Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Countdown

Happy New Year!

May all your wishes come true.

Thanks for such a nice year in blogging.

I know I haven't been a good blogger.

Enjoy the evening,



P.S. Actually it was my plan to post a few pics of my outfits today but I'm ill. Please excuse me for the last time this year. Instead I chose these pics that were taken vor "V"-Magazin that I totally love.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Ahead...

Well, it's the last day of 2008 and is really lovely outside. We're in the middle of a blizzard and everything looks so pretty! I'm going to have to take a walk in the woods later - nothing lifts my spirits like walking through that new snow; fresh and lovely. Ahh... yes. :)

I got tagged by Blueberry Junkie a few weeks ago and I have decided to make the 6 Random Things not quite so random as usual. I decided to turn them in New Year thoughts! :)

The Rules:

(1) Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
(2) Share 6 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird.
(3) Tag 6 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as their links to their blogs.
(4) Let them know they have been "tagged" by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 6 Random New Year Resolutions:

1. To be more domestic this coming year and become involved in preparing meals. Cooking is something I have always hated, but I think it's the large quantities needed, more than anything else. Now, with Rebekah leaving, I'm going to have to step in and give my poor sis Lydia a hand! I am prepared to watch a lot of Rachael Ray and freeze a million 30-Minute Meals. ;)

2. Grow as a musician and entertainer (hopefully getting in some good performing experience).

3. Be more diligent in my writing and try and get a children's book published. Ahh!

4. Work hard at whatever jobs I'm given and save for my London trip next fall!

5. Laugh more, worry less and give stress a good kick out the window! ;)

6. To grow in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, learn to show His Perfect Love, and discover as much of His Will for my life as He will let me in on! ;)

I Tag:

Anyone who is reading this and wants to participate! :D

Well, Jo-snazz just gave us an award - what a delightful surprise! Thanks so much - I just love it! Looks like a real Parisian fashion mademoiselle... ;)

Now I'm supposed to award ten blogs, but I always draw a blank at this point. A few did stick in my head as extra fabulous, so I'm awarding The Art Of Clothes, A Maiden's Musings, Pleasant View Schoolhouse, and Quaint and Quirky - congrats! :)

I've got lots of updates and fun posts planned for the coming year (I actually had to develop an Editorial Calendar to keep track of them all! :) but that's it for today. I hope you have a wonderful New Year! We're watching "Wives and Daughters" tonight (love that movie! :) and will definitely sing "Auld Lang Syne" when the clock strikes midnight. :)

God bless...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Judy and Mickey Style

I don't know about you, but any movie starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland is sure to put a big smile on my face; cheesy plot lines, actors, songs and all. Judy, so adorable and proper, always trying to get Mickey to look at her for just one instant and stop treating her like a kid. Mickey is even shorter than her, thinks he's a grown-up, and is always clueless. It's a match made in heaven. Oh, those good old days! ;)

Here they are this Christmas, showcasing their best holiday style. Judy is putting her "little black dress" to good use, topped off with a sweet, lacy collar and those adorable peep-toe heels (which probably bring the 4'11" actress up to 5'2" :). Mickey, in the meantime, has been decked out in tails, perfect for his first "high fashion" evening in New York City. Unfortunately, it looks like Judy ordered a hat that is a few sizes too small. lol.

You can see the video clip of this scene below. Don't know if half of you will enjoy it the way I do, but Judy 's "Alone" is just brilliant. I'm still smiling. ;)

I had a wonderful weekend (pictures coming soon!) and am now trying to pick up the house and straighten out my January schedule! Ahh! Can you believe the year has ended so fast? I have got to just stop thinking about it... :)

God bless your week! What are your New Year's Eve plans?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Here I am again crammed with red cabbage,turkey and crème caramel. Hopefully all of you had great holidays and got tons of nice presents. Besides many "smaller" stuff (H&M giftcard, money, bag etc.) Santa brought me a huge super chic notebook that seems to be even bigger than me. All in all Christmas eve was a bit strange this year since I wasn't in the mood at all, very calm but anyway enjoyable. I think Silent Night would be the perfect title for it ☺

What about you?How did you spent the holidays and what did you get?

In September I purchased three books of the series Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella at a garage sale. I just couldn't stop, because the books were too good and Becky Bloomwood (the main character) so amusing. Oh I love her!

You can't imagine how thrilled I was when I found out about the film. After watching the trailer and seeing these snaps I expect a funny, stylish film à la SATC. Anway I'm unsure if it's going to be good as the books but hope rests till the end....

