Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Look:S.W.A.Y. - Little Swinging Skirts

No, I don't want to talk about th Pussy Cat Doll's song "Sway", today's issue are these little swinging skirts that you can see above on Whitney, Ashley, Chloe and Kate. No matter if with tights (for cold days) or without, these skirts look amazing. You can style them in many various ways:Whitney looks girly with her girly white blouse, Chloe very classy in her black/grey look, Ashley très cool with the wide shirt and sunnies and Kate is simply rockin' her skirt in an all in one black look.
I think I fell in love!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bursting the Bubble!!!

If you've been keeping an eye on recent fashion trends, you've probably realized that "fullness" is in. Which is rather bizarre in this age of unhealthy, underfed "Twiggy" models and celebrities. You'd think that if people were willing to work so hard to keep their bodies tiny, they'd stay away from putting on the "pouf" which can so easily add 20 pounds. Not so. That sinful nature just won't be satisfied with what it's got.

So let me introduce what I think was the WORST trend of 2006-07....The Bubble Skirt.

Taking it's origins from the 1960s, this style - ok, let's not go so far as to call it a "style" - this TREND is sure to grab you a bunch of attention wherever you go. Wear it to the mall and listen to the admiring voices...."Take a look at that mushroom!!!" Or to church, where your Sunday school teacher will ask you if you have your Easter bonnet on upside down.

Not. Sorry if I step on any toes here, but I just hate those bubble skirts. Why any woman would want to add 2 feet of width to the (most likely) widest part of her body is beyond me. Maybe Audrey Hepburn could have pulled it off, but we just can't.

If the skirts weren't bad enough, let me present to you... The Bubble DRESS!!! This is 10 TIMES worse than the skirt and something that I believe the Style Police should outlaw completely. Do you agree? (BTW, please feel to comment away and don't be afraid to give your opinion if you think I'm wrong - if you have found a "bubble anything" that is attractive, I would very much like to see a picture! ;)

I was very much amused (when doing a search online for images of this object of my wrath) to stumble upon InStyle's photo of the best Bubble Dress of the year, worn by Anne Hathaway. I just had to laugh at this! AH is an actress I really enjoy watching and sometimes she wears very cute stuff, but I'm sorry my dear - even your pretty face just can't save this ensemble! (And check out the heels!!! We'll just be nice and call them "unusual"... :)

Please, my sweet readers, leave the wild poufy trends for someone more fashionable, but less stylish (if you must wear some fullness, keep it belted in!). A great quote by Yves Saint Laurent that I like to remember is that "fashions fade, style is eternal." And if my rambling has made you smile, then keep it going - if you can't smile, then I think you'd better stop thinking about clothes and work on those face muscles!!! :)

And just because it's been been stuck in my head for two days, I have to say that I think if Marie Antionette was queen of France in 2008, she would have worn a bubble skirt. Or dress. Or something with a lot of pouf.

Concerned Official: "Your Majesty! The people are freezing! They have no jeans to wear!!!"

Marie Antionette: "Then let them wear Bubble Skirts!!!"

P.S. Just want to say that I hope you don't mind the occasional "negative" post. We critics must have a little fun smashing trends here and there. ;)

God bless your week!!!

The Look:Special Footwear for Spring - Chloé Strappy Shoe Boots

When I saw those strappy boots from Chloé for the 1st time at the Spring '08 Ready-to-Wear-Show I was wondering about them and thought that don't look very comfy. I never would have thought that someone really would wear them but faulty thinking:Actress Kate Bosworth wore the special footwear on the airport (!!) and 'The Hills'-star Heidi Montag when she presented her own line at Kitson.If women go shopping and travelling with those boots they can't be so uncomfortable. Anyway I think they look only good on the runway and besides very very strange.

