Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fashions of the New England Coastline

Last week my family and I hit the ocean at Newport for a little bit of refreshing "rock climbing" (if you don't know what I mean, then you don't know the New England coastline - you poor thing! ;). While the only two folks we saw on the shore were an eyeless fish that looked like a piranha (mind you, I'm not saying it was a piranha, but...) and a 6 foot long dead sea tortoise (who's high fashions I will be kind enough not to show you, although we have many pictures), I managed to find something "artsy" that had drifted ashore and got a photo.

"Fashions of the New England Coastline" :)
Top by ANNE TAYLOR LOFT / Skirt by J.CREW / Camisole by SO wear it declare it / Shoes (with straps ripped off :) by Montego Bay Club / Tire by Titan (I think. lol.)

Just want to remind you that the polls are open over at Janel and you can cast your vote for best of fair!!!

It looks like I'm the only one who didn't actually write about my own hats (perhaps out of embarrassment at how few I have, although I love them ;). You can see my write up here. Also, check out my friend Tai's post - I thought it was great!

And there's another decorator pillow up in my shop. This one features a sweet redhead by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema in a nostalgic scene titled Among the Ruins. Check it out!

I am hoping to get together another good fashion update soon and also make up some new items - it's been a busy week! God bless!

Embroidered Purses&Bags - A little 'Granny' - charm

Embroidered stuff always let me think on my Granny sitting on a chair and stitching a tea-cloth.
My mother bought a few weeks ago this flowered stitched purse.She doesn't use it and my faux 'Miu Miu' purse is broken so I got her new one.It's very big and reminds a bit to a clutch but I love it.
Embroidered bags/purses give the outfit an interesting vintage character like seen on topmodel Iekeline Stange and a few other bloggers.What do you think?Only something for old ladies or definately something for your wardrobe?Tell me!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Sunny Day

Holidays can be so boring if you stay home but luckily Lara is still there.Today we went to the city.After a little grubbing trough some stores we went drinking a cold juice in a cafe (very yummi and refreshing!).Because there wasn't something else to do we went on a discovering tour through the lanes of our small city and I can tell there are much!We went here and there and took some photos.This white house will be ours in a few years so you are hearty invited to come to our house-warming-party.All in all it was a very funny and nice time with some new discoveries and friends :)

P.S. For the pic where you can see us both we placed the cam on a garbage bin.
To read more and see pics visit L'Avant Garde.

What I wore..........

Denim jumper:Cubus,top:Karstadt,gladiators:C&A,bracelets:Kult and indian shop,sunnies:A one dollar shop in our time


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brave Knights, Fair Maidens... and GUCCI

I love finding cute and unique fashion ads in this world of advertising garbage, and this one for GUCCI's new Hysteria line just made my day. :)

While browsing the latest looks on GUCCI's website, I was pleasantly suprised to find some outfits that are really very pretty and feminine. In a sea of designer sites featuring immodest and downright ugly clothing, it was a breath of fresh air to see some looks that could translate well into the life of a real person, with a little bit of modification. I was planning on doing some posts on summer bridal and swimwear designs, but since fashion has already turned Fall-ward (and I try to be up-to-date), it made more sense to show you some nice Autumn-y looks before you do your back-to-school shopping! :)

Top Picks from GUCCI's Fall/Winter Ready to Wear Collection

Design #1 looks exactly like something my sister Lydia would love. Lots of brown, with a groovy biker jacket and some high heeled boots. Very trendy, and I am gone on the yummy cloché.

Design #2 obviously needs the neckline raised, but is really a nice suit overall. I love pencil skirts and the navy jacket is just sweet. Also, the pumps sport a very unique heel.

Design #3 is another great classic look and perfect for "day to evening" transformations. If you have a warm skin tone like me (I am a "Spring"), you can't go wrong with brown.

Design #4 is a bit more modern, with it's rich bold shade of plum and gold buckles on the side. This flattering style is capped off with traditional pumps.

Top Picks from GUCCI's Fall/Winter Runway Collection

Design #1 showcases an absolutely amazing coat (I want one! ;), a classic black turtleneck and some neat accessories, like the belts and necklace. But leave off the funky boots please. TERRIBLE.

Design #2 is another lovely navy creation. This dress is ultra trendy and totally classic at the same time. Just sweet. The only thing I'd change are those clunky cords hanging down the front.

Design #3 features are very artsy and unique fabric that works just marvelously with the droopy sash and chain belt. Not crazy about the shoes, but all around a very confident look.

Design #4 can't get any prettier, or more classy! The crew neck is adorable and the three-quarter style is very flattering. I love the bracelets and the handbag!

Let me add a note that I think ALL of these designs would benefit from a good six inches or so at the hem. Not only is it more modest, but it is much more flattering. (Remember me? The one who thinks knee caps look like potatoes? Ahh, yes! ;)

DISCLAIMER: Don't get me wrong, I am not promoting GUCCI or recommending you regularly browse their site. On the contrary. Most fashion sites contain immodest and sensual content, and while the links I have provided to these collections are clean, I am not responsible for what the rest of the site may contain. Picking the gold from the dross of the fashion world and sharing them with others is one of my favorite pastimes, and it is my hope that this blog will become a place where we can enjoy them together. You get all the benefits of having a personal shopper to do the weeding for you! ;)

God bless your week!