Here's the trailer:

Enjoy the last holiday



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

With Love


Dressing the Holidays

Here comes the usual round of Christmas parties (maybe you've had yours already) and let's admit that we want to look our best, especially if we're meeting friends and family that we don't see often. Although, these days, the only rule is that "anything goes", here's some ideas that will help make yours a very stylish Christmas.

Family Parties:

One of the things I love so much about family is that they can't dump you! Thus, when it comes to dressing for a Christmas with your family, you have room to experiment a bit. No one can say, "Oh. I don't like your dress. That's it - you're out of the family," even if they might wish it sometimes. ;) lol. Here's some ideas...

Colorful - Who doesn't want to look bold and full of life at Christmastime! This is a great time of year to experiment with color - everyone is doing it and will be more forgiving if you blunder. ;) While bright jewel tones are most popular they usually only suit those with a cool skin tone, so if your skin has a peachy glow, you'll want to grab something that is warm. If you wear red, go for a fire-y tone with orange in it - deep maroon shades suit a cool better. And if you want some sparkle, choose a metallic - gold for warm skin tones and silver forth rest of you cool girls. If you do go for this look, keeps accessories neutral and to a minimum - let the color do the talking!

Casual - Since they are your family, you have permission to relax a little bit. Feeling tired or under the weather? Or maybe you just want to stay warm and comfy all day. Well, casual looks are acceptable, so long as you keep it neat and flattering. A favorite knit top (you know, the one you get compliments about) goes great with some classic black pants. And "tis the season" for sweaters - just make sure that yours fits well and don't look dumpy. Remember, you can always dress this look up with a bit of accessorizing! Add color and interest with bags, shoes and jewelry.

Courageous - Tis aways the season to experiment, and what better place to try out a new look than on your family! ;) Have you always had a feeling that there was a fantastic outfit hiding in your closet, but were nervous about trying something "new" in public? If you live with your parents, it's a good idea to get a "go ahead" before you're out the door, or at least have an honest friend let you know that it is flattering and appropriate. Take the plunge! It's ok to look unique so long as it doesn't come across as gaudy or in bad taste. Try that long, romantic skirt and top or those favorite jeans (just please - no faded looks! Keep it dark and classy.) with your new jacket. Pair it with trendy accessories and you're ready to go!

Formal Parties:

When going to a formal party at work or with friends, you want to be a bit more careful. This doesn't mean that you can't have fun, but leave the crazy experiments at home. It's best to stick with something you have worn before and know is acceptable. Once you've got your basic canvas down, you can throw in something unexpected!

Classics - It's that "special event" and you don't have any clue what to wear. Pull out that "little black dress". It is acceptable anywhere and can be as casual or formal as you determine, just by playing with the shoes and accessories. For an afternoon party, you can dress it down with a pretty sweater, a simple slouch bag and beaded ballet flats. For evening, an elegant wrap and shiny clutch bring pizazz, and some delicate heels (either black or in a fun color) add formality. Remember that jewelry and the way you style your hair can help make a big difference.

Classy dress pants are another great option, as they are formal enough for evening but don't look out of place during the day (perfect for "after work" parties). Like the "little black dress", your choice of shoes, jewelry and accessories make a huge in difference in how casual or elegant you look. You score ten points with a beautiful satin clutch!

Colors - Once again, color is perfect this time of year, although probably best suited for an evening with friends, rather than a formal work party where you can't make any mistakes. You can keep it classy by pairing that favorite pencil skirt or dress pants with a lovely ruffled top in your favorite color. Or you can have fun with an entire dress in a bold shade. Once again, accessories play a key part in your look. Boots may not be appropriate for a cocktail party, but for anything informal they are a wonderfully comfy and stylish choice. Heels add elegance; ballet flats bring class. Play up your face shape with jewelry that flatters. Long ear wires add length to a round face, while wide hoops will bring softness to an angular one.

Lastly, it is acceptable to wear eye shadow colors, but make sure the shade suits you and doesn't compete with your outfit. Keep other makeup to a minimum (especially lipstick) - no clowns allowed! ;)


This may be the last post for a little bit - the week looks crazy. We are hosting my mom's family's Christmas party on Saturday and my dad's family's Christmas party on Sunday! I can't wait. :) I love being with my family, especially during "the most wonderful time of the year".

I pray that you have a blessed Christmas full of peace and joy - and don't forget that JESUS is the reason for the season! God bless! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winterize your Jeans Shorts

Alexander Wang Fall 2008 RTW


Keira Knightley,Lilly Allen,Kate Moss,Katie Holmes

So here I am again - finally on holiday! Only 2 days to Christmas eve left and I haven't finished all my presents yet. Hopefully I'll today....