(By the way they cost 475€)

All my vintage bags

Here you can see one of my passions:Vintage bags.Even if I didn't wear all of them yet I adore their unique look.My favorite is the red one.After it was in repair for a long time I got "my love" finally back.This bag is awesome because it's a real eyecatcher and you can wear it as an across-body-bag or a clutch.I got them all from my mumy and her friends.Vintage pieces make every outfit special...
What do you think about them?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News:Claudia Schiffer for Chanel

German topmodel Claudia Schiffer was again photographed by fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld.
This time for the houses of Chanel. Even if I'm not her biggest fan I just can say the photos are great.I love black&white photographies.What do you think about the new ads?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Look:From Scotland to the World - Paisley Dresses

The paisley patterns always remind me to the cover of my grandma's chairs. Ok,that doesn't sound very good but anyway I like them. This year the bright patterns from the 19th century celebrate their comeback. The two Kates and world's most popular heiress are carrying their dresses on the street, but also at public appearances. I think you must be careful with this look because it can look like grandmomy's chair (Kate Bosworth) or like a Barbie (Paris Hilton). My favorite is Kate Hudson's because of the cut and the colors. If I'll find a cute dress I'd definately take it for summer,because it's so bright and just makes high spirits!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Springy" Fashions

Can't you just smell the Spring in the air? I can and I feel terribly sorry for all of you who are not blessed to be living in New England in the month of April. I wouldn't miss the unfolding beauty for anything in the world. The sunshine lifts the spirits and the cool breeze that filters through the windows of the house seems to sweep all the chill and stuffiness of winter away. It's as if the everything is being cleansed and rejuvenated so that it can get up and start anew once more. Spring must be God's favorite season, too. :)

Spring fashions are loads of fun. There is nothing like pulling out the light-weight blouses, sandals and skirts and stashing away the bulky sweaters, boots and leggings until next year.

At first, the newest Spring looks rather took me aback. I usually dress in a very classic and "girly" style (lots of pastels, eyelet blouses, ruffles, et cetera) and the BOLDNESS of Spring 08 looks just totally threw me for a loop! But it really is starting to grow on me (is that a good thing? Hmm... ;). At least, the more traditional and feminine pieces have become very appealing. The only really BIZZARE trend that I have fallen for so far is the yoked A-line blouses that seem to be bursting up everywhere. So trendy - those will definitely not stay around too long. But I think I'm going to treat myself to one so my grandkids can laugh at me 50 years from now. :) Like most Spring 08 styles, these tops come in BOLD colors, often sporting BOLD prints in BOLD shapes and featuring contrasting yokes, as seen here.

In the shoe world, feminine and retro classics continue to reign, with ballet flats and gorgeous embellished heels taking the lead (think Audrey Hepburn). Metallics also continue to be popular, especially in handbags (awfully hard to keep them from looking cheap and shiny, IMHO) and there are BOLD colors galore. (I want a pair of green heels!!! :)

As appealing as it may sometimes be, buying a whole new set of clothes every season is not the way to go. I find the greatest pleasure in taking out "old friends" from years past and shaking loose some memories. Of course, some of them have served their time and must needs be passed on to a younger sister or friend. Although they sometimes need to be replaced with new items, some of those classics shouldn't be thrown until they actually fall apart. I have a navy-blue, square-necked t-shirt from Chadwicks that is in it's 4th year. Yeah, it's a bit worn down, but the comfort and instant style it brings each time I slip it on has kept it among my favorites.

So, even though total closet-makeovers are not recommended, adding a few new pieces and accessories that catch your eye is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and put a "spring" in your step. ;)

If you've already got most of the basics nailed (black tee, white button-up, blue denim skirt, tan capris) in your wardrobe, you will find it amazingly to easy to mix and match the new with the old to get dozens of "new" looks. Try not to get stuck in the rut of pairing the same skirt and blouse together over and over - mix them up! Also, the days of matching everything with exquisite care are behind us - don't be afraid to wear brown shoes with a black skirt or a blue top with a pair of green pants. It's amazing how well you can pull it off if you are confident and let yourself have some fun!

Soooo...have a little bit of fun with your clothing as you "spring into Spring". Slip off your sandals, breathe in the breeze and stand in the sun. God made this beauty to be enjoyed - let's live it to the fullest! :)

P.S. If, like me, you happen to welcome Spring with a whopper cold, make sure your bestest friend brings you flowers. Mine did. Love you, Josh! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Look:Do it yourself - Truncated Jeans Shorts