Let's go to the Beach!

Summer is back since a week one and I really enjoy the sun.Yesterday it was very hot and the sun was shining so bright so I went to the beach with Lara . For me it was the first time this year.Like exspected the water was too cold to swim but anyway we had a good time chilling,listening to music and eating ice cream.
Except all that wasps I had to ran away from a few times it was great day.Anyway I still hope for a trip to south.Well, beach is not beach!

I wish you lots of Summer Love

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Women and Hats - A Love Affair :)

Janel Messenger, who has a fantastic blog, BTW, is having a Hat Fair!!! I decided to participate and (after nearly ripping out all of my hair over this image heavy post) I hope you enjoy what I came up with. Make sure you check out Janel's blog on the 31st, when there will be a poll where you can vote for which post you think should be the "Best of Fair"!

So.... without futher to do ;) - here is my entry! :)


There is something about hats that make a woman feel more beautiful, walk stronger and hold her head up higher. They evoke the romance of a bygone era, bring back memories of the days when a lady would never leave the house without her hat and gloves, and they complete our ensemble. Besides these "warm and fuzzies", they serve many practical purposes; shading our eyes and skin from the brilliance of the summer sun, protecting our hair from a sudden rain, and keeping us warm in winter. And if you ever get lost in the woods and need something to carry berries, water or other neccessities, well... there you are! lol. ;)

Hats have been around for quite some time (again, this is something that a fashion concious Eve must have invented ;) and have served many different puposes. For most of the past three hundred years, they have been an absolute neccesity to women, a required article of clothing when leaving the house. From the round-eared caps and wide straw hats of the Revolution, to the demure and then ridiculous bonnets of the early 1800s, and continuing into the 21st century, the sizes, shapes and decorations have varied and changed as often as the length of a woman's skirt.

Hairstyles, in turn, have been fashioned to enhance each each style. For example, the "bob" of the 1920s became wildly popular not only due to its ease of styling, but because it accentuated a ladies Cloché so nicely. This style of hat was popular in many high fashion collections last fall and Elle magazine called it the "haute accessory of the moment". The Cloché is my personal favorite hat style.

Due to the increased popularity of historic fashion, re-enacting and other venues of "past dressing", hats have become a much-loved topic. From the creation of authentic headgear for period attire to sweet accessories for the modern ensemble, there is a bit of something for everyone. An anonymous quote I found online boldly states, "Saying you don't look good in a hat is like saying you don't look good in shoes!" You just have to find the style that is you. :)

For the adventurous, Vogue Patterns offers some incredible vintage and modern designs that you can create yourself. There are also lovely companies like Victorian Trading Co. and Louise Green, which showcase dozens of gorgeous ready to wear pieces.

And as for high fashion... here's some looks from the top designers featured at

You just can't get away from the intense satisfaction that a great piece of headwear gives you. Whether you pick it up at your local mall or go for a designer label... take a look around, get yourself a hat and join the party! You won't regret it. :)

Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special. - Margo Nickel

And continuing on the same subject - there's a fine new young lady in my store who is sporting an adorable one! :)

Image Credits:
Image of Grace Kelly from Simply
Spoon Bonnet Cartoon from
1831 Fashion Plate from University of Washinton Libraries Digital Collection
Eric Javits Trek Hat
Helen Kaminski Bellini Canvas Hat
Eugenia Kim Leaf-Print Cloche
Juicy Couture Slouchy Newsboy Beret

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attention,these might bit you! - Croco Bags

One or two years ago I bought my mother together with my two older sisters and my Daddy this faux Croco leather bag.She loves the bag but doesn't carry it so often because it's a very heavy one.Seems like the vintage Fendi of the Olsen sisters is a lot easier because they're spotted nearly ones a week with their quadratic crocodile.I think these bags always look very expensive and give a casual outfit a very noble touch.The Olsen's bag is adorable.Maybe I'm gonna try my Momy's bag to get a kingly safara touch.I'm sure she won't mind.Me personally I wouldn't wear a real one because I'm against killing animals for fashion.Same with fur.
What do you think about these bags?Hate them or love them?Thinking of getting one?




Monday, July 21, 2008

"Christopher and Banks" and 2 New Tote Bags at a Special Introductory Price :)

I just discovered that one of my favorite retail stores, Christopher and Banks now have all of their lovely items online at their new site!!!

I discovered C&B back in 2006 while browsing our local mall and instantly fell in love with their modest and feminine designs, which are incredibly gorgeous and flattering. They have become a hit with many of my friends as well, and are my favorite source for long and flowy skirts. I don't tend to wear their tops successfully, as they aren't really my style, but my sister Rebekah pulls them off wonderfully. Their sizes also run a bit large and even the "4"s can be too big for me. :0

Although they can be more pricey than I generally like, they always have a WONDERFUL rack of things that are going out of season and are on clearance. I was also suprised to see how incredibly they have marked down the prices online, making their pieces quite affordable. If you can find a store and determine which size your wear in their brand, I think that shopping online can give you some great deals! :)

Make sure you check out their awesome new Destination Print Tees!