Wearing jeans shorts and tights underneath is currently loitering around. Whether at the Alexander Wang's Fall 2008 show, on the bloggers or the celebs everybody winterizes his jeans shorts. I liked it the most on Gala since she has wonderful legs and styled it perfectly. The variant with the wider shorts as seen at Alexander Wang (1st pic) also pleased me a lot.

Actually I'm (most times) totally into the tights+shorts combination but on me it looks aweful and I feel very uncomfy. I tried it often but the result never had been very satisfying. Well I guess I'll better leave this trend to the others...

What's your opinion?Hate it or love it, leave it or take it?

Happy "Christmas Countdown"



P.S. Sorry for the chaotic layout but my blogger is spinning!

Last Minute Gift Idea and Pictures From The Ball (FINALLY! :)

Have you got a girlfriend or relative that need a gift, but you're all out of ideas? Maybe they already seem to have everything, or you just need to find something that's unique without breaking your budget.

Take a look at these lovely Mary Jane Chinese Shoes from Natasha's Cafe!

They comes in loads of great colors and textures, including lace, mesh, brocade and embroidered. I really have to get myself a pair (or 3 pair) of these - I have been watching them for years now and they just look too comfy and adorable! These would be perfect for anyone who does English Country dancing (or any other type, really) - so cute and flattering! And the very best thing is that they are so affordable, ranging from $9-$24 (depending on style). Take a peek and see if these are just the thing for someone on your Christmas list. Also take a browse around the rest of the store - there are loads of unique and clever gift ideas!

Ok, so I finally dug through all the photos of the ball and managed to find a few that are nice and show my dress pretty well. I am still kicking myself for not getting full portraits earlier in the day (I hope to do that sometime soon - my aunt just gave me an awesome new display model that fits all of my stuff beautifully and I will be able to get some great detail shots of the dress).

Anyway...enjoy these few shots - thanks to Michael Thomas and Jordan Niednagel for the pictures! :)

Here Lydia and I arrive fashionably late (thanks Lyds for staying and helping me! :) and are greeted by Rebekah and Melanie, who appears to be telling me something positively fascinating. ;)

Doing a dance demonstration with my cousin Jon and Melanie and Micaiah. What fun!

Playing "Northanger Abbey" with a bunch of my best friends. Ah, yes... the intrigue was really something. ;) That's Melissa and I together with Melanie below and Lydia coming down from above.

Here I am hugging my "twin" Melanie - I love this picture. :)

Thanks for all the prayers for my back - I am doing much better! Have a fabulous weekend, stay warm and enjoy the snow! :)

"Walking in a winter wonderland..."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Technique - A Party Face (part III)

(Please excuse the poor image quality in this lens was not made to take close-ups in low lighting.)
Do you have a Christmas party to attend to this year? What about New Years? Or perhaps you just want to try a little something new. There are two things you can do on special occasions to give yourself an extra touch of “special occasion” put-togetherness. (yes…I make up phrases… :)

Lipstick (or lip gloss):

  • Start from the inside and work out.
  • Follow the natural shape of your lips. (After you get the hang of this down, you can experiment a little with coloring “outside the lines”, but that can look very tacky if you are not experienced…and honestly, I think following the natural lip-line can be much easier and prettier.) Fill it in.

  • Rub your lips lightly together and/or pat gently with a tissue to remove the excess and to give your lips a uniform finish.
  • Done! (Some people suggest patting face powder over the lipstick and putting on yet another layer.) I confess that I usually use Burt’s Bees Shimmer colors (which are like a semi-transparent lipstick that’s actually good for your lips) instead of actual lipstick. That is what I used here.

You can add a little festive sparkle after the above steps by applying some "Wet Shine - Diamonds" liquid gloss - or anything else with a little sparkle.

  • Simply apply it right over the lipstick you just used.

Eye shadow (one color):

  • Start (lightly) from the inner corner and work to the outer edge of your eye...
  • ...adding more pressure as you work outwards, to help give your eye dimension

  • Add a few light strokes upwards and out – for a slightly smoky look.
  • You can blend it lightly with the edge of a tissue. Try greens, shimmery pastels, and golden hues for the winter/Christmas season. I used a golden color here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Weeks of Christmas - Winner #3

And the final winner is Monique!!!