I remember last year when I cut a very expensive pair of jeans and my mother got crazy when she saw it so now here's a little letter to convince her:
Dear momy, you see I'm not the only one who likes to wear truncated jeans shorts. Nicole Richie, MK,Vanessa Hudgens and many other celebs wear them too and looks good.They're perfect for the beach with a top like Nicole wears it.A bit more urban and not only for hot summer days is the contrast with a long shirt with pushed up sleeves,a long filigree necklace and of course lots of bracelets.
I hope I could convince you and this year you won't be so upset when you'll see me in my cutty shorts.
Love Mimi

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beauty:Cute Present - Hair Bows

Maybe you already noticed that I'm a huge Walt Disney Film, especially of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Minnie's trademark is of course the bow in her hair but she's not the only one who likes these cute accessory: For example Lisa (left) and Agathe (middle). The two fashion blogger already showed what such a little bow can make. Bows remind me to the time when I was younger. I loved wearing them in my hair with a dress and my fine patent leather flats. Over the years my opinion hasn't changed much: I still love bows but I prefer them with skinny jeans now, well I'm not a little girl anymore. I found a few old ones from my momy and bought this black satin hairband from H&M (right). With bows in your hair you can feel for one day a little bit like daddy's little girl,even if you're big.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Girl and Her Ponytail...

Simple. Classic. Always Trendy. Variations for nearly every woman on the planet. Enduring and beautiful.

Just a few reasons why I love the Ponytail. Come on, admit it. You do too. :)

Widely known for its simplicity and ease, the Ponytail is hugely popular among girls and women for those reasons, and at least one other. It's fun.


It was a few years ago when I first started wearing my hair in a Ponytail. My mom did my hair until I was nearly a teenager and for some reason that style just never made it to the home salon.

Once I began to do my hair myself, I would throw it into a low Ponytail pretty frequently, just to get it out of the way, but I could never get it into that high, sleek, glossy thing that I saw and envied on other young girls. My hair was curly (well, frizzy at that stage - this was before I realized that I actually had an inner "curly girl" and let her come out) and I just could not run the brush all the way through over my head and get the hair smoothly into a tail.

A couple of years ago, I discovered a secret and my world was revolutionized. I found that the key for me was to put in the Ponytail while hanging forward with my head upside down. Once in this position, the roots of my hair were much more manageable and I was able to gently run my fingers through to smooth out any "bumps" (I still don't use a brush; not even sure why I own one). Once I had gathered the hair semi-smoothly into my hand, I pulled on the elastic, stood right-side-up and viola! I finally had a proper, glamorous Ponytail.

When I first started wearing the "pony", my mom would say, "Oh, you look like a teenybopper." This wasn't a compliment exactly, but I liked it. After all, I am still a teen and the Ponytail is fun. Why not enjoy it? :)


Although they aren't exactly mentioned in the book of Genesis, I have no reason NOT to believe that Eve invented what we now call a "Ponytail". Hairstyles can't get any simpler - she must have worn one. From then until now it has been considered an extremely informal hairstyle for women. Funny thing is, gentlemen have been wearing it publicly for centuries. First in ancient cultures, such as in China, and then later, in the 18th century, it was nearly mandatory in Europe and North America. It wasn't until the 1800s that it went out of vogue in favor of shorter styles.

The Ponytail again became famous in the 1950s, where it was worn by young girls (Oh! "teenyboppers"!!! ;) and is now closely associated with bobby socks, sweater sets, poodle skirts and rock n' roll.

In 1954, Pablo Picasso became infatuated with a shy, teen aged girl named Sylvette David She had a wealth of long, golden hair which she worn in, you guessed it, a Ponytail. After painting her from memory and winning her friendship, Sylvette became his muse and was featured in over 40 works of art in the next few months. She has been known for generations as the "Girl with a Ponytail".


Extremely practical for everyday wear, the Ponytail is quick and easy for those "bad hair days". It keep hair out of the face and is especially popular with athletes. But don't let it's simplicity make you keep it informal. The Ponytail is easily made ultra glamorous. It is the stylists secret weapon, giving an instant "face-lift" in very little time. You just try it and see if your face doesn't light up! It suits almost every face shape just beautifully. I like to wear it for more formal occasions as well as around the house - it can sometimes give you just that bit of kick or energy your ensemble needs. :)

One of the most interesting things about the Ponytail is it's versatility. It can be worn with dozens of variations and there is an option for almost every look you'll ever wear. The "tail" can be low at the base of the neck, either in the center or on the side (the latter can look especially elegant with hair accessories). Placement in the very center back of the head is considered the most flattering Ponytail style and emphasizes the cheekbones. Very high on the back on the head is also an option(and sometimes called a "cheerleader ponytail"). There have been fads where the ponytail is worn directly on top of the head with the hair falling down around the face. This style is rather hard to pull off and not one I'd widely recommend, but Liv Tyler carried it off beautifully in "That Thing You Do" (which is set in the 1960s, btw :).