And now I am really thrilled to show the two newest additions to my romantic tote and handbag line - now offered for a special introductory price of $60!

These handbags have been sturdily made with much love and attention to detail. Each one features a stunning piece of art printed on high quality fabric, which adds romance and nostalgia to the totes. They are jumbo sized for great storage possibilties and each one is constructed from high quality materials.

Please take a peek in the store! :)

Edwardian Actress Constance Collier - Vintage Photo Tote Bag

The Lady Clare - John William Waterhouse Painting - Pre-Raphaelite Tote Bag

Also, my Elizabeth Siddal - Pre-Raphaelite Artist and Muse - Romantic Cameo Handbag was displayed on You can see the post here. I must say that I was very honored to have my item featured, especially on such an interesting site! If you are looking for more details on Lizzie - take a peek!

Have a great evening! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Penelope - Now Available on DVD

Just want to point out to you the release of this wonderful and highly anticipated (for me, anyway :) film. I saw it back in March with my cousin Josh - it was the first time I ever went to see something that I knew absolutely nothing about and it turned out to be the best movie I've seen this year. Yes, I think it was even better than Prince Caspian, which was fantastic and totally enthralling. But Penelope is just one special movie which touched my heart and still gives me something to think about months after I first saw it.

This modern day fairy tale centers around a young woman named Penelope (Christina Ricci), who is bearing the burden of an unusual family curse. Hidden away by her protective parents (Catherine O'Hara and Richard E. Grant), the curse can only be broken if one of her own kind will love her for who she really is. But finding a husband is hard work, despite her sizable dowry, as all possible suitors take one look and jump out of the window. Until Max (James McAvoy) comes along, a gambling addict who is posing as an aristocrat for his own motives. A series of events seem to destroy their friendship, but for Penelope... the adventure of discovery is only just beginning.

This movie has some great messages on beauty, love and acceptance and I am going to re-watch it before I attempt to tackle them here. It also features a some absolutely sweet and chic clothing (one pair of shoes in particular! :) - all in all, a lovely bit of a film that I highly recommend.

Penelope is rated PG for thematic elements, some innuendo and language.

Buy the Penelope at

Also... I have a new necklace in the store! This is really a "different" sort of item for me - not my personal style - but tell me what you think! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Gadget with It-Factor - Blackberry

For years now we see celebs talking or writing on this gadget that reminds a bit to a handcalculator - Blackberries.Their main function is receiving and sending mails,but they have also smartphone functions.
A Blackberry or other phone is standing on top of my wishlist.Hopefully someone reads this.I What about you?Do you have one,hate or love them?Tell me!

Ah..maybe I should mention this:At the moment I'm using a old Sagem mobile phone without a color display.Well an oldie but goldie.But I've to say I'm not the kind of person who can't live with a handy anyway it's time for changes.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First Sale and a BRAND NEW ITEM!

Yes, that's right! Yesterday I made my first sale in my store - AmandaBeth Boutique!!! (thanks, Krista! :) It was quite an unexpected suprise, as I was pretty much giving the jewelry business up for lost and hoping to turn to other products. But not only was it an encouragement to me, it got me out of the business slump I had been in for a while and helped me to start work on a bunch of fantastic new items, one of which is now available in my online store!!!

May I introduce to you...

Elizabeth Siddal - Pre-Raphaelite Artist and Muse - Romantic Cameo Handbag

Please click the link above for more details on the handbag and the ill-fated woman portrayed on it. (Oh how I love a tragedy! ;)

This will be the first in (Lord willing) a long running series of handbags featuring gorgeous Pre-Raphelite paintings, turn of the century photographs, and fashion plates. Please give your input and ideas (after all, if nobody likes them; what's the point? ;) - custom bags using your own images may become an option!

Keep cool and have a blessed week (Gee! I wish I could post everyday like this! Hoping to make it a bit more frequent! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fairytale Fashions Part II - What a Day!

Having discovered that is nigh IMPOSSIBLE to post just a FEW shots from the wedding, I have decided to point you all over to Michael Thomas' blog: Grand Adventure 2. I just couldn't choose - so skip over there and take a look at the great slew of the photos (I don't envy Michael his job at cutting them down - there were SO MANY).

But I WILL give you one shot from our camera, just to celebrate the 3 anniversaries that took place:

  1. Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence
  2. Future anniversary of Jordan and Melissa's Wedding Day
  3. 18 years of Flynn and Thomas friendship (yes, our anniversary IS the 4th of July :) - may there be many more...

Hope to post again really soon with great (for me, anyway ;) news!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fairytale Fashions Part I - Maidens

~ Anna ~

~ Lydia ~

~ Lauren ~

~ Rebekah ~

~ Me, Myself and I ~

~ Maid of Honor: Melanie ~

~ The Bride: Melissa ~