Here's her tip:

I bought a pair of simple, sterling silver dangle earrings as accessories. When I want to 'dress-down' I pull my hair back in a pony tail with a few loose wisps of hair, wear a fun necklace and my earrings. When I want to dress up I might leave my hair down, wear a little makeup, maybe a more elegant necklace and my earrings. It's wonderful to get two different looks without having to spend extra money on another pair of earrings, something that can be accomplished simply by changing the earrings "surroundings" if you will :)

This is a super one! Thinking outside the box is the quickest and most satisfying way to update your wardrobe or your look. :)

Thanks to all who participated! This was fun and I hope to do some more giveaways in the future!

Well...I think I finally figured out what has been killing my back. I've been doing an insane amount of cleaning and organizing in one of our basements (we have a duplex) for a few months now and it's pretty much finished. Now I've got tons more room to cut & sew, do other projects; I can fit my computer and couch in the layout and, most importantly, it's CLEAN. :)

The problem is, it took a ton of aggressive moving of heavy furniture to do it. Which I am not used to at all. It irritated my back a wee bit at first, but I thought nothing of it until the consistent pain kicked in. Bleh. :P

Your prayers are still appreciated. I am ok just as long as I don't walk around/do too much, but it's been tough to cancel classes and has slowed down my Christmas gift-making. Right now I am just trying to rest. Watching LOTR with my cousin Josh on his sweet new iMac definitely helps. ;)

Just because it made me grin, check out this fun Christmas video (yes, that is the awesome Relient K you hear! ;) ...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Guides and Blog Awards and Back Pain - OH MY!

I am getting onto the Holiday Gift Guide boat a little late, but I finally made one up and figured that anyone who hasn't finished their fashion-y Christmas shopping would like to take a peek! :)

Here's a shopping guide for the fashion-ista in your life (if this is you, subtley email this to your friend, brother, sister, mom, husband, whatever ;). I tried to think of the sorts of fashionable things that I would like to receive for Christmas and bring them together in a simple format. First it just started with clothing and jewelry...and then I got more Christmas and fashion-y thoughts as I went on; including shoes, handbags and accessories, burgundy nail polish, organic lip balm, a compact mirror, et cetera...

Behind each of these items is a great company with tons more stuff of equal merit, so be sure to click and check out the whole site! I hope I've given you a few ideas - kick back and enjoy the fun! :)

Secondly, Tai has nominated me for the Uber Amazing Blog Award (thanks, girl! :)! I am so honored to receive this and be able to pass it along!

The qualifications for this award:
You give this award to five bloggers who:
1. Inspire you
2. Make you smile and laugh
3. Give amazing information
4. Are a great read
5. Have an amazing design
6. And any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

The rules for the distribution of the award are as follows:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing! ***if you don’t have 5 that’s okay.***
3. Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

Here's the blogs I picked (I pulled out some of my favorite fashion-y, artsy-crafty, and inspirational ones! :):

Christa Taylor
Diviine Graveviine
Pretty Wit
Quaint and Quirky
Some Girls Wander

Check them out! :)

Also, on a personal note, I could really use some prayer. I have been experiencing some pretty bad back pain since early this week and, instead of fading away or getting better with stretching/exercise (which is usually the case), it has worsened. This is NOT fun and comes at a bad time when I am trying to do lots of things for Christmas and work. I have an appointment with our chiropracter tomorrow and I'd really appreciate if you could pray that it will help, or that God will grant me miraculous healing. Or that if He wants me to just take it slow for some reason, I will be patient. :)

P.S. If you haven't entered the 3 Weeks of Christmas giveaway, there's just a few days left and no entries! ;)

Thanks and God bless you all!

Tights white as snow

I remember wearing white tights when I was younger. For the day I wore wool ones, for grave occasions silk ones. I guess white tights never got out of fashion but right now they're in again. No matter if on the streets, the catwalks of or at 'Gossip Girl' - the snowy tights are everywhere in various forms. As long as it's not this jabbing white I like nearly all especially the ones with a texture. The mean thing about these tights is the fact that they make your legs sometimes look awefully fat. Plus on some people they have this sanitary-stockings-effect (urrrgh). I hope I'm not one of these since I already spotted a few at H&M.

What are you thinking about the this look?Wearble or just aweful?

P.S. Only 13 days for christmas eve left and I haven't bought any presents yet.

On the streets:

On Gossip Girl:

On the runway:

Luisa Beccaria Fall 2008 RTW

Eley Kishimoto Fall 2008 RTW

Chanel Spring 2008 Couture

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 RTW

Only 13 days for christmas eve left and I haven't bought any presents yet....