After you have chosen your "pony" placement, there are even more options. You can wear your Ponytail with or without a part; tease or back-comb the top for additional fullness and wear your bangs (if you have them! :) pulled back or left down.

Regardless of the texture of your hair, give the Ponytail a try. From super straight to graceful waves to banana curls, it is universally fun and flattering. And if you like trends, it is totally "in" this Spring and has been making it's presence known on runways and red carpets. I don't let a style's popularity decide whether or not I should wear it, but it's great to know that something as timeless and feminine as the Ponytail is getting some media attention. :)

For some great Ponytail accessories, check out this listing. Remember - NEVER use rubber elastics - they will snag and break your hair. Not good. :P

And even if you aren't a teenybopper, give it a whirl! I intend to wear my "pony" until I'm ninety-nine. :)

P.S. Just for the record, I don't intend to make all posts this long on the blog. This was a bit of an experiment; I was totally freaked that I wouldn't be able to come up with enough info for a post and once I got just kind of ran away from me. Thanks for taking the time to read - I'll be back next week! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Look:Patched up - Bags in the Patchwork-Style

The idea of matching different pieces of leather and drapery together was already established in the age of the old Egyptians.
Fergie, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham just discovered the new art of patwork: Designer Bags. Fergie and La Lohan showed off with a D&G-bag, Posh Spice with a Miu Miu XL-bag.
Those two juicy bags can give a boring outfit more liveliness.
I love the Miu Miu bag since I saw them in the campagne with Kirsten Dunst. Really want to have one like this...

Monday, April 7, 2008

News:Colorful - Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008 Ads

Bright colors, airy clothes and great weather - the pics from the Sonia Rykiel Spring campagne make me feel ready for for spring and summer. Those bright clothes in the 70s style...I love them! Let's hope all for warmer and better weather soon.....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Look:Ready for a Jump - Black Jumpsuits

The Olsen-twins and Nicole Richie are ready for a big jump in their black all-in-one-shorts-jumpsuits.Ashley showed of in 2005 with a satin jumper and black boots made by Calvin Klein at his fashion show. Three years later her twin sister Mary-Kate attended the afterparty for 21 by The Cinema Society and Calvin Klein Jeans in the same jumper.Her clue: A hot pink belt - well as we see sisters share everything! Meanwhile It-girl Nicole Richie was running some errands in a very similar jumpsuit by Alexander McQueen in 2007.As MK she pimped it with a belt.
I really like those jumpsuits and think they're great piece for summer but anyway not a must-have. For me Nicole wore it better because the ones of MK and Ash is a way too big. Maybe you'll see me jumping in such a suit in the summer...

I've been tagged...

After a little confusion I noticed that I've been tagged by everybody's darling Mocca and ApolloniaFashion so here we go with the rules but before I'll change to german language....
Also los gehts hier die mir bisher unbekannten Regeln:

1. Setze einen Link zu der Person, die dir das Stöckchen zugeworfen hat.
2. Erwähne die dazugehörigen Regeln in deinem Blog.
3. Erzähle von dir 6 unwichtige Dinge/Macken/Gewohnheiten.
4. Gib das Stöckchen am Ende deiner 6 Antworten an 6 Leute durch Verlinkung weiter.
5. Hinterlasse bei jeder der gewählten Personen einen Kommentar in ihrem Blog, wonach sie getagged wurde. zu meinen 6 unwichtigen Dingen,Macken und Gewohnheiten!

