring three-quarter sleeves with a stylish cuff.

Here are two stunning pieces from Banana Republic. On the left is a "Short-sleeve textured suit jacket" in gray. A very cute and flattering style - I love the short puffed sleeves - unpredictable! The collar is also versatile and can be worn up or down. On the right is a "Petite 3/4-sleeve double-breasted knit jacket" in a lush winter shade. Double-breasted style have swept back into fashion and this style best showcases the "square and cropped" shape that is so popular right now.

On the left is a "Bell Sleeve Jacket" by Sonoma life+style. These sleeves are extremely trendy right now (I actually made up a jacket with them in the Spring and was suprised with how much I liked it!). On the right is a "Cropped Sateen Jacket" by Isaac Mizrahi in a lovely shade of navy. Another example of  "square and cropped (what is your opinion of this trend - is a good or a bad idea?).

Lastly, if you want to make your own, take a look at Simplicity Patterns' Jacket and Coat Collection. Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Our Love Affair...

...was meant to be! It's me for you, dear, and you for me..."

Ok, so maybe I am mildly obsessed with my favorite Judy Garland, and her songs are one of the first things that come to mind in any given situation. But I am really excited about this new object of my affection - a couch. :)

The Story: Lately I've had a craving to get myself a couch. It seems that they have been popping up everywhere. Emily probably first brought them to my attention when she found "The Couch of Dreams" . Needless to say, I was jealous. :)

I've been lingering unusually long as I pass by the furniture department at any store. I've had this "couch-less void" that simply HAD to be filled. After listening to one of my students tell me about the great deal she got on a new WHITE sofa, I was in agony (Ok, well maybe not, but the climax was building :).

So...I was driving home from work at 9:30 when, a mere 4 houses down from our home, I caught the glimpse of a couch with a FREE sign on it. I pulled into our drive, ran up the stairs and BEGGED my mom to come and look with me. She graciously agreed, we went down, saw that it was in excellent shape and stuffed it into our van. So now I am in possession of my very own couch. :)

Never mind that I have no place to put it and that it is covered with hideously ugly fabric. It will go into storage until the "someday" that I have room. I SO wish I could do it over right now. I am so attached to it that it hurts me greatly to hear the fabric criticized. I see the POTENTIAL. Wouldn't it be absolutely adorable with clean white paint and cushions done anew in my favorite shade of coral? Or blue. Or green. (Dad suggested painting the wood a sage color - mmmm... :)

Anyway...I just had to share! It has re-inspired me to do over the living room - can't wait to show you all before and after pictures! :)


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to Black - I'm home....

Hola amigas y amigos de moda.Commo esta?
Just got back from Mallorca the day before and I can tell you it was AMAZING but a lot too short.Exceptthe fresh breezes and a bit rain (luckily only in the nights) the weather awesome.We stayed in the Bay of Alcudia at an excellent hotel with too good food - 'think I gained a 100 pounds - named Playa Espereranza what means something like 'Beach of Hope'.I can tell you that beach deserves that synonym:The water was crystal clear,azure and I didn't see even one stone,the sand super keen and white - I think it was the the most prettiest and best beach I've ever been to.One day we went to a market and I was blinded by all the beautiful stuff:Bright tunics and maxi dressis,jewels,handbags,candies....I was thinking of getting a replica Fendi Spy Bag but the thing I really fell in love with was a colorful,floral hippie dress.The problem:It was only one-size and didn't fit above.Well nothing new but anyway I was really disappointed and got back to the hotel only with a religious bracelet in my bag.Most time we spent the time at the beach or in the pool.I went diving in the sea but as expected there weren't much fishes,read a lot and listened to some music with my good old ipod.My parents belong to the people who like to see museums,churches and things like that when they are on holiday so we did a bus tour to the capital Palma including a following trip to a little spot named Valdemossa where Michael Douglas has a summer residence and the composer Chopin used to live in an abbey.After visiting the big cathedral we had about 2 hours free time in Palma for shopping.Definately too little time:There were so nice shops in every corner and I wanted to visit all of them but we had to go back to the bus with new stuff.Anyway I can't mind the little village was very pretty and had a especial amtmosphere.
Uffff....I wrote a lot and I think I could even more but now I'll stop and let the pics speak for themselves.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments in my previous 'Good Bye' - post.

Hasta la vista