1. Wenn ich mir die Nägel lackiere fühle ich mich unwohl und kratze es ab so gerne ich es auch mag. Außerdem halte ich es nie lange mit Nagellack aus.
2. Ich hasse es wenn mich jemand am Hals oder Handgelenk anfasst manchmal dreh ich schon durch wenn ich jemand anderem dabei zu sehe.
3. Ich bin davon überzeugt das Milch nach Kokosnuss schmeckt!
4. Ich brauche manchmal Monate um mich (sicher) für ein Kleidungsstück zu entscheiden und bringe es oft zurück.Manchmal kauf ich es dann aber wieder...
5. Meine Haare sehen immer doof aus, aber das ist angeboren!
6. Pro Tag verbrauche ich um die 100 Kaugummis, weil ich meins sekündlich wechsel.

So das wars soweit. Ich hoffe ihr besucht meinen Blog trotzdem noch fleißig und denkt nicht ich hätte einen Sprung in der Schüssel.

Ich gebe das 'Stöckchen' an diese Fashionistas weiter auch wenn einige schon mal getagged wurden



Charlotte (Munichstyle)

Chililady (My everyday Glamour)

Anna Frost


Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome to AmandaBeth Online!

I am dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the ages and living today in such a beautiful way that tomorrow's generation will be blessed because of it. Although externals are important, I believe that true beauty is found inside you and in your identity in Jesus Christ.

 Although I love clothing, accessories and style, I believe we need to be careful about how we get caught up in the "fashion-world". If you share my struggle with the continual temptation to pick up an fashion mag and sift through the dirt in order to find a little bit of semi-important information, then I hope you will visit me here often. It will be my endeavor to write interesting and informative articles where we can learn from the past, live in the present and look to the future on our journey to become the beautiful women God created us to be.

Have a fabulous "fashion-y" day! :)

In Him,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It-Girl:Alexa Chung

Name:Alexa Chung


Born:5th November 1983/Britain

Nationality:British&Half Chinese

Partner:Alex Turner ('Arctic Monkeys')

Job:Tv presenter&model

Alexa Chung is London's new It-Girl and the girlfriend of 'Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner.The 25-year old was discovered with 16 and already modelled for Urban Outfitters, Fanta and various fashion magazins.Today she moderates at UK music television 'E4', writes once a month for the british woman magazin 'Company' and creates her own jewerly line for the label 'Made'.The model got her half chinese nationality and asian look from her Chinese father, a graphic designer.
Alexa Chung's style is mixed but not too freaky.Her favorite piece, a brown vintage looking Mulberry bag fits well to nearly every outfit.
I really like her style. It's not too much but anway amazing.

The Look:70's Revival - Bell Bottom Jeans

This summer fashion will make a little time travel back to the 70's when bell bottom/flare jeans had their big appearence.A few years ago the wide legged jeans already had a comeback but then they were displaced by skinny jeans.Mary-Kate Olsen showed off in 2006 with flare jeans, Posh 2006 and Nicole Richie recently.
We see: The flare jeans never really were gone from the fashion surface!
I'm gonna take my flare jeans out if it's warmer.My plan:Wear them in a total hippie look with sandals,a long batik or white shirt,many boho accesoires and a bright scarf on my head.So please summer hurry up a bit I want to feel groovy like a hippie...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Look:Fashion Stars

I'm sure Karl Lagerfeld was sitting under the starry sky when he designed the Chanel Spring/Summer collection 2008.But Mister Lagerfeld isn't the only one who was inspired by the shiny little gas balls. Comrade Yves Saint Laurent shoes and necklaces pepped with synthetic stars.
As always La moss and MK show us how to wear the latest trend:As a overall or a simple marine blue blouse for the evening.Both outfits are not my favorite ones.They remind me a bit to a pyjama I had when I was about 4 years old.Nicky Hilton's neckholder dress is something I would wear.It looks very cute and is not too much!This fashion star goes definately to Miss Hilton...

P.S. Did you notice?You really learn something here at fashionsmoothie :)

The Look:Born to style wild - Leather pants

Rrrrr - Posh,Blake,Rihanna and Ashley (?) look like real rock-chicks in there tight skinny leather pants.All the ladies style the biker wear to other black clothes like jersy shirts,boots or leather jackets.
Victoria Beckham looks quit elegant with the Hermès bag,the heels and her blazer.Against,Rihanna is rocking with boots,a leo bag and a short leather jacket.Like always the mix makes it!
I'm 50 to 50 about this look. I like it on Ashley and Posh best.Blake Lively looks ok too but Rihanna went a bit over the top for my taste.
I guess you won't see me in leather pants on